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In Barbaroslar Episode 3, Oruj neutralizes almost all the prisoners who attacked him, but one of them says he still wants to fight. Ilyas gets rid of the man. Oruj also stops this prisoner but does not kill him. Khizir and Zeynab jump off a cliff into the sea to escape from the soldiers on the island. Khizir goes to his small boat and begins to flee from the Christian soldiers. Poseidon returns to his ship with Ishaq. While Radko is instructing his soldiers, Pietro arrives and stops him. Pietro thinks something is hidden and asks Radko to check on Shehzade. Shehzade Murad tells Pietro that the man who came to kidnap him took the necklace. Pietro thinks this necklace could be very important. Zeynab tells Khizir that she has to return to Alexandria as soon as possible.

Oruj realizes that this attack was organized by Cafer and begins to investigate who helped him. Poseidon tortures Ishaq on the ship for fun. Oruj warns Cafer, but he says he doesn’t know anything. That night Oruj goes home and talks to Despina. Cafer secretly talks to Kilic and tries to explain why his plan didn’t work. One of Oruj’s men tells his captain that Cafer is secretly talking to Kilic. Pietro writes a letter to the Pope and tells him that he will get the book of secrets soon. Khizir returns to Lesbos and gives the captured necklace to Suleiman. Suleiman learns what happened in Kalymnos and asks to keep the necklace in Khizir. Khizir then goes to Ishaq’s house, but there he sees the note that Poseidon left. Khizir later finds the dead bodies of Ishaq’s wife and children.

Poseidon takes Ishaq to a nearby island and says he will set a trap there. While Oruj and Isabel are talking about work, Golem arrives. Golem says that Poseidon attacked Ishaq’s house and killed his family. Zeynab returns to Alexandria and heals the child in the orphanage. Khizir sets out with Niko to find Ishaq after the funeral. While Oruj tries to find out where Ishaq is, Isabel says she will help him. Isabel gives one of Unita’s ships to Oruj. Oruj goes home soon after and tells Despina that he is going to go to sea again for a job. Despina is very uncomfortable with this situation and blames Isabel for this situation. While saying goodbye to Despina, Oruj learns that she is pregnant.

Kilic talks to his son and asks him to kill Poseidon. Kilic’s son says he will not help Oruj and argues with his father. Oruj goes to the port and tells the situation to the sailors working on his ship. A short time later, Kilic comes to the port and says he wants to help Oruj. Oruj politely declines his offer and sets sail with his men. Meanwhile, a mysterious man boards Oruj’s ship and starts rowing. Khizir and Niko try all night to find Ishaq. Isabel goes to her father and informs him about the business at the inn. Sylvio gets angry with Isabel for giving Unita’s ship to Oruj and warns her harshly. Isabel tells her father that she is aware of everything and is ready to take full responsibility. Sylvio says that the Venetian ambassadors will be very uncomfortable with this situation. While walking around the cliff, Radko finds one of Giovanni’s medicine bottles and thinks that he is helping the Muslims.

Pietro goes to the place where he learned from the prisoner and tells the boy there that he is looking for Eyub. This boy is Eyub’s son and says his father will come later. Hamza thinks Pietro is a good person and begins to practice swordsmanship with him. Radko goes to Giovanni’s house and arrests him for working with Muslims. Khizir tells Niko that he has to find Ishaq before Oruj. Asiye goes to Despina’s house and starts saying bad things to her about Isabel. Radko tortures Giovanni at the dungeon but cannot learn anything from him. Eyub returns home, but Pietro takes Hamza hostage. Pietro asks where the book is, but Eyub says he knows nothing about it. Oruj realizes that the man sneaking on the ship is the prisoner who attacked him earlier. The captive man says he wants to work for Oruj now.

Eyub says the book of secrets is in Suleiman now to save his son. Meanwhile, Hamza escapes, and Eyub attacks Pietro. Pietro takes Eyub prisoner, but he kills himself there to not say anything. After what Asiye said, Despina goes to the inn and starts yelling at Isabel. Isabel tries to calm Despina and warns her. Despina falls ill while leaving the inn. Isabel and Asiye take Despina home. A man named Dervish stops the thief from stealing his purse and gives him some money. Pietro then goes to Sylvio’s office and tells him to be more careful. While escaping from Pietro, Hamza sees Dervish in the market and faints there. Dervish takes Hamza to the orphanage. Khizir and Niko find the island where Ishaq is. Zeynab talks to Dervish while treating Hamza.

Zeynab tells Dervish what happened in Kalymnos and talks about Khizir. Asiye says that in order to save Despina’s life, her pregnancy must be terminated. Isabel opposes this and says Oruj will be mad about this. Oruj and his soldiers secretly go to the island where Poseidon is. After killing a few of the pirates, Oruj realizes that there is a trap here. Khizir asks Niko to do some things and goes inside the cave alone. Pietro secretly goes to the orphanage and sees Zeynab trying to heal Hamza. Oruj enters the cave to save Ishaq, but Poseidon’s soldiers stop him. Meanwhile, the pirates capture Khizir and this spoils Oruj’s plan. Khizir says everything will be alright and in the meantime, the war begins. Poseidon tries to sneak out of the cave. While Ilyas rescues Ishaq, Oruj catches Poseidon. Ishaq kills the pirate Poseidon and sets off to return home with his brothers.

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