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Barbaroslar Episode 1 Review 

In Barbaroslar Episode 2, Oruj and his men are advancing in a deserted place in the Mediterranean. The ship crashes into a few rocks but continues on its way without any problems. Baba Oruj talks to the sailors on the ship and asks them to be careful. Meanwhile, a pirate seizes a merchant ship and sets a trap to seize the treasure on Oruj’s ship. Oruj’s ship slowly moves towards a narrow passage. Oruj suspects something and asks his soldiers to fill the cannons on the ship. The pirate Enrico’s men set a trap for the approaching ship and wait for the moment to attack.

Ilyas tries to help his brother Oruj. Oruj sees the ship in the distance but becomes more suspicious of it. Oruj now realizes that war is inevitable. Meanwhile, Enrico’s men start shooting. Oruj asks his soldiers to be patient and orders them to shoot at the right time. A great war begins between the two ships. Enrico’s men try to board Oruj’s ship. Ilyas and the other soldiers try to protect the ambassador on the ship.

Oruj catches Enrico and says he will be executed. Oruj kills Enrico and hangs his body in a visible place to teach the other pirates a lesson. Oruj’s older brother Ishaq lives on the island of Lesbos and eagerly awaits Khizir’s return. A short time later, Khizir reaches the island with the books with him and talks to his brother. Ishaq is very happy with the arrival of his younger brother. After the war, Oruj divides the spoils among his soldiers.

Khizir says he wants to talk to Suleiman urgently and asks permission from Ishaq. Meanwhile, a woman named Isabel runs an inn in Alexandria and talks to the merchants there. Cafer, one of Isabel’s former employees, is very disturbed by what Oruj has done and says that he is actually a very dangerous person. Khizir goes to Suleiman’s house and tells him something he learned about the hidden secret. Suleiman says that Papa Borgia is a very dangerous man and will work tirelessly to get hold of this secret.

Khizir says he will go to Kalymnos island both to save Shehzade Murad and to seize the secret key. Suleiman says that a very dangerous man named Pietro is protecting Murad. Meanwhile, a man goes to the dungeon and starts talking to one of the prisoners there. Suleiman dislikes Khizir’s plan and tries to change his mind. Khizir says he has already prepared every detail of his plan. This man in the dungeon is Pietro, and by pretending to be a Muslim, he learns a lot of important things from the prisoner.

Later, Pietro’s assistant Diego kills this prisoner. A woman named Zeynep, who works in an orphanage in Alexandria, tries to heal a boy, but says she needs stronger medicine. Zeynep says that she wants to go to Kalymnos to find the cure for this disease and prepares to set out. Oruj learns that the brother of the man he killed is a famous pirate named Poseidon, but says it’s no big deal. A pirate who escaped from Enrico’s ship finds Poseidon and tells him that Oruj killed Enrico. Poseidon gets very angry and asks his soldiers to learn everything about Oruj. Khizir talks to Niko that night and asks him for help.

Oruj talks to his brother Ilyas that night and tells him that he will unite all Turkish sailors. Cafer talks to Isabel’s father and warns him once again about Oruj. Pietro says that they got rid of the Muslims in Spain and that he is about to reach the great secret. Meanwhile, soldiers from Spain talk to Pietro. Pietro congratulates the soldiers and presents them with gold. The next morning, Khizir sets sail with Niko’s ship. On the way to Kalymnos, Zeynep had an argument with one of the merchants on the ship. Ishaq starts to wonder where Khizir is. Isabel learns that Oruj killed Enrico and thinks this will anger Antuan. Oruj’s ship soon reaches Alexandria. The people in the port are very blessed for what Oruj did.

Oruj goes straight to his house and starts talking to Despina. While Ilyas is talking to the girls in the inn, Isabel asks where Oruj is. Oruj tells Despina that he wants to go to Lesbos, and she gladly accepts this offer. Kilic learns what Oruj has done and tells his son that he will go to talk to him the next day. Oruj then goes to the inn, but Isabel gets very angry with him. Kilic comes to the inn while Isabel warns Oruj about Poseidon. Kilic congratulates Oruj and Ilyas. Poseidon learns that Oruj’s brother lives on the island of Lesbos.

Khizir goes to the island of Kalymnos and disguises himself as a blacksmith. Soon after, Pietro and Diego go to the blacksmith. Khizir shows them the big bell he has prepared for the church. Diego doesn’t like Khizir and asks where the other blacksmith is. Khizir lies to Pietro and starts to talk about the big bell. Cafer talks to Kilic’s son and asks him for help to stop Oruj. Cafer then takes some money from Isabel’s father and goes to the slave market. The church bell prepared by Khizir explodes during the ceremony. The Christian soldiers try to take Shehzade Murad to a safe place, but Khizir follows them secretly.

A soldier says that Zeynep is a Muslim and may have something to do with the explosion. Then Zeynep is arrested. Khizir kills the Christian soldiers and captures Shehzade Murad. Poseidon goes to Lesbos and learns where Ishaq’s house is from Yorgo. The slaves that Cafer bought attack Oruj and his little brother, and a fight starts. Khizir sees that the soldiers have caught Zeynep and tries to save her. Poseidon wounds Ishaq and slaughters his entire family right there. Khizir tries to escape with Zeynep, but the soldiers stop him on the edge of a cliff. Cafer’s slaves capture Ilyas.

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