Al Sancak Episode 10 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 4 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Introduction of Al Sancak Season

TRT’s critically acclaimed series, “Al Sancak,” has aired its third episode, and fans are already eager for a glimpse of the fourth. With its record-breaking ratings, the anticipation for the next episode’s trailer is palpable. Queries abound on search engines: What transpired in Al Sancak’s most recent episode? When will the trailer for the fourth episode be unveiled? What does the storyline hold next?

Captain Ali Banazlı of the Claw Team quickly assembles his unit based on fresh intel. This intelligence, derived from a cryptic source named “White Angel,” indicates a pivotal offshore meeting where major arms dealers and financiers are set to convene with terrorist kingpins. The show’s ensemble is further enriched with the addition of İdris Nebi Taşkan, portraying ‘Marine Corps Lieutenant Aras Güneri’.

In a recent highlight, with assistance from both Captain Ali and Nadia, bomb expert Sergeant Major Mustafa neutralized a potential chemical explosion. Yet, Captain Ali remains hesitant to acknowledge Nadia’s contribution. Meanwhile, the missile threat persists, demanding crucial decisions and audacious missions to combat the looming peril. Süleyman and Bahar’s romance faces its own trials, especially after Süleyman’s injury. Will the team, which has become like family to Süleyman, be able to heal the emotional scars?

A new mission sees Captain Ali and the Claw Team hot on the trail of the elusive Novak. Newly inducted Lieutenant Aras, after impressing Commander Sacit, will be a pivotal figure in this assignment, which is fraught with peril and unexpected twists. This perilous operation will challenge the Claw Team’s bravery, with Captain Ali finding himself in a perilous situation.

Al Sancak Episode 4 Release Date

CountryDate DayTime
Pakistan09-February-2023Thursday10:00 PM (+5 GMT)
Turkey09-February-2023Thursday08:00 PM (+3 GMT)
UK09-February-2023Thursday06:00 PM (+1 GMT)
USA09-February-2023Thursday01:00 PM (-4 GMT)
The date and time are according to official uploads on the official channel, Free Episodes with Subtitles are usually available late after release which you can download below.

Al Sancak Episode 4 English Subtitles

Stranded behind enemy lines after a parachute mishap, Captain Ali’s prospects seem bleak. How will he navigate this dire scenario, and can the Claw Team come to his rescue? Novak’s hideout holds untold dangers for the team. Furthermore, Mithat’s operative, scheming to launch a missile strike on the Turkish Stream, is on the move. What unforeseen dangers lurk for Captain Ali and his team as they race to avert this calamity? And in what ways will Nadia assist?

Tensions rise as Ali becomes unsettled by Nadia’s growing closeness to his brother, Sedef. Complicating matters, Sedef also becomes embroiled in Mithat Sargon’s plots. Nadia’s unexpected visit to Muazzez’s home further muddies the waters. How will these developments impact Ali? How will Mithat leverage Travor, once dismissed, to ensnare Nadia? And what revelation will guide Ali and Nadia in their quest to pinpoint the missile’s location?

Stay tuned for the fourth episode of “Al Sancak” on TRT 1, starring Uğur Güneş, set to premiere on February 23rd. Dive deeper into the captivating world of “Al Sancak” (The Hunter) by exploring all episodes.

Al Sancak Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles


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