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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 51 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 51, Kutalmis leaves the castle and comes to the battlefield. A short time later, Tulpar comes and tries to join Alparslan’s army. One of Alparslan’s soldiers realizes that Tulpar is a traitor and kills him in front of everyone. Qavurt retrieves his dagger from the guard and starts escaping from the dungeon. Leon goes to a high hill and waits for the war to begin. Alparslan gets off his horse and starts talking to Kutalmis. Alparslan asks Kutalmis to surrender. Kutalmis says that it is impossible to go back now and that he will not stop until he takes the throne. Alparslan returns to his army and says they will win this war. Kutalmis makes a speech and says that they will destroy Alparslan’s army in a short time. After a while, the two armies begin to fight.

Leon realizes that Kutalmis is a good fighter and gets even more excited. Qavurt continues to run away with Kutalmis’s sons. Suleiman’s soldiers begin to follow Qavurt. Alparslan finds Kutalmis on the battlefield and asks him to surrender once again. Kutalmis rejects this offer and continues to attack. A Byzantine soldier says that Suleiman’s men are following some suspicious people. As soon as Leon hears Qavurt’s name, he takes action. Suleiman learns that the prisoners have escaped from the dungeon and is furious. The vizier tries to calm Suleiman but fails. Kutalmis is badly wounded in the battle and immediately mounts his horse. Alparslan sees Kutalmis going toward the forest and follows him. Alparslan’s army wins the war and starts looking for the Sultan.

After a while, Kutalmis dismounts. Alparslan asks Kutalmis to surrender and says he will heal him. Kutalmis realizes that he will die and says that Alparslan is the Sultan. A soldier finds Alparslan and gives information about the prisoners. Kutalmis learns what happened to his sons and asks Alparslan to save them. Alparslan says he will save Mansur and Suleiman Shah no matter what. Alparslan then takes the lifeless body of Kutalmis and returns to the battlefield. Suleiman’s soldiers capture the captives. Leon comes to the forest and takes Qavurt from the Turks. Alparslan says he will hold a funeral for Kutalmis after he saves Mansur and Suleiman Shah. Flora learns that the captives have escaped and says she wants to leave the palace. Suleiman learns that Alparslan has won the war and is very worried. Leon comes to the palace shortly after and tells them that he has taken the prisoners.

Leon says he has kept the captives in Surmari and will not give them to anyone. Using Qavurt, Leon says he wants to set a trap for Alparslan. Suleiman likes the idea and agrees to help Leon. Alparslan follows the blood trails in the forest. Erbaskan apologizes to Akinay. Seferiye sees Kutalmis’s lifeless body and later learns what happened to Qavurt. Seferiye immediately sets off for Surmari. While looking for his brother in the forest, Alparslan sees smoke. Alparslan thinks this smoke is a signal from Qavurt, but he sends a pigeon to make sure. While Suleiman and Leon wait by the fire, they see the pigeon. Suleiman writes a message to deceive Alparslan. Alparslan reads this message and takes action to save Qavurt. Seferiye sees Qavurt entering the inn. The Vizier lies to Suleiman and stops Alparslan on the way.

Gevher tries to apologize to Akinay and then falls down the stairs. The vizier says that Suleiman set up a big trap near the fire and wants to help Alparslan from now on. Alparslan believes what the Vizier says and asks him to prove his loyalty. Alparslan goes near the inn and makes a plan to get inside. While returning to Surmari, Leon sees the messenger sent by Seferiye. While Suleiman thinks that Alparslan will be caught in Surmari, the people try to enter the palace. The guards try to stop the angry people. Lots of people say that Suleiman is not Sultan and start shouting. Suleiman goes to the palace gate and starts attacking innocent people. Leon sees the Turks near the inn and catches Seferiye in a short time. Alparslan and his friends dress like slaves.

Alparslan says they will use the carriage in the mine to enter Surmari. Erbaskan tells Mansur and Suleiman that Alparslan won the war. Mansur gets very angry, but Qavurt stops him. One of the wounded soldiers stands up and stops the Byzantine soldiers on the way. Alparslan recognizes this injured man and learns that Seferiye is at the inn. Alparslan immediately changes his plan and kills the Byzantine soldiers guarding the chariot. Alparslan and his friends dress up as Byzantine guards and continue toward the inn. Leon makes the inn a safer place and summons Qavurt. The vizier says that he will set a trap somewhere near Surmari and that he will kill Alparslan for sure. Leon calls some of his soldiers and asks them to fight with Qavurt. When the guards in the inn see the slaves, they let the door open.

Alparslan immediately goes to the dungeon with his friends. The vizier changes his plan and decides to move towards Vaspurakan. The wheel of the other carriage coming from the mine is shattered. Leon orders the slaves in the dungeon to go to fix the car. Alparslan’s friends kill the guards in the dungeon and release all the prisoners. Alparslan comes out of the dungeon with the Turks and then starts to flee toward the forest. Vizier sees Alparslan near Vaspurakan and says that he accepted him as Sultan after that. Alparslan decides to move towards the city with the Vizier. Suleiman learns that Alparslan has rescued the captives and is coming toward the palace. Everyone in the city accepts Alparslan as the Sultan. Alparslan makes a speech and says that he will rule the state fairly from now on. When Alparslan comes to the courtyard of the palace, he stops and executes the vizier for his betrayals. Suleiman flees the palace with his wife.

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