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In Barbaroslar Episode 15, When Antuan is about to kill Ilyas, he remembers Pietro’s order and goes to the ship with him. Oruj sets out to save Ilyas after arguing with Emir. Oruj realizes that Ilyas has been kidnapped, but Sahbaz’s men try to stop him. Gladius tries to catch Meryem, but Ishaq stops him. Huma asks Emir not to touch the ship. Emir’s soldiers want to lower the Ottoman flag on the ship, but Dervish stops them. Sahbaz shoots Oruj in the shoulder and starts to run away. Isabel secretly follows Sahbaz and tries to catch him, but fails. Oruj goes to check out one of the bays in the north after talking to Isabel. Gladius escapes from Lesbos and goes to Pietro’s castle.

Huma goes to the place where she will build a fabric factory but learns that the women she talked to before will not come to work. Antuan orders Ilyas’ wound to be treated. Oruj checks the ship in the northern port but cannot find Ilyas. When Oruj sees the holes in the ship, he returns home to be treated. Huma goes to Firuza’s house and sees that the women are there. Huma says that no matter what happens, Firuze will regret it. Meryem talks to Khizir and says she feels guilty after recent events. Huma sends a message to the Ottoman Vizier. When Oruj returns home, he tells everyone that Ilyas has been kidnapped. Esther says she is going to look for Ilyas, but Huma calms her down. Sahbaz accuses Isabel of helping Oruj, but she denies it. Dervish treats Oruj’s wound and asks him what to do. Oruj says he is ready to do anything to save Ilyas.

Emir is happy to have captured Oruj’s ship. Oruj soon arrives at the port and tells him that the knights of Rhodes have kidnapped Ilyas. Oruj says that the gold was stolen because of Emir’s mistake. Emir realizes his mistake and in this way, Oruj gets his ship back. Oruj’s soldiers then go to the inn and talk to Sahbaz. Sahbaz says he will stay at the inn, but the soldiers force him to talk to Oruj. Ishaq receives Oruj’s message and immediately goes home. Khizir learns what happened to Ilyas and asks Piri to send a message to the spies in Kalymnos. Oruj asks Sahbaz if he has anything to do with the trap. Sahbaz lies and denies all accusations. Oruj says that Sahbaz will not go out of the inn from now on. Gladius meets with Pietro and tells him that he couldn’t catch Meryem. Then Antuan comes to the island and delivers Ilyas to Pietro.

Pietro is happy to have the chests full of gold and says he will harm Oruj by using Ilyas. Pietro says that he will turn the island of Telendos into a military base and establish an alliance between the Christians. Khizir and Piri go to Oruj’s house. Oruj learns that the spies could not find Ilyas. Meanwhile, an emissary of Pietro arrives and asks Oruj to stop the war preparations in Lesbos. Oruj listens to Pietro’s requests and sends the ambassador back. Meryem tells Pietro that she will surrender to save Ilyas. Khizir opposes Meryem, but she continues to insist. Oruj accepts Meryem’s plan and sets sail with her. Sahin and Sahbaz fight once more because of what happened at the inn. While Pietro is talking to Gladius, Meryem comes to the castle.

Khizir and Piri find a place to hide in Kalymnos. Pietro eats with Meryem and asks her about her childhood. Meryem does not answer these questions and says she wants to rest. Meryem does not want to believe that her brother, whom she lost years ago, is Pietro. Some Christian soldiers stop Oruj’s ship and ask them questions. Piri pretends to be a soldier from Rhodes and goes to Kalymnos. Pietro talks to a Venetian man and tells him that he wants to start a great war in the Mediterranean. Leonardo says that it is difficult to start this war and that other states do not want to support Pietro. Pietro says he will stop Oruj by using Ilyas. Leonardo asks Pietro for Ilyas and says that he can form the alliance in this way. Dervish prays for Oruj and his brothers that night.

Meryem says there is a room in the castle where messages come from and tries to go there. Meryem reads the messages in the room and learns the location of the island where Ilyas is. Meryem then goes to one of the walls of the castle and shoots an arrow at Oruj’s hiding place. Khizir reads the message on the arrow and Piri understands the location of the island. Oruj says that Meryem is safe in the castle and immediately sets out to save Ilyas. Leonardo sets out for Telendos to retrieve Ilyas. Christian soldiers begin to wait for Leonardo. Oruj prays to Allah with his soldiers before the attack begins. Oruj then orders his soldiers to attack. A great war begins on the small island. Rhodes knights begin to die one by one. Leonardo does not like the course of the war and takes action to escape from the island with Ilyas.

Oruj begins to follow Leonardo with Khizir. Pietro calls Meryem once again and says that he put some things in her room. Pietro says that this time he will get answers to his questions. Meryem goes to the room in the castle and sees the clothes that belonged to her mother years ago. As Leonardo is about to take Ilyas, Oruj comes and stops him. Oruj says he will take Leonardo to Alexandria and returns to the battlefield with Ilyas. Meryem hugs the clothes belonging to her family and tells how much she misses them. Pietro goes to Meryem’s room and begins to listen to her. Pietro finally finds his sister Maria, whom he has been looking for for years, and hugs her. Piri captures Antuan and delivers him to Oruj. Antuan begs for forgiveness as Oruj is about to kill him. After Oruj talks to Ishaq, he gives up killing Antuan and sets off for Alexandria.

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