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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31, Alparslan goes to the inn with Wang to prove his innocence. Grigor lets Wang talk to other merchants. Wang accepts the Lord’s secret plan to earn more money and says that Alparslan is the murderer. Suleiman says he wants to kill Wang, but Alparslan stops his soldiers. Alparslan asks a few people to watch the inn secretly and returns to the castle. Wang goes to the Lord’s room to get money. Grigor kills Wang and asks the soldiers to remove the body. Seferiye tells her father again that she does not want to marry. Yusuf asks his daughter to be calm and says that she will be Alparslan’s wife. Caghri says that the lie that Wang told will spread everywhere. While trying to find a solution to this problem, Alparslan learns that some Turks in Anatolia are starting to rebel.

The merchants in the castle begin to blame Alparslan after Wang’s death. Yinal tries to calm the traders but fails. Alparslan stops everyone when the merchants and Yinal are about to fight. Alparslan says that he will buy all the goods of the merchants in the castle. Grigor thinks that the merchants in the inn will spread to the whole country that Alparslan is a murderer. Alexander wants to attack Alparslan once again, but his father asks him to calm down. Caghri asks Yinal to talk to Goktas and take him goods. Yinal is very angry at this offer and says he will not go anywhere. Alparslan stops Yinal in the forest and says he wants to talk to him. Yinal says that what Alparslan did was wrong and starts to argue with him. Alparslan tries to talk to his uncle but fails.

Oke tells Yinal that Alparslan is a murderer. Yinal does not believe this claim but says he will go to talk to the Lord. Seferiye makes a new plan to escape from the castle and secretly takes action. Alparslan learns that no one has seen Wang and realizes that he was killed. Alexander secretly takes Wang’s body and says he will take him somewhere in the forest. When Sefer is about to enter the barn, a soldier stops her. The soldier says that with Yusuf’s order, Seferiye cannot enter the barn. While arguing with the soldier on duty, Alparslan comes and tries to calm them down. Alexander buries Wang with his soldiers on the Seljuk border. The soldiers in the dungeon continue to torture the prisoners. Alpagut says that he is loyal to the Lord despite all the tortures. Alparslan receives the message sent by Sultan and learns that he cannot come to the wedding. Yusuf says he wants a big marriage ceremony, but Alparslan says there will be only one wedding.

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Serdar goes to the forest to ride Alparslan’s horse. Alparslan’s spy enters the inn like a merchant. Sefer hides behind a carriage and manages to get out of the castle. Grigor sees the merchant coming from the castle and is very happy. The trader asks where Wang is and does not believe that he has left the inn. Meanwhile, a Byzantine soldier brings Wang’s horse. Alexander claims that the Turks attacked Wang in the forest and immediately sets out to save him. Grigor realizes that his son is planning something, but this worries him. Seferiye deceives Serdar and steals Alparslan’s horse. Serdar immediately returns to the castle and tells Alparslan what Seferiye did. Yinal goes to talk to the Lord and tells him that he has taken the position of governor. Alparslan captures Seferiye a short time later and takes his horse back from her.

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Seferiye tells that she will buy a horse from someone else and continues walking. Alexander goes to the forest with the merchants and begins to follow the traces of blood on the ground. The Turks ask Alexander not to enter the Seljuk lands. Alexander says that he is looking for Wang and asks the soldiers to call Alparslan. Meanwhile, Byzantine soldiers begin to attack Seferiye. Alparslan helps Seferiye and sets out to take her back to the castle. Yusuf wants to leave the castle to search for his daughter, but Caghri stops him. Suleiman tells Alparslan what Alexander did. The traders think that the Turks killed Wang and do not want to wait any longer. Alexander begins to attack the soldiers. Suleiman stops Alexander and says Alparslan is innocent. After what the traders said, Suleiman allows Alexander to search Wang.

Selcan sees the wound on Seferiye’s arm and wants to help her. Seferiye rejects all offers of help and immediately goes to her room. Alexander continues to follow the traces of blood on the ground and says that Alparslan buried Wang. Byzantine soldiers begin to dig where Alexander indicated. Gevher goes to Seferiye’s room and starts to get angry with her. Yusuf calls the doctors in the castle. Byzantine soldiers cannot find Wang’s body. Alexander gets angry with the soldiers and starts digging himself. Suleiman says Alexander lied and talks to the merchants. The spy that Alparslan sent to the inn finds Wang’s body in the warehouse and immediately calls the Lord. The merchants in the inn say that Alexander killed Wang. Alparslan comes to the inn and asks the Lord to make a just decision. Grigor says he will punish his son to calm the merchants.

Grigor publicly whips Alexander repeatedly and says he will execute him next time. Alparslan says again that he is innocent and asks the merchants to return to Vaspurakan. Yusuf apologizes to Alparslan for what Seferiye did and starts talking about Gulce. Yinal learns what happened in the inn and says that Grigor is a very smart man. That night, Alparslan and Yinal argue once more. The Lord warns his son for the last time and goes to the dungeon. All the prisoners, except Alpagut, confess to working for the Turks. The Lord makes a plan to find out whether what he said to Alpagut is telling the truth or not, and invites the Turks in Vaspurakan to Ani. Oke starts following one of the women in the castle and sees her entering Gevher’s room. Alparslan agrees to go to Ani after what Akinay said. When the Turks come, Grigor says he will execute Alpagut.

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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31 English Subtitles

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