Al Sancak Episode 10 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 5 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Introduction of Al Sancak Season

In the aftermath of a significant earthquake disaster in Turkey, television networks underwent a pause in series broadcasts. However, the resumption of new episodes has slowly commenced. Among the array of returning series, the spotlight is on “Al Sancak” as it makes its awaited return with the fifth episode.

Witness the compelling narrative unfold in the newest installment of Al Sancak! Can viewers expect the release of the eagerly anticipated episode, starring Uğur Güneş and Gülsüm Ali İlhan, this week? The series has once again graced the screens of TRT 1, with the latest episode airing tonight. Mark your calendars for the next chapter of the Al Sancak series, scheduled for Thursday, March 2nd at 08:00 PM. Dive into the 5th episode trailer and a succinct episode summary of “Al Sancak” (The Hunter) below…

The series’ viewership ratings following the hiatus have piqued curiosity. Typically, a series interruption can lead to a decline in its audience base. Nonetheless, “Al Sancak” has sustained a strong following, leading to expectations that the series will maintain its momentum until the culmination of the season. A fresh trailer video for the “Al Sancak” series has also been unveiled.

Captain Ali, stranded alone behind enemy lines after a parachute mishap, faces an uncertain predicament. Will he manage to navigate this unfamiliar terrain? Will the Claw Team come to Captain Ali’s aid? As they confront Novak’s lair, what hidden perils await the Claw Team? Meanwhile, in the field, Mithat’s operative, orchestrating a missile strike on the Turkish Stream, is determined to remove the missile ramp from his hiding place. What unforeseen challenges lie ahead for Captain Ali and his team as they seek to thwart this hazardous operation? How will Nadia contribute to their escape from impending danger?

Intriguingly, Nadia’s proximity to Ali’s brother Sedef unsettles Ali. Furthermore, Sedef’s involvement with Mithat Sargon’s schemes adds to the complexity. Nadia’s unexpected visit to Muazzez’s residence introduces an additional layer of confusion. How will these developments impact Ali? In Mithat’s pursuit, how will he utilize the dismissed Travor to ensnare Nadia? What prompted Ali and Nadia’s path towards uncovering the missile’s whereabouts?

Al Sancak Episode 5 Release Date

CountryDate DayTime
Pakistan16-February-2023Thursday10:00 PM (+5 GMT)
Turkey16-February-2023Thursday08:00 PM (+3 GMT)
UK16-February-2023Thursday06:00 PM (+1 GMT)
USA16-February-2023Thursday01:00 PM (-4 GMT)
The date and time are according to official uploads on the official channel, Free Episodes with Subtitles are usually available late after release which you can download below.

Al Sancak Episode 5 English Subtitles

While Nadia succeeds in stirring Ali’s conscience, Bahar attempts to sway Süleyman. Simultaneously, Mithat discovers that Nadia is alive. Nadia’s words of valuing and caring for Ali’s well-being manage to weigh heavily on his conscience. Will Ali take the risk of allowing Nadia to depart? A fresh dynamic emerges between Süleyman and Bahar, who face a significant trial. Can Bahar’s efforts persuade Süleyman? How will the Claw Team respond to this unfolding scenario?

Meanwhile, amidst these events, Berna visits Ali’s home. In Ali’s absence, Berna’s curiosity compels her to explore his garage, inadvertently exposing his secret world. Will the revelations that Berna stumbles upon lead to consequences for Ali? Tim and Nadia find themselves ensnared in a trap. As Ali’s trust in Nadia remains unsteady, she forms an alliance with Travor, embarking on an individual mission to neutralize the missile threat. Responding to Aslı’s intelligence, the Claw Team organ

Al Sancak Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles


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