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In Barbaroslar Episode 4, After Oruj saves his brother Ishaq, he wants to take him to Alexandria for treatment. Ishaq rejects this offer and, despite being seriously injured, immediately sets out to go to Lesbos with Khizir. While watching the orphanage, Pietro sees the dervish and tries to understand how he could still be alive. Pietro then goes to Sylvio’s office and asks him to secretly follow the orphanage and the people there. Dervish realizes that someone is watching the orphanage and warns Zeynab. Pietro is still baffled as he thinks the man he saw in the orphanage is already dead. Asiye tries to talk to Despina but fails. Despina accuses Asiye and Isabel of being murderers. On the way back to Alexandria, Oruj talks to Ilyas and tells him that Despina is pregnant.

Ilyas is very happy with this news but still blames himself for what happened to Ishaq. Radko conveys the news from the Pope to Pietro. Pietro learns that he has to capture an engineer named Ebu Muhammad and take him to Rome. Oruj returns home the next day. Kilic congratulates Oruj for killing Poseidon, and Sahin is very disturbed by his father’s actions. Asiye tells Isabel that Despina is going crazy. Some fishermen find Poseidon’s body washed up on the shore and immediately take him to a doctor. Sahin sees Oruj and warns him harshly. Ishaq goes to Lesbos and visits his family’s grave. While Yorgo is wandering around the market, Ishaq catches him. Khizir tells Suleiman what Yorgo has done. Meanwhile, Ishaq takes Yorgo to the cemetery.

Yorgo begins to explain why he hates Ishaq and his brothers. While Ishaq tries to understand what happened, Yorgo runs away. A pirate realizes that the man the fishermen found is Poseidon and asks the doctor to heal him as soon as possible. The pirate accepts his mission to find Ebu Muhammad, who is trying to save Poseidon and starts searching for him. Ishaq tells Khizir what Yorgo did before and tells him that he escaped. Because Ilyas feels guilty, he goes to a secret place and starts fighting with the men there. While Muhammed was studying the stars in the middle of the sea, a few men came and kidnapped him. Hayrabay realizes that Muhammed has been kidnapped and says he needs help to save him. Pietro takes Giovanni out of prison and says he believes he is innocent. Oruj goes to the inn the next morning and says he wants a new job, but Isabel says she has nothing to give him.

Isabel says that her father is doing something and that’s why she can’t help Oruj. Jafer tells Sylvio what Sahin did. Sylvio asks Jafer to follow the dervish and Zeynab secretly. Asiye tells Despina what happened to Ishaq. Despina gets angry with Oruj for hiding the truth and says she is very upset. Zeynab realizes that Hamza is missing and starts looking for him. Hamza goes to the place where he last saw his father secretly from everyone and finds his father’s will in the well there. While talking to Isabel, Jafer learns that Hamza has gone to the port and immediately takes action to catch him. Dervish goes to Lesbos and starts talking to Suleiman. Dervish says now is the time and Khizir will learn the truth. While Dervish is leaving the shop, Khizir sees him and starts following him.

Zeynab finds Hamza in the port and they escape from Jafer’s men together. While getting on the ship, Hamza drops the sack left by his father to the ground. Dervish goes to a cave. Khizir enters this cave and asks dervish who he is. Dervish begins to tell him a story. Hayrabay goes to Alexandria and asks Oruj for help to find the kidnapped engineer. Oruj rejects this offer at first but accepts this task when he learns that if he completes this task, he will become the owner of his own ship. Khizir wakes up after a while and goes to Suleiman’s shop. Thanks to the pouch that Jafer found, Radko learns that Suleiman is in Lesbos and immediately sets out with his soldiers. Khizir asks Suleiman about dervish but gets no answer from him. Oruj goes to the inn and asks Isabel for help with Unita’s recent ships.

Isabel goes to her father’s office and gets some confidential paperwork. Isabel tells Oruj what she learned from the documents the next day. Oruj sets out with Ilyas to find Theo. The Doctor casts some spells to heal Poseidon and begins to wait. Oruj makes a plan to find this doctor. Zeynab goes to Lesbos with Hamza and starts looking for Khizir. Niko meets Zeynab while buying fish in the market and takes her to Khizir. One of Oruj’s crew goes to the doctor for treatment. Meanwhile, Theo comes to talk to the doctor. Ilyas catches Theo. Pietro sets out with his soldiers to get Muhammed. Oruj’s men try to get Theo to talk and learn from him. Isabel learns that her brother is still alive and says that she will save him no matter what.

Oruj and his crew disguise themselves and take action to take Muhammed from the pirates. Zeynab tells Ishaq what happened to Hamza. Khizir tells Suleiman that dangerous men may come to Lesbos and takes him home. Radko and his soldiers arrive in Lesbos to capture Suleiman. Oruj dresses like a Christian merchant and goes to the pirate ship to pick up Muhammad. Yorgo goes to Despina’s house that night. Oruj sees Muhammed alive and attacks the pirates. After a long fight, the Turks destroy the pirates. Radko sees Khizir and follows him home. Oruj sets off to return to his ship with Muhammed, but realizes that something is wrong. The doctor manages to awaken Poseidon thanks to her spells. Sahin captures Oruj’s ship and everyone there. Oruj says what Sahin did was wrong. Sahin asks Oruj to deliver his ship and the man he caught to him. Rando goes to Ishaq’s house and says that he will kill everyone there.

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