Al Sancak Episode 10 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 8 with English & Urdu Subtitles

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Introduction of Al Sancak Season

The eagerly awaited TV series “Al Sancak,” produced by Mehmet Bozdağ, directed by Günay Günaydın, and written by Selman Kılıçaslan, Atilla Engin, and Mehmet Arı, is set to air its 8th episode on TRT1 on March 23rd at 20:00. Among the recent developments, fans of Al Sancak are left questioning the fate of Berna Kerimoğlu, portrayed by talented actress Mine Kılıç. A shocking traffic accident involving Berna is unveiled in the new episode trailer, raising concerns about her survival.

As the suspense builds, the upcoming episode sparks curiosity regarding Berna’s fate after she finds herself in grave trouble unexpectedly. The question of whether Berna is alive or not will be answered in the new installment. Simultaneously, Nadia’s confession that “Mithat Sağlam… He was the one who fired rockets at you and shot Atilla Captain” shakes the ground.

In the midst of these intricacies, Ali stands by Nadia despite Sacit Commander’s wavering trust in her. Meanwhile, Mithat Sargon’s actions and intentions capture everyone’s attention, and Nadia seeks a confrontation with him. As Ali works to heal Nadia’s injuries from Kosovo, he aims to extract information about Mithat Sargon and the Octopus network from her. Despite the erosion of Sacit Commander’s faith in Nadia, Ali’s unwavering support for her persists, given her commitment to the team.

Al Sancak Episode 8 Release Date

CountryDate DayTime
Pakistan09-March-2023Thursday10:00 PM (+5 GMT)
Turkey09-March-2023Thursday08:00 PM (+3 GMT)
UK09-March-2023Thursday06:00 PM (+1 GMT)
USA09-March-2023Thursday01:00 PM (-4 GMT)
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Al Sancak Episode 8 English Subtitles

Tensions escalate as Nadia’s bold move to confront Mithat unfolds, and she challenges him directly. Amidst this focus, Claw Team prepares to thwart the Octopus’ violent operation, with each member ready to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Mithat Sargon, undeterred by the threat he perceives, targets lives, as demonstrated in his attempt to assassinate Berna through Amy. Meanwhile, Sedef becomes another of his targets, and his intricate plan involves placing a camera in her home for surveillance.

Nadia’s cautious approach to confronting Mithat is met with her capture, showcasing Mithat’s cunning understanding of her. This encounter leads to a dual confrontation. Claw Team’s efforts lead to the prevention of the Octopus’ destructive operation, earning them accolades from the General Staff. Mithat Sargon’s strategies to reclaim his reputation culminate in a complex game against him, orchestrated by Ali and Nadia.

Al Sancak Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles