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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 53 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 53, Alparslan gives the document in his hand to Bagrat and says that Leon planned everything. The king reads the secret document and says he will avenge Leon. Byzantine soldiers on the battlefield begin to be disturbed by this situation. Alparslan takes his soldiers and leaves the battlefield. Bagrat returns to his soldiers and says they will go to Ani. One of the vassals objects to Bagrat and says that they should attack the Turks. There is unrest among the soldiers. Adrian tries to stop King but fails. Bagrat sets out for Ani. Alparslan sends half of his soldiers to the new castles and continues to advance toward the palace. The Lord takes his own soldiers and begins to secretly follow Alparslan. After Batur returns from the chapel, he goes to his room to rest.

Qavurt’s son Merdan comes and says he wants to see his father. Seferiye tries to understand why Merdan is angry. Merdan asks why Sultan gave Siraz to Emir. Seferiye says that no one can question Sultan’s decision and allows Merdan to see his father. The Lord waits for the opportune moment to attack. Qavurt asks his son to stay calm. Merdan says that Alparslan made a big mistake and that he will regret it. Qavurt asks his son to leave the palace and attack Siraz with his soldiers. Merdan realizes his father’s plan and immediately leaves the palace. While Leon is talking to his horse, a soldier comes and tells him that Bagrat has left the battlefield. Leon gets very angry and starts to think about where Alparslan will attack Ani. Leon says that he will distract Alparslan by using the slave camp in the forest and asks Sevaste for help.

Alparslan realizes that the Lord will attack and stops him. Mansur tries to understand why Merdan came to the palace and provokes him against Alparslan. Merdan believes what Mansur says. Alparslan sees a lot of horses in his dream that night and starts talking to Melik Shah after waking up. The king goes to Ani the next day and starts blaming Leon. Hassan tells them how to attack Ani. Alparslan says he will take the whole army through the forest and then attack Ani. Seferiye starts talking about the children in the city and says they should reopen the schools. Alparslan learns that Suleiman has closed the schools and orders all of them to be reopened. Leon’s assistant tells the slave camp’s commander that new soldiers and ammunition will arrive. Hassan tells that he has sent new soldiers to the Emir at Sultan’s request.

Qavurt tells that Merdan came to the palace and talked about Siraz. Sultan gets angry because of what Merdan said and says that it is very wrong for him to try to take Siraz back. Qavurt says he wants to go to Siraz to stop his son, but Alparslan does not allow him. Sultan says that Merdan will pay the price for his work. Seferiye leaves the palace and asks people to send their children to schools. Cato learns that schools will reopen and realizes that he can no longer use the children. Batur says that the commanders will protect Siraz. Hassan says that Qavurt is very uneasy about Siraz and that he may be doing something wrong. Sultan says his brother will not make a mistake. Batur tells that the army will be ready for the attack on Ani soon near Vaspurakan.

Alparslan learns that Byzantine soldiers are going to the slave camp and changes his attack plan. Alparslan says that he will seize the slave camp and the ammunition there before Ani. Mansur goes to talk to Qavurt again and says that Merdan is very brave. Qavurt gets very angry with Mansur and asks him to be careful with his words. Suleiman Shah calms everyone down. Bagrat comes to the palace and asks Alparslan to return the three castles. Alparslan says that he will return these castles to Bagrat only if he becomes a Muslim. Bagrat rejects this offer and says that he will attack the Turks soon. Leon finds out what happened in the city and gets very angry with Cato. Cato says he will make up for his mistake and find new slaves. Leon says he has a plan to close the schools. Alparslan’s soldiers begin to watch the slave camp from afar. Before the attack, the Sultan meets with the commanders of his army and tells them about the Ani attack. Meanwhile, a horse comes out of the barn and comes to the courtyard.

Alparslan remembers seeing this horse in his dream. The horse keeper says that this horse belongs to Tughrul, but he has never ridden this horse before. Alparslan says he will use this horse in Ani attack and gives it a new name. Emir realizes that the situation in the city is getting worse and puts all his forces on the walls. Emir then asks Alparslan for help once again. Merdan tells his soldiers that Alparslan has captured Qavurt and provokes them against the Sultan. Erbaskan apologizes to Qavurt for his actions. A soldier tells the Sultan that someone has stolen the bodies from the graves. The Sultan thinks this event is very strange and sends his soldiers to investigate. Cato says he will burn the school in the city and asks a man to carry the bodies. Alparslan learns that the schools have reopened and he is very happy.

Some thugs attack the school and kidnap the children. The bandits then bring the bodies to the school and set the whole place on fire. Alparslan learns about the fire at the school and immediately goes to investigate the crime scene. Byzantine spies take the children kidnapped from school to the slave camp. While examining the school, Alparslan learns what happened in the cemetery and realizes that the children are still alive. Alparslan then goes to inspect the cemetery. Cato sees what happened in the cemetery and starts to run away. Alparslan’s soldiers follow the spies and capture someone. Leon says he will use Serdar and Gulce against Alparslan. Qavurt learns that Merdan was injured during the war and tries to leave the palace with Mansur. Alparslan learns that the children were taken to the slave camp and immediately sets out with all his soldiers. Leon uses slave mothers to stop Alparslan and says that if the Turks take action, he will execute innocent people.

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