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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 15 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 15, Alparslan goes to the house told by the little boy and sees the people there. Alparslan realizes that someone else is trying to enter there even and starts to wait. Bozan enters the house and checks the prisoners in the house. Alparslan catches Bozan and tells him that everything is over now. Bozan asks Alparslan to calm down and tells him why he came. Karaca starts shouting after seeing Akca in the forest. Suleiman and the tribe’s soldiers arrive in the forest. Alpagut asks Akca to escape. Alparslan goes to the palace with Bozan to reveal all the truth. Yinal asks his soldiers to be patient and starts to wait. Suleiman catches Alpagut and asks why he didn’t attack him. The soldiers in the headquarters want more food and start shouting because of this situation.

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Yinal calms his soldiers and reminds them that the war is still going on. Bozan asks Alparslan to rest, but he says he will talk to the Sultan. Sultan says she wants to talk to people in the house. Bozan realizes that this situation will be dangerous and plans to kill innocent people. Alparslan learns that Bozan is going to pick up innocent people and sets out immediately. Akca tells Caghri what she did in the forest and says she will not make this mistake again. As Bozan’s followers begin their attack, Alparslan comes and saves innocent people. Suleiman talks to Alpagut for a long time and learns what he was doing in the Byzantine castle. The lord gradually regains his sight.

A Byzantine ambassador goes to the headquarters and says he wants to talk to Yinal. The Ambassador asks Yinal to surrender and leave the castle. Yinal immediately rejects this offer. The ambassador says that the soldiers who surrender will be forgiven. The envoy’s words begin to confuse the soldiers, and Yinal kills the envoy. Sehver begins to ask questions to the people who come to the palace. Alparslan understands how the attack in the house happened. Alparslan then calls the little boy and asks him to say whether he knows the soldiers or not. A soldier realizes his true identity will be revealed and commits suicide. Diogenes realizes that the ambassador was killed and the Turks will continue to resist. Suleiman asks Karaca to stay calm. Alparslan says that every event points to Bozan. Sehver now begins to suspect Bozan.

Diogenes says that the Turks will start killing each other from hunger. Bozan performs a ritual in the forest with his followers that night and says he will kill anyone who disturbs the secret sect. Alparslan goes to the palace and says that he has destroyed the accusations against him. Alparslan continues to speak and says that Bozan is one of the traitors. Sultan asks Alparslan to bring evidence on this issue. Lord thinks about that Diogenes will take the headquarters back soon, the General arrives and mentions the murdered envoy. Yinal makes a plan and starts looking for a brave soldier in his army. Alparslan returns to his tribe that night. Caghri and the Turks are very happy with the arrival of Alparslan. Alpagut writes a message describing the situation in the headquarters and sends it to Alparslan with a pigeon. Someone shoots this pigeon with an arrow.

Alparslan tells his father what happened in Bust and what Bozan did. Alparslan says that Bozan is the biggest danger. Caghri asks Alparslan what his plan is. Alparslan says they have to seize the lands between Bust and Merv. Alparslan tells about Bozan’s plan to reveal his treachery and asks Batur to do something. Sehver asks questions about the commercial agreement that Bozan is trying to make with Byzantium. Bozan lies to Sultan and says that thanks to this agreement, they will buy quality steel for cheap. Yinal first talks to a soldier and then to his horse and sends them from the headquarters. Suleiman says he talked to Alpagut and learned the truth. Alparslan asks Suleiman to hide the truth for a while. Suleiman says that he will become a father soon and asks Alparslan to marry Akca. Diogenes says they will make a deal with Bozan, but they will sell him low quality steel. Diogenes catches the Turk coming out of the headquarters and executes him in front of everyone. Yinal says that everything will be alright soon and they should be patient.

Batur sets off after talking to Caghri. A short time later, Yinal’s horse comes to the tribe. Alparslan finds the message hidden in the horse’s saddle and learns what happened at the headquarters. Bozan orders two chests of gold to be brought from the treasury for the fake deal he will make. Caghri starts talking about how they should attack the headquarters. Akca says that if she goes to the castle, she can help the Turks. Caghri likes this plan and lets Akca go. Batur attacks the Byzantine soldiers carrying steel to Bozan and seizes their goods. Akca goes to Vaspurakan after talking to Alparslan. Diogenes returns to the castle and asks what the important information is. Akca says that soon two Turkish armies will come near the headquarters and Alparslan will attack using these armies. The general says that he trusts Maria now and that he will personally lead this attack.

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A soldier says that Batur attacked the soldiers carrying steel. Bozan gets very angry and immediately sets out to catch Batur. Batur sees Bozan coming and asks his soldiers not to fight. Bozan arrests Batur and takes him to the palace. The general sets out with his armored soldiers. Yinal sees this and realizes that his message has reached the tribe. Batur apologizes for his attack and says he will tell all the truth. Sehver remembers that Batur is a friend of her father and says she will listen to him. The general soon finds Alparslan and gives the order to attack his soldiers. Batur attacks Bozan with a sword he took from his carriage. The sword is broken and he tells Sehver that Batur Bozan is a traitor. Alparslan defeats the Byzantine soldiers and captures the General alive. Diogenes receives the message Alparslan sent and goes to meet him.

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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 15 English Subtitles HD 1080

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 15 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080


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