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Barbaroslar Episode 21 Summary

In Barbaroslar Episode 21, After the explosion in the tunnel, the soldiers begin to carry the wounded out. Oruj immediately takes action to save Khizir. Pietro congratulations to Martin. Gladius attacks the Turks to inflict more damage. While Oruj is fighting the knights, Gladius stabs Khizir. Oruj shoots Gladius with an arrow and immediately sets off to take Khizir to the headquarters hospital. Pietro thinks Khizir will die soon and is happy. Pasha blames Oruj for this explosion and says he will kill him. The doctor says Khizir is in bad condition and may die. Oruj can’t stand what he heard and goes out. Antuan tells that Pietro learned the location of the tunnel thanks to a spy. Pasha’s soldiers try to arrest Oruj but fail.

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Oruj then goes to Pasha’s tent and tells him that there is a spy in the army. Pasha arrests Oruj’s friends and gives him some time to find this spy. Oruj plans to enter the castle from the western wall and capture some Christian soldiers. The doctor gives medicine to Khizir but tells that his condition is still bad. Martin returns to headquarters and learns from Ishaq of Oruj’s plan. Pietro gives Meryem some drugs to brainwash her again. Dervish puts his hand on Khizir’s heart and prays to Allah. Meanwhile, Khizir has a dream. Khizir goes to a shore in a boat. A man puts his hand on Khizir’s heart and heals him. Khizir opens his eyes and asks who this statesman is. This man says he is from the future and is Sultan Suleiman.

Sultan asks Khizir to get well soon and continue fighting. Khizir later wakes up and says he had a dream. Dervish calms Khizir and asks him to keep his dream secret. Pietro learns that Khizir is not dead and gets very angry. Salvator thinks that Oruj will attack the western wall and starts waiting for him outside the castle. Oruj’s trap works and Salvator is captured. Antuan begins to torture the admiral and learns from him that the spy is Martin. Oruj does not believe what he says and decides to return to headquarters. While having dinner with Ishaq, Martin learns of Oruj’s true plan and begins to flee. A few of Oruj’s soldiers try to stop Martin in the forest but fail. When Oruj returns to headquarters, he learns that Martin has already escaped. Oruj then talks to Pasha and tells him that the spy has been exposed.

Pasha continues to blame Oruj, but in the meantime, Piri arrives. Piri asks Pasha to release the soldiers and kills Salvator in front of everyone. Pasha is very angry with what Piri has done and says that he fired Oruj. Pasha takes action with his soldiers and starts shooting at the wall of the castle with cannons. Pietro gets angry at Martin for revealing his identity. Martin asks Pietro to calm down and tells him he has a plan. Turkish soldiers destroy a wall of the castle. Pasha orders his soldiers to attack. While the soldiers are running towards the castle, they get sick one by one. Before leaving the headquarters, Martin tells him that he poisoned the soldiers’ food. The doctor at headquarters says they need more doctors. Pasha blames Oruj for this incident and gets angry with him again. Meryem believes again what Pietro said and says that he will defeat the Turks.

Oruj says that he will not obey Pasha’s order and begins to prepare a new attack plan. Isabel learns that Martin poisoned the soldiers, but she does not believe the news. Isabel says she will learn the truth about Martin and sets off. The next day, Oruj goes to Pasha’s tent and asks him for more soldiers. Pasha says he will not give anything to Oruj. Pietro comes to the tent to talk to Pasha. Pietro says that the Turks will lose both on land and at sea, so they must retreat. Pasha says support will come soon. Pietro tells Pasha that he will give a chest of gold as war indemnity and leaves the tent. Isabel catches Pietro and says she will kill him. Oruj asks Isabel to calm down and tells her that Martin is a spy.

Oruj sends Isabel to a tent and says he will sneak into the castle. Pasha listens to Oruj for the last time and agrees to give him some soldiers. Isabel says she wants to join the war to make up for Martin’s mistake. Gladius says that Oruj has left the headquarters. Pietro thinks Pasha will accept the deal. Oruj and his soldiers suddenly begin to attack the back gate of the castle. Pietro asks his soldiers to be ready to defend. After long struggles, the gate of the castle is broken and the Turks enter. As the knights are about to shoot arrows, Meryem begins to kill them. Pietro sees Meryem betrayed and gets angry. A bloody and long war begins in the castle. The Turks slowly begin to take control of the castle. Ilyas sees Martin and begins to follow him.

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Isabel starts chasing her brother to save him. Khizir sees that Meryem is helping the Turks and realizes that she is not a traitor. Isabel repeatedly asks Martin to surrender. Martin says his sister made a big mistake and drinks the poison inside his ring. Martin dies before Isabel’s eyes. Pietro calls all the soldiers in the castle to the defense. Khizir attacks Gladius and injures him. Meanwhile, Oruj fights with Pietro and catches him. Khizir says he will avenge Gladius and kills him. Oruj wants Meryem to make the decision about Pietro’s life. Meryem says she is Pietro’s sister and the things she did for him before. Pietro says he doesn’t want mercy from anyone. Oruj executes Pietro. Oruj asks Pasha to declare the victory. Pasha says he is a fair man and tells that this victory is thanks to Oruj. Oruj goes to the wall of the castle and announces that this castle now belongs to the Ottoman.

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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 21 with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost

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Watch or Download Barbaroslar Episode 21 English Subtitles, Barbaroslar Episode 21 Urdu Subtitles & Barbaroslar Capitulo 21 en Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost. Barbaroslar Episode 21 release date is 24-02-2022. Barbaroslar episode will be on-air on TRT1 Channel in Turkish. The live streaming of Barbaroslar episode in Turkish can be achieved by Clicking Here. Those who can understand Turkish will be able to watch Barbaroslar episode even later by Clicking Here but ATV Youtube channel uploads the episode later, so you have to wait for it.

Barbaroslar Episode 21 English Subtitles HD 1080

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