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In Barbaroslar Episode 12, As Oruj is about to take off Pietro’s mask, Emir’s soldiers stop him. In this way, Pietro escapes and says Emir will arrest Oruj for looting. Ilyas stops following Alfeo and returns to help Oruj. Khizir tries to learn Dervish’s location from Diego but fails. Diego asks Khizir to deliver the book and the girl. Sahbaz saves Pietro from the Emir’s soldiers and they start watching the cellar together. Oruj hugs Ilyas and asks him to secretly take out the barrels of gold dust. Huma goes to the building she wants to rent for her workplace, but she sees Emir’s wife there. While Emir’s wife says that she bought this building, Huma learns that Oruj has been arrested. Khizir goes to Dervish’s house and sees the encrypted message in the garden. Antuan takes Dervish to a forest near Alexandria.

Oruj comes to the palace. Khizir and Huma say that Oruj should be released, but Emir says they will investigate him. Oruj asks Khizir to focus on Dervish. Khizir says he wants to talk to Oruj about an important issue, but Emir opposes him. Khizir then enters the palace. Emir says he won’t let him, but Khizir grabs a bomb and threatens him. Emir allows Khizir to meet Oruj to save his life. Pietro tracks down the soldiers carrying the barrels and kills them. A short time later, Ilyas finds the corpses of these soldiers and realizes that someone has stolen the barrels. Other soldiers come and accuse Ilyas of killing the soldiers of the state. Ilyas says he is innocent, but Sahbaz stops him.

Khizir goes to the dungeon and tells him the secret message from Dervish’s house. Oruj tells the meaning of the message to Khizir and asks him to continue researching. A short time later, the soldiers arrest Ilyas and take him to the dungeon. Sahbaz then goes to Unita’s inn and meets Isabel there. Oruj sees that Ilyas has been arrested and is very upset. Ilyas says he is innocent and someone else killed the soldiers of the state. Isabel learns that Oruj has been arrested. Sylvio warns Isabel for the last time and asks her not to help Oruj. Pietro asks Sahbaz for help to take the barrels to Kalymnos and tells him that he will give him money if he does this job. Oruj talks to Emir and tells him once again that he is innocent. Oruj asks Emir’s permission to find the real killers and the gold.

Emir gives permission to Oruj and says that Ilyas will be executed if he cannot solve this case in one day. Oruj comes to the port while Pietro is checking the ship of Sahbaz. Oruj makes Sahbaz’s ship unusable and says he will find the gold no matter what. Pietro changes his plan and says he will turn the gold dust into ingots. Oruj later meets with Khizir and asks him to find Dervish as soon as possible. Antuan tries to get a sheep from a shepherd, but Dervish gives this man his ring to pay. Pietro kills Oruj’s men looking for the barrels and waits for news from Sylvio. Sylvio talks to a goldsmith and asks him to turn gold dust into nuggets as soon as possible. Rakel accepts this offer and immediately goes to the workplace.

Isabel sees her father talking to Rakel. Sylvio sends Isabel to her room and asks her never to leave. Shepherd goes to Alexandria to sell the ring he got from Dervish. One of the homeless children finds out about this and immediately speaks to Khizir. Isabel leaves her room and kills her father’s men. Oruj then told his aunt about the deal he made with Emir. Khizir guesses where Dervish might be and heads to a village near Alexandria. Isabel goes to Oruj’s house and tells him that her father was talking to Rakel. Oruj thinks he can find the gold thanks to Rakel. Khizir starts looking for Dervish with Meryem and kills some of Antuan’s men. Huma forcibly enters the dungeon of the palace and speaks to Ilyas.

Ilyas calms Huma down and says he will be free soon. Oruj goes to Rakel’s workshop with Isabel, but cannot find anyone there. Pietro plans to get the gold bars out of Alexandria. Pietro’s men attack the workshop and try to kill Oruj. Pietro says he wants to do one more thing before leaving Alexandria and attacks Diego. Pietro says Diego is a traitor and kills him. Pietro then says he will kill Antuan. Antuan says that he will seize the book and the girl by using Dervish. Then Pietro gives Antuan one last chance. That night, Khizir talks to Meryem and tells her that no matter what happens, he will find Dervish. Meryem calms down and begins to wait for the morning. Pietro then starts talking to Dervish and asks him what the secret is. Dervish says he doesn’t know anything.

Pietro then asks who the woman next to Dervish is, but gets no answer. That night Oruj finds Rakel and catches him. Rakel tells Oruj where Pietro is going with the gold bars, thus saving his life. While Khizir and Meryem are looking for Dervish, Antuan stops them. Oruj tries to catch Alfeo carrying the barrels but Unita’s men carry the gold bars somewhere else. Antuan delivers Khizir and Meryem to Pietro to save his life. Khizir is surprised to see that Pietro is still alive after all. Pietro asks Khizir where the book is but gets no answer. Pietro then asks questions about Meryem because he thinks she is so familiar. Dervish asks Khizir not to deliver the book to save innocent lives. Pietro points his gun at Dervish’s head and fires. Oruj catches Alfeo and says he will take him to Emir to save Ilyas. Sylvio stops Oruj and asks him to give Isabel. Oruj does not accept this offer. Emir tells his soldiers that Oruj’s time is up and orders Ilyas to be executed at the square.

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