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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 18, What trick is this man doing, Reis? ! Assassination maps emerge from his old home. Then he postpones the Sultan’s visit under the pretext that there is an assassination. Then see that it is the goal! He tries to manipulate us. But what is the point? The Sultan will visit Tophane tomorrow. It’s hard to be safe in the midst of all these games. Now go. Keep on watch all night, let nothing happen. We have to be careful. Understood, Reis.

My Sultan, I have gone to the mansion we talked about. But it has not been used for a long time. Now, Hayreddin Pasha. . . If we ask Ibrahim Pasha and tell him that these people left your house. . . He will say that is a place he does not use. Yes, my Sultan. It is hard to understand the trick they are pulling. What do you think if we postpone your visit to Tophane and you don’t go? This is not possible, Pasha. We are preparing for a great war, and have told the sea masters that I will come. I have to go. As you like.

I will have them take precautions. All of my sailors will be dockside starting tonight. But. . . when there’s such a report, it’s not safe for you to go. This is not possible, Pasha, not possible. I told the sea masters that I would come. I have to go. As you wish, my Sultan. Then come undercover. Don’t let your cart or the soldiers around you have your mark. And I will make them take every precaution. But this would be the best precaution. Let it be as you said, Pasha. Peace be with you. Peace be upon you, Reis.

Have you been checking out everywhere? Yes, Reis. There is nothing suspicious. Soldiers cannot carry guns on ceremony. They only carry swords. Our men will be moving around there. I’ll give you a signal when the Sultan’s cart stops. Well, Reis. Seyyid Ali and Yareli, you will come with me. Where are we going, Reis? To settle accounts with Luna. Barbarossa and his crew. . . They learned where we are going. They raided the place. What do I have to do with this? Did you tell themNo. You betrayed Luna. What did you tell Barbarossa more?

Speak! Get out of my way! You shouldn’t have done this. Get out of my way! You shouldn’t have done that, Marcella! -Let me go! Let me go! – You shouldn’t have done this. You shouldn’t have done that, Marcella! I will now give you one last chance to survive. Where did Luna hide the mapTell me! Leave me! -Leave me! Tell me if you want to live. Marcella! Where is the map! ? Leave me! Leave me, Luzzatto! I told you tell me! This is your last chance. This is your last chance, Marcella! This is your last chance to survive! There.

If you do something wrong, I will kill you! Don’t try to do something wrong. Come on, show me. Come on! Show me! Come on, Marcella! Come on, give me the map! Come on, Marcella! Give me the map, Marcella! Come on! Quickly! You say a whale in the sea, right? I didn’t understand. I say a whale in the sea. A whale that swallows the entire sea as soon as it opens its mouth. Yes, Dervish Baba. Like the whale that swallowed our master Yunus, peace be upon him. This place is a mouth in the sea. It swallows whoever comes to him. You convinced Hayreddin to go out in this war. Aren’t you ever afraid?

What if the sea swallows you? He who trusts his friend does not fear for his life. No one else but Hayreddin Reis can cross this line. If he can’t pass. . No one else can pass. Otherwise, we will be martyrs. You will go on a different campaign, martyrdom is possible. So that’s why you should know things. Do your studies well. If Hayreddin was martyred in this battle. . . This will not be just a loss for the oppressed of this desert. . . It would be a great loss for all the oppressed. Never forget this. Just like your exact words, my science is accurate. Don’t worry, Dervish Baba. Okay. Okay.

Marcella! Marcella! What happened to you, Marcella! Who did this to you, Marcella! Luzzatto! Did you say Luzzatto? The map! If a person tastes glory once, he will never forget its taste. Every moment, every minute he would think of that throne. Even if he put the satin clothes, he won’t care. Even if he has servants under his command, it will not suffice. My only goal was to take the helm of that fate. Someday, I read it in history. Timur Khan was going to face a very strong army with few soldiers. The end of the war is predestined. Obviously, they will be defeated. But Timur, the shrewd military man, drank a cup of blood.

Why? This is the case in the power struggle for the throne. Some of them fall into the trap set by others. He does everything he can to escape from that trap. He does not know that he is also a trap prepared for others. The owners of the greatest glory are the owners of the truth. Who do not deviate from justice. But do not think that these are the ones who win. The just don’t always win. If you want to rule the winds in politics. . . You will also command the wind. Some of them are just caught. Some of them hunt themselves.

Some of them become big eyes, see everything. But he doesn’t know if what he’s seeing is real. Timur drank a cup of blood. Why? In that war in which he was sure to lose his few soldiers. . . He wanted to strike terror into the hearts of his enemies. The blood he drank would have made Timur’s stomach sick after a while. Timur will vomit blood from his horse in front of everyone. Enemies will think that Timur is dead. But after a short time Timur will mount his horse again. And the enemy will think that he has resurrected. am Ibrahim Pasha. I died so that I would resurrect! Oh people! wake up there is a huge matrix around us in real life as well.

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