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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30, Alparslan sees Seferiye on the way back to the castle. Seferiye says she went out to wander around, but Alparslan asks her to come back. Seferiye tells that she will not obey Alparslan’s orders and stabs him in the shoulder. Alparslan goes to the castle after a short time but does not show the wound on his shoulder to anyone. Suleiman says he wants to call a doctor, but Alparslan stops his brother. Yinal learns that Alparslan is back and goes to talk to him. Seferiye says that she stabbed Alparslan and that this will cancel the marriage decision. Yusuf is very angry with his daughter and asks her not to do dangerous things again. Yinal gets angry with Alparslan because of the steel he lost and asks him for his goods back. Alparslan says that Yinal’s trade is very wrong and warns him for the last time.

Seferiye tells that she will do everything in her power to stop this marriage, but Yusuf gets angry with her once again. As a group of merchants is about to enter Byzantine territory, sentry soldiers attack them. A woman kills these scout soldiers. Yusuf thinks that there is a traitor among his soldiers and starts beating them. Erbaskan stops his brother and asks him to calm down. Alparslan prepares to make a commercial agreement with the other merchants in the inn. Yinal’s wife goes to the inn and says she brought steel. Alexander is very happy to see the steel filled carriages and starts talking to Oke. Alparslan goes to Ani and asks the Lord to return the goods of the merchants. Grigor rejects Alparslan’s offer and shows him the big cross he had made. Alparslan says that the Lord will regret it and returns to his castle.

Yinal learns what happened to his wife and goes to the inn to greet her. Alexander thanks Oke many times. Oke says that everything is thanks to Yinal and leaves the inn with her husband. Grigor goes to the dungeon and begins to question the captured prisoners after the battle of Vaspurakan. Alpagut repeatedly tells him that he is a loyal soldier of Kekaumenos, but the Lord does not believe him. While Alparslan is talking to his father and family, Oke comes to the castle. Oke says she wants to build a soup kitchen in the castle and starts asking questions about Alparslan’s marriage. Meanwhile, Seferiye comes and apologizes. Alparslan says there is nothing. Seferiye continues to speak and says that she is very sorry for stabbing Alparslan. Alparslan comes to Seferiye’s room while she thinks that this marriage will not happen anymore.

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Alparslan says that he will make this marriage for the future of the two states no matter what. Oke sees Erbaskan talking to Alparslan and begins to suspect him. Alparslan then sets out with his soldiers and captures the huge cross that leads to the inn. While Yinal still thinks that there is a traitor among his soldiers, Erbaskan comes and calms him down once again. Selcan and Gevher go to talk to Seferiye. Seferiye tells that she does not want this marriage. Selcan asks Seferiye not to harm Alparslan again. While Caghri is controlling the construction in the city, Sultan’s new order comes. Caghri learns that Yinal is now the governor of Azerbaijan and is very happy. When Yinal learns of Sultan’s decision, he gets very angry and says that he does not want to go far from the capital. Caghri tries to calm Yinal but fails.

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Alparslan hides inside the big cross and manages to enter the inn. Alexander is very happy when he sees the cross and says that they will defeat the Turks soon. While walking around the stable, Seferiye sees Alparslan’s horse and learns that he loves Akca. Grigor once again questions the captives and thinks they are hiding the truth. Alpagut goes on to say that he was a Byzantine soldier. That night, the Turks, hiding in the wooden cross, come out and begin to kill the Byzantine soldiers. Alexander soon wakes up and thinks these attackers are bandits. Alparslan escapes from the castle after killing the guards. Seferiye plans to secretly follow Alparslan to find the woman named Akca. Yinal gets very angry because he has to go to Azerbaijan. Oke tries to calm her husband down and says that the Sultan is afraid of Yinal’s power.

Yinal thinks that thanks to his new rank, he can control both Vaspurakan and Alparslan. Grigor goes to the inn and finds out what happened there. Alexander says they will catch the bandits soon, but Grigor says that this attack was done by Alparslan. Grigor makes a plan to take revenge on Alparslan and asks his soldiers to wear Turkish clothes the next morning. Alparslan asks the merchants to go to the secret meeting place. Yinal asks Alparslan to follow his orders, but cannot persuade him. Alparslan asks Yinal to go to Azerbaijan as soon as possible and sets out for the headquarters. While the merchants were talking about Alparslan’s offer at the meeting place, the Byzantine soldiers suddenly attacked. The Turks manage to catch an attacker.

Alparslan realizes that Seferiye has come to the headquarters and asks her why she came. Seferiye says she wants to talk to Akca. Alparslan accepts this offer and takes Seferiye to the cemetery. The captured attacker says that Alparslan gave the order to attack. The traders start to hate Alparslan and think he is a liar. Alparslan learns what happened to the merchants and starts looking for a way to reveal all the truth. Seferiye apologizes to Alparslan but cannot change his marriage decision. One of the injured merchants manages to escape from the attackers and comes to the castle. Alparslan learns that Grigor planned everything and sets out to go to the inn. Grigor tells all the merchants in the inn that Alparslan is a liar. A short time later, Alparslan and the injured merchant come to the inn. Alparslan asks the injured merchant to tell all the facts. The injured merchant says that Alparslan planned everything and that other merchants died because of him.

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