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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 4 Review

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 5, Kekaumenos captures Hassan and immediately sends him to the dungeon. Alparslan wants to save Atabey, but when the Byzantine soldiers attack, he escapes from the castle. The Lord sends soldiers into the forest to look for the Turks. Akca sees that her father has been caught, but she cannot do anything. While Caghri is waiting for Alparslan to return, he learns that some bandits will attack Sehver and immediately takes action. Alparslan kills the Byzantine soldiers in the forest and starts to go to the palace. Lord talks to Akca and asks her to return to the tribe using the secret passage. Caghri and his soldiers soon begin their search for the bandits. The bandits break the city gate and enter. Sehver realizes that the attackers are approaching and tries to protect her son.

Lord gets angry with his soldiers for not being able to catch Alparslan and asks his son to find the one responsible for the massacre immediately. General says that Hassan must stay alive for a while because he will demand a large amount of ransom from the Sultan. Bozan continues to implement his plan and enters Sehver’s room. When Caghri comes to the palace, he sees the dead bandits and is very surprised. Sehver says that Bozan killed the bandits and saved her. Sehver thinks that Alparslan said wrong things about Bozan. Alparslan returns to the palace and asks permission from the Sultan to save Hassan. After listening to what Inal said, Sultan sends Alparslan to the dungeon and asks him to do nothing. General and Edokya go to Seljuk palace. General tells what Alparslan did and demands a ransom for Hassan. Alparslan wants to get out of the dungeon and save Hassan, but he can’t do anything.

Inal makes a plan for Alparslan to make a mistake. Emir goes to the dungeon that night and starts talking to Alparslan. Alparslan gets very angry after hearing and knocks Emir out. Alparslan takes the key of the dungeon from Emir and escapes with his soldiers. That night, Dukas talks to Evdokya and makes a plan with him to prove Yannis’ innocence to the Emperor. Sultan learns that Alparslan has escaped and says he will not pay the ransom until he hears from him. Bozan kills the bandits who attacked Shehzade the next day and takes him to a safer place. Inal goes to the tribe and arrests Alparslan’s soldiers. Inal then starts looking for Alparslan together with Suleiman. Bozan lies about Shehzade and says he was kidnapped. Caghri suspects this but believes what Bozan says. Caghri later learns that Alparslan was imprisoned by the Sultan and later escaped from the palace.

Akca releases Alparslan’s soldiers, but Karaca tries to stop her. Meanwhile, Caghri comes to the tribe and tells that Akca did the right thing. Alparslan lights a fire in the forest and uses the smoke to send a message to Alpagut. Alpagut sees the message Alparslan sent and immediately sends a message pigeon. Inal goes to the forest to catch Alparslan and finds him. Alparslan says that no matter what happens, he will save Atabey and will not return to the palace. While Alparslan and Inal are fighting, the soldiers sent by Caghri arrive. Caghri says no one should stop Alparslan. Alpagut tells the Lord that Alparslan is near Vaspurakan and asks permission to search for him. Lord sends Alpagut into the forest with some soldiers. Bozan then talks to Shehzade and tells him that someone is trying to make him look like a criminal.

Shehzade believes Bozan’s lies and waits to prove his innocence. As Alpagut is about to leave the castle, Yannis and Diogenes join him. While Akca is looking for the secret passage, Byzantine soldiers capture her and take her to the dungeon of the castle. Caghri gets angry with Suleiman and Inal for what they did. Inal says that Caghri will tell the Sultan what he has done and immediately returns to the palace. Lord learns that Akca has been taken to the dungeon and immediately releases her. Lord says he will bring a gladiator from Ani to kill Hassan. Caghri gets angry with Suleiman and slaps him. Akca gets permission from the Lord to watch this festival. Yannis and his soldiers start looking for Alparslan in the forest. Alpagut takes one of the soldiers with him and continues his search.

Later Alpagut returns. Diogenes says they couldn’t find anyone and immediately returns to the city. Alparslan kills the soldier next to Alpagut and dresses like a Byzantine soldier. Alparslan then enters the city with Yannis. Akca says the Lord will not execute Hassan. Alpagut learns from Akca that the Lord will bring a gladiator and immediately starts looking for Alparslan. Inal tells the Sultan that Caghri did not allow Alparslan to be arrested. Tughrul is very angry at this situation and orders Caghri to come to the palace immediately. Yannis meets the gladiator and takes him to an inn. Alparslan changes his plan and secretly goes to the inn. Bozan prays with his new soldiers and cuts off their tongues. Yannis takes the gladiator and goes with him to the dungeon. Yannis then picks Hassan from there and says he will take him to the square.

Alparslan kills the Byzantine soldier next to Hassan and takes off his helmet. Yannis is very surprised to see Alparslan. Alparslan catches Yannis and dresses him like Hassan. Yannis begs Alparslan many times. Lord asks where Yannis is and then starts the festival. Akca watches everything from a distant room. Yannis appears and tries to remove the helmet from his head, but fails. Yannis realizes that he has no other choice and begins to fight the gladiator. All Byzantine people like this show very much. Akca and Diogenes realize that this gladiator is Alparslan. Gladiator defeats Yannis. At the end of the war, the Lord goes to the square and starts talking to Hassan. Meanwhile, Alparslan escapes from the square, Lord stabs Yannis and kills him. Lord then takes off his mask and realizes that he killed Yannis.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 5 English & Urdu Subtitles

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