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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 39 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 39, Besasiri captures Alparslan using the Lord’s soldiers and puts him in a cage. Sultan gets angry with Yinal for what he did. The Sultan then asks Seferiye to sit on the throne. When Yinal is about to talk about the wrong things Alparslan did, the Sultan stops him. Sultan warns Yinal once again and asks him to control the Yabgu Turks. Lord begins to prepare to see Besasiri and sends a message to the Priest. The priest agrees to leave the city with the Lord. Before leaving the castle, the Sultan says that Alparslan’s decision to marry Seferiye was very correct. While Akinay is talking to Sultan, a soldier comes and says that Caghri is seriously injured. The Sultan immediately prepares to go to Merv.

Yinal says he wants to ensure the safety of the road and leaves the castle before everyone else. Flora talks to Suleiman once more and says she will wait for him. Yinal learns that Besasiri has kidnapped Alparslan and sends a message to call his soldiers in the headquarters. Besasiri realizes that Yinal is nearby and starts talking to him. Yinal briefly quarreled with Besasiri because of what happened to Caghri. Besasiri starts talking to Yinal about Alparslan. Yinal says he doesn’t care about Alparslan and asks Besasiri to be very careful. While Altuncan was going to the palace, the carriage got stuck in the mud somewhere in the forest. One of the soldiers rescues the chariot. Altuncan congratulates this soldier and continues towards the palace. Seferiye goes to the dungeon and asks her father to accept the punishment. Yusuf gets very angry with his daughter and tells her that she chose the wrong side. Seferiye starts arguing with her father and says she only wants to save his life.

Seferiye says that she is very worried about Alparslan after she comes out of the dungeon. While Batur is trying to calm Seferiye down, the soldier sent by Yinal comes and tells what Besasiri did. Seferiye immediately asks the soldiers to prepare and they set out. Yusuf thinks that Yinal will come to Vaspurakan soon and tries to escape from the dungeon to save his life. Seferiye goes to the forest. Yinal shows the place where Besasiri will come and sets a trap there with the soldiers. Besasiri arrives after the lord waits for a while in the forest. Seferiye sees some soldiers coming and attacks them. After talking to Yinal, Besasiri changes his plan and thus saves his life. Seferiye interrogates the soldiers she caught, but cannot learn anything from them. Lord approaches the cage with the Priest and starts shouting at Alparslan. Alparslan wakes up and grabs the Lord’s arm.

When Alparslan sees the priest, he leaves the Lord. Some Byzantine soldiers suddenly attack the Lord and Besasiri. This Priest is actually a spy working for the Turks and he saves Alparslan by using other spies he brought with him. Seferiye and Yinal start looking for Alparslan in the forest. Alparslan says he wants to kill Besasiri, but the spy asks him to escape. Besasiri wakes up and realizes that some Byzantine soldiers have escaped. Besasiri immediately blames the Lord. Grigor realizes that there are spies among his soldiers and immediately returns to Ani. Alparslan sees Seferiye on his way to Vaspurakan. The lord returns to the city and begins beating his soldiers. The priest calms the Lord and asks him not to harm the innocent. Besasiri blames Alexander, but cannot convince the Lord. Alparslan goes to Merv with his wife and visits his father.

Alparslan tells his father what happened to him and that he talked to the spy. Tughrul asks Alparslan to be patient and tells him that Caghri will get well soon. Lord beats Batius and asks him to confess that he is a spy. Batius denies all accusations and asks Grigor for two days to uncover the real spy. Sultan says he is worried about Altuncan and asks Hassan to ensure the safety of the road. Sultan asks Yinal to return to Gence after Caghri recovers. Yusuf manages to escape from the city using one of the carriages carrying the corpse. Alexander says he is worried about Flora’s life, but his father calms him down. Lord says he will send Besasiri to Surmari and asks his son to go to the castle. Batius begins to secretly follow the Priest. Tughrul asks Suleiman to stop talking to Flora. Some bandits attack Altuncan’s car, but a soldier saves her life.

Erbaskan tells Alparslan that Yinal is still secretly selling steel to Surmari. One of the Turkish spies learns that Besasiri will rule Surmari and immediately takes this information to the city. After sending Alexander to Vaspurakan, Lord goes to talk to Yusuf. Alpagut immediately conveys the new information about Surmari to Alparslan. Alparslan says that he will enter the inn by using Yinal’s secret trade and asks his soldiers to prepare. Besasiri thinks that his soldiers will come from Baghdad soon and he is happy. Yusuf goes to Ani and asks the Lord for help. Lord says Yusuf is a good commander and says he will help him. Alexander goes to the castle and asks for his sister. After Alparslan learns about Flora’s situation, he lets her go. Altuncan tells the soldier who saved her life to the Sultan. The Sultan offers this soldier and says he will give him a reward.

The next morning, Alparslan and his soldiers set out for Surmari with their steel carriages. Tughrul learns that this soldier’s name is Celal and gives him a special gold coin. Celal agrees to stay in the palace. Batius learns that the Priest is a spy and immediately informs the Lord. Byzantine soldiers allow steel filled carriages to enter the inn, but Besasiri is suspicious. Besasiri goes to the courtyard of the inn and says he wants to check the carriages. Yinal talks to his wife and says he will take the throne no matter what. Alparslan realizes that Besasiri is suspicious and suddenly attacks him. Besasiri goes to the cellar to save his life and tries to detonate the explosives there. Alparslan locks the cellar door and manages to get out. Celal thinks that Altuncan is his mother and says he will take revenge on her.

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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 39 English Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 39 Urdu Subtitles


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