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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 11, Hayreddin prepares a horse carriage for Luna to go safely to Venice. Aydin gives food to Luna and Marcella for this journey. The knights set a trap outside the city and wait. Luna realizes something is wrong, but she can’t stop the knights. The driver of the carriage manages to escape with injuries. While Hayreddin is making plans to sail as soon as possible, the driver comes and says that Luna has been kidnapped. Hayreddin immediately goes to the scene and begins to follow the tracks on the ground. Dervish tells that the knights went to a nearby city. Hayreddin starts to follow the carriage with his friends. A man sees Hayreddin in the market and then continues walking. Hayreddin feels something about this man and starts following him.

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Seydi Ali comes to the city using the shortcut and asks where Hayreddin is. Aydin says they need to find Hayreddin. Dervish says Hayreddin is nearby and sets a trap to stop the carriage. Hayreddin continues to follow this mysterious man, but cannot catch him. Hayreddin can’t take it anymore and shouts at this man to stop. The man continues walking and enters somewhere. Kemankes secretly goes to the warehouse to talk to Seyyare. Kemankes says he did his best and will save Seyyare no matter what. Seyyare rejects Kemankes’ marriage proposal once again. Aydin stops the knights and attacks them. One of the knights tries to stop Aydin but fails.

While Aydin thinks he has saved Luna, other knights come and capture the Turks. A man apologizes to Luna and says he wants to talk to her. Aydin says he is worried about Hayreddin’s life. Dervish asks everyone to calm down and says they will leave this dungeon soon. Hayreddin enters the place where the man entered and hears a song. Hayreddin realizes that the people inside are making dhikr and leaves their swords at the entrance. Hayreddin goes to this mysterious man and asks him who he is. This man takes Hayreddin’s hand and they begin to chant together. The leader of the knights takes Luna to a room and tells her that her father has passed away. Luna looks at her father’s lifeless body and takes his dagger. The mystery man finally says his name is Yahya. Hayreddin asks what this man wants from him.

The leader of the knights begins to describe the great legacy that Luna has inherited. Luna says she doesn’t want to take her father’s duty. Hayreddin looks at the shirt on the man. Yahya asks Hayreddin about the flag of his ship. Luna remembers her childhood and tries to understand why she left the island. The leader of the knights asks Luna if she accepts this quest. Luna once again rejects this offer. Yahya says he will open Hayreddin’s eyes and begins to explain what the symbols on his shirt mean. Yahya then takes off his shirt and gives it to Hayreddin. Hayreddin puts on the shirt and says he will help Yahya. Alessandro thinks that Lomelino will wake up soon and says he wants to poison him secretly. Pope rejects this plan and says he will blame Batista. Yahya says he is Suleiman’s foster brother and goes to another place with Barbaros.

Sahsuvar says she is worried about the upcoming court. Ayaz gets angry with Sahsuvar and begins to listen to what she has done. Sahsuvar says she did everything for Sukufe and asks her brother for help. After thinking for a while, Luna agrees to become a banker for her father. Ayaz starts looking for a way to save both Sahsuvar and Kemankes. Yahya goes to a library and tells that there is a traitor Pasha in Istanbul. Hayreddin looks at the documents in the library and says that this traitor Pasha sold the army’s cannons to the infidels. The knight leader Luzatto begins to tell about this secret island and says that Luna will never see this island. Yahya says that this Pasha was doing business with a banker and that this banker got all his power from a secret island. Luzatto says they have to form a holy alliance to harm the Ottomans.

Luna agrees to go to Payitaht and seize the army cannons from the traitor Pasha. While Batista is burning the documents in his room, Doria arrives and says he will arrest him. Luzatto goes to the dungeon and saves the Turks. While Dervish tries to figure out what’s going on, Luzatto tells him that the pirates have kidnapped Luna. Hayreddin finds his friends and immediately goes to find Luna with them. Hayreddin tells Dervish some of what happened to him after he got on the ship. Aydin finds the ship that kidnapped Luna and says it is a pirate ship. Luna tells her secret to Marcella and asks her to work for her. Marcella does not believe Luna but says she will continue to serve her. Hayreddin attacks the pirate ship and saves Luna in a short time. Luzatto digs a hole in the ship’s tank.

When Hayreddin returns to his ship, he realizes that the ship he sank belongs to France and starts to get angry with himself. The French ambassador immediately goes to the palace and speaks to the Sultan. The Sultan realizes that something is wrong and orders Hayreddin to be brought to the palace immediately. Yahya attacks a policeman and then goes to the dungeon. Seyyare learns what happened to Hayreddin and says she will marry Kemankes to help him. Aydin tells Hayreddin about the suspicious things he saw in the dungeon.

Kemankes learns that Seyyare has changed her mind and says that he will marry her as soon as possible. Luzatto kills the French soldier on board. Hayreddin begins to suspect Luzatto and throws him into the sea. Papa talks to Lomelino and asks him to keep quiet no matter what. Sahsuvar prepares poisonous food to kill Cafer. Kemankes goes to the port to catch Hayreddin, but cannot find him. Luna learns that the traitors in Payitaht are Sahsuvar and Kemankes. Hayreddin hears that the traitor may be Kemankes and that he is about to marry Seyyare.

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