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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 42, Akinay goes to Seferiye’s room and sees that she has passed out. Akinay immediately calls for help and takes Seferiye to the hospital. Zeren says they were poisoned because of the mushrooms they ate and asks how Seferiye is. Seferiye is very worried about her baby and starts to pray. Tughrul realizes that Yinal is preparing for a major attack. Suleiman says they cannot escape this war. Alparslan says that he needs to talk to the Turks living close to Rey and that he has to convince them. Caghri says he wants to talk to Yinal once again, but he can’t get permission from the Sultan. The Sultan says that Alparslan will lead the army. Yinal says he will invite everyone to his army.

Tughrul asks about Kutalmis and tries to figure out who he will support. Atabey says that Kutalmis has a good relationship with Yinal. Alparslan says that Kutalmis is always loyal to the Sultan and begins to prepare to talk to him once again. While the meeting is going on, the Lord comes to the palace and says he wants to talk about his daughter. Tughrul asks Suleiman to send Flora back immediately. The Lord says he will take back the lost lands no matter what and leaves the palace. Alparslan talks to his father before setting off. Caghri says that he is very happy to see Alparslan is married to Seferiye and is waiting to see his grandchild. Alparslan asks his father to be careful. Caghri says if Seferiye gives birth to a baby boy, he wants his name to be Melik Shah. Alparslan says he will do what his father wants and leaves the palace. Rasul comes while Kutalmis is looking at the star chart in his tent.

Rasul talks about the war started by Yinal and asks Kutalmis who he will support. Alparslan comes when Kutalmis is about to give his answer. Oke says that Yinal should not talk to Kutalmis. Yinal says he will find a way to persuade Kutalmis in return for making an alliance with Besasiri. Sercan goes to talk to Sultan and asks where is Caghri. Tughrul says Caghri most probably secretly went to talk to Yinal. Although Caghri’s wound has not healed yet, he rides and goes to persuade Yinal. Alparslan says that Yinal will definitely lose at the end of this war and asks Kutalmis to go to the palace. Rasul objects to Alparslan’s offer and talks about things that happened years ago. Kutalmis calms his brother down and says he will never be a part of this war. When Yinal’s soldiers see Caghri, they start to panic.

Caghri goes to Yinal’s tent and warns him once more. Yinal says he will not surrender no matter what. The soldiers think that Yinal will give up fighting and start to complain. Batur asks Suleiman to talk to Flora as soon as possible. Suleiman says Flora wants to stay at the inn. Flora hears Suleiman’s words. Yinal tries to calm down his soldiers and says he will take over the palace. Some soldiers think that Yinal is lying. Yinal attacks the rebel soldiers. Caghri tries to protect Yinal but can’t take it anymore. Flora writes a letter to Suleiman and secretly leaves the inn. Alexander gets very angry with Flora. Lord says that Flora will not come out of Ani from now on. Yinal wants to call doctors for Caghri’s wound, but he does not allow it. Caghri starts walking towards his horse.

Caghri falls soon after. Yinal immediately goes to Caghri and calls doctors. Caghri realizes that he is about to die and asks Yinal to give up. Yinal realizes that his brother has passed away and starts to cry. Sercan says she is very worried about Caghri. Yinal puts Caghri’s lifeless body on a horse carriage and writes a letter to the Sultan. Yinal then prepares to talk to Kutalmis. Alparslan goes to talk to Toygar and says that he has been loyal to the Sultan until now. Lord says he wants to help Yinal, but he does not accept it. Besasiri calms the Lord and says everything will be alright when the time comes. Yinal sends a message to Kutalmis and asks him to come to the forest. Yinal says he used Besasiri to get the support of the caliph. Alparslan’s soldiers continue to secretly watch Kutalmis. Yinal says that he will start a great war against the Sultan soon and asks Kutalmis for help.

Kutalmis learns that Caghri has died, and when he hears the rank that Yinal will give, he agrees to join the war. While returning to the palace, Alparslan sees a horse carriage. The soldiers around the carriage give the message of Yinal to Alparslan. Alparslan realizes that his father is dead and starts to cry. Alparslan goes to the palace with his father’s body. Caghri’s whole family starts to cry. Sultan reads Yinal’s message but says he will not surrender. Six months pass and Alparslan visits his father’s grave. The Lord changes the clothes of the Byzantine soldiers and says that they will join Yinal’s army. Yinal says he will attack the eastern gate of the city and sets out. Rasul says they should attack the western gate of the city, but Kutalmis says he will continue to wait. Alparslan climbs a high hill and starts to watch the enemies that are coming around the city.

Yinal talks to his soldiers for the last time and asks where Kutalmis is. Besasiri arrives with the Lord’s soldiers. Kutalmis sends a message to Yinal and the Sultan. Kutalmis says he will not fight alongside Yinal. Yinal changes his plan and says he will attack with all his might. Alparslan confronts Yinal with the Sultan’s army. Seferiye tells that although it is earlier, the labor pains have started. While Alparslan is talking to Yinal before the war, Toygar says he will support the Sultan and changes his side. Yinal proposes a duel with Alparslan to determine the outcome of the war. Akinay helps Seferiye give birth to her child. A short time later, Seferiye gives birth to her baby and says that her son’s name is Melik Shah. Alparslan catches Yinal and says he will take him to the palace. Tughrul speaks to Yinal for the last time and then strangles him with a bow string.

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