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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27, Serdar and the other children continue to play in the tribe. The spy in the carriage tries to ignite the gunpowder in the barrels. Alparslan talks to Yinal about the horse carriages they seized. Yinal orders the ammunition in these cars to be kept in a safe place. Later, Yinal talks to Alparslan and asks him for support in leading the army. Alparslan says he will help the army no matter what. Later, Yinal says that he will give tasks to Suleiman and Erbaskan. Alparslan sees the flame in the carriage and asks Yinal to run away. One of the horse-drawn carriages at headquarters soon blows up. Lord watches the explosion from his castle and begins to laugh. Akca begins to think that Alparslan is dead. The soldiers begin to search for Alparslan and Yinal. Alparslan gets up after a while and orders the doctors to come.

A soldier says that all the doctors at headquarters are injured. Alparslan remembers that the other carriage is in the tribe and takes action to take Yinal away. Serdar sees the spy in the carriage and asks who this man is. Suleiman immediately catches the spy and sees the explosives in his hand. Suleiman asks everyone to flee and puts out the fire to stop the explosion. The Lord thinks that he has done heavy damage to the Turks. Suleiman sets out to check the headquarters. Akca wants to leave the castle, but the soldiers stop her. Diogenes says that Akca will not be able to leave the castle until the war is over and he still does not trust her. Akca says she wants to bring information from the tribe, but the Lord stops her. A Byzantine watchman says that Alparslan went to the tribe with the soldiers.

The Lord gets very angry and says tat he will use Maria against Alparslan. Caghri asks why Alpagut did not give advance notice. Alparslan says that Alpagut is in Ani and will take his revenge on the infidels. The doctor says that Yinal should not move for a long time. Caghri prays for Yinal’s recovery. Yinal says that he can no longer command the army and asks Caghri so Alparslan can command the army. Alparslan becomes the new commander of the army with his father’s permission. Rati wants to call Herve before the siege starts, but Lord says that man will never come to this castle. The Lord says that Alparslan will never attack thanks to the Turkmens and Akca in the castle. Meanwhile, the ambassador of Alparslan comes to the castle. The ambassador asks Lord to release the Turkmens and Akca immediately. Rati gets very angry with what the ambassador said and kills him. Akca wants the Turkmens in the castle to be given food, but Diogenes stops her.

Alpagut realizes that the situation in the castle is very bad after learning the latest events. Alparslan says he has a plan to save Akca and the captive Turkmens. After learning this plan, Alpagut comes to the castle and says that he is fighting the Turks in the forest. Akca learns that Alparslan and the people of the tribe are in good condition. Alpagut tells this plan to Akca to save the Turkmen. Akca cuts the ropes of one of the captive women and asks her to escape. Alpagut catches this woman and says he will take the prisoners to the dungeon. Akca kills one of the guards and asks the prisoners to enter the water barrels. The sultan goes to the place where the commander’s tent will be set up and asks when the soldiers who will protect it will come. Akca manages to get out of the castle with the captives. Alparslan is very angry with Akca because of her secret deeds.

Alpagut tells the Lord that the captives have escaped and that Akca is a spy working for the Turks. When Lord learns what Maria has done, he is both angry and sad. Rati says they have to call Herve now and Lord finally accepts this offer. Alparslan says the siege will start soon and will stop Herve. Alparslan then asks Hassan to talk about the war with the Turkmens in Iraq. Hassan asks the Sultan’s permission to invite the Turkmen there again to the war. Diogenes says that the soldiers he sent to dig a hole around the castle died. Alparslan makes a speech to his soldiers and begins to surround the castle slowly. While praying, Hassan finds a handkerchief and realizes that it belonged to his daughter, whom he lost years ago.

Hassan asks who left this handkerchief, but gets no results. Hassan reads the message inside the handkerchief and thinks that Aybike is in the castle with Kekaumenos. Alparslan learns that Herve is coming to the castle and takes action to stop him on the way. Hassan takes his wife’s dagger to kill the Lord. Akca talks to Hassan but cannot learn anything from him. While waiting for Herve, Alparslan encounters a small number of Byzantine soldiers and takes them captive. Herve approaches the fortress from the south and attacks the small number of Turkish soldiers there. On the way to the castle, Hassan sees Herve’s attack and sneaks into his carriage. Rati and Ivan are very happy about the arrival of Herve. Hassan finds Alpagut and asks him about his daughter, but the guards catch him. Akca reads the Lord’s message and learns that Hassan is in the dungeon.

Akca secretly goes to the castle after giving food to the soldiers. Lord goes to the dungeon and says he will bring Hassan’s daughter soon. Alparslan plans to take Herve out of the castle by using the captive soldiers. Alpagut sees Akca at the entrance of the castle and takes her to the Lord. Lord says that Maria has made a huge mistake and will use her against Alparslan. Akca says she will never let the Lord stop the Turks and stabs herself. Alparslan allows the prisoners to escape and then begins to follow them. Herve sends help from the castle to save his own soldiers, but fails. Herve then sends support again and fails again. Alpagut says that they should harm Hassan by using Akca’s lifeless body. Alparslan orders the catapults to shoot at the castle walls. Hassan thinks that Aybike is dead but later realizes that it is Akca.

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