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Barbaroslar Episode 4 Review

In Barbaroslar Episode 5, Radko goes to Ishaq’s house and says he came to get Suleiman. Khizir asks Hamza to take cover and attacks Radko. During this fight, Suleiman is injured. As Radko escapes, Zeynab checks Suleiman’s wound. Suleiman realizes that he will die soon and tells Khizir his will. Sahin asks Oruj to deliver Ebu Muhammad. Oruj gives his ship and Muhammad to Sahin to prevent a great war. Pietro tries to launch an attack to take Muhammad, but Diego stops him. Oruj says they will solve this problem when they return to Alexandria. Khizir and Niko go to Suleiman’s shop. Khizir examines the books in the shop, but cannot find the book Suleiman is hiding. Khizir then examines the papers in the shop and finds the secret book that Suleiman has been hiding.

When Oruj returns to Alexandria with his crew, he talks to Hayrabay and tells him what Sahin has done. Sahin goes to the Bedouin tribe to hide Muhammad. Oruj then goes to the inn and tells that Unita’s ship has been stolen. Isabel is very worried, but Oruj says he will solve this case as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Sylvio arrives and blames Oruj for his ship being stolen. The messenger sent by Sahin comes to the inn and says that Sylivo’s ship will be returned soon. Khizir says he will go to Alexandria with Zeynab. Ishaq also wants to go on this journey. Radko tells Pietro what happened in Lesbos. That night, Yorgo visits Despina and tells him that Ishaq attacked him. Despina is very surprised by this incident and wants to tell Oruj everything, but Yorgo stops her. Jafer goes to Asiye’s house and asks her to gather information about Oruj.

Radko says that Oruj tried to kidnap Muhammad and killed Poseidon some time ago to save his big brother. Pietro tells Radko to find Poseidon’s body. Ilyas tries all night to find Sahin’s location but fails. Hayrabay locates Sahin and conveys this information to Oruj. The next morning, Oruj takes action to get Muhammad and his friends back. Sahin says he will not give captives and attacks Oruj. Muhammad sneaks out of the tent. Kilic Bey and his soldiers come. Kilic asks Oruj to forgive Sahin and says he loves him like his son. Oruj takes his friends and starts looking for Muhammad. Khizir, Ishaq, Niko and Zeynab set off for Alexandria. Pietro soon learns of Khizir’s journey and asks Radko to stop them.

Sahin is very upset after what his father said and says that he will take revenge on Oruj. Oruj’s soldiers capture Muhammad that night and deliver him to Hayrabay. Hayrabay keeps his promise to Oruj and gives him money to buy a ship. Pietro secretly kills Sylvio’s soldiers and breaks into his office. Pietro gets angry with Sylvio for giving Oruj a job and asks him to find another worker. Meanwhile, Isabel arrives, and Pietro leaves the office as if nothing had happened. Dervish visits Oruj and tells him that the time is right. Oruj does not understand what Dervish is saying and says he will wait a little longer. Khizir spends the night reading the book he found in Suleiman’s shop. Asiye tells Despina that Yorgo is staying at her house.

Isabel gives Golem the address of a place in Venice and asks him to gather information about this place. Later, Sylvio calls Isabel and asks her not to work with Oruj again. The next morning, Oruj goes to the port and talks to the merchants. Merchants suddenly increase the price of all ships for sale. Oru realizes that something is wrong. Dervish sees Oruj once again and asks him to act as soon as possible. Sylvio calls Jafer and congratulates him for what he has done in the port. Sylvio entrusts Jafer with the task of guarding a ship bound for Thessaloniki. Oruj buys Isabel a gift to thank her. Yorgo talks to Despina once again and tries to persuade her. Oruj tells Isabel that he could not buy a ship because of the unexpected increase in prices. Isabel says she knows why and will help him.

Despina sells Oruj’s necklace and gives him money. Isabel calls Jafer to talk about work. Jafer gets scared when he sees Oruj at the inn. Isabel says that Jafer has been taking too much work lately, and it’s not fair. Isabel gives Oruj the job of guarding the ship that will go to Thessaloniki. Jafer gets very angry about this situation, but he can’t do anything. Oruj later meets with Isabel and asks her what she knows about Unita. Isabel is very surprised by this, but Oruj says that he will reveal Unita’s dirty work. Jafer meets Sahin and asks him for help to put something on the ship to Thessaloniki. Sylvio gets very angry with Isabel after recent events and slaps her. Oruj and his friends prepare to go to Thessaloniki.

Jafer and a few others load a lot of barrels on board. These barrels are full of gunpowder and Jafer plans to blow up Oruj’s ship secretly. Radko finds the ship with Khizir and his family. Radko tells those on board to surrender or he will shoot his cannonballs. Pietro’s men find Poseidon and bring him to the dungeon in the castle. Poseidon doesn’t understand what happened, but Pietro starts to convince him. Khizir talks to the ship’s captain and immediately comes up with a plan. The captain says there is only one cannon on board. Khizir and Niko jump into the sea and begin to damage Radko’s ship from underwater. Oruj and Ilyas capture Jafer before the explosion. Jafer says the powder kegs will explode soon and tries to escape. Radko’s men start firing cannons back to back but fail. Ishaq and the captain nearly sink Radko’s ship. Oruj and Ilyas start to fight Jafer at the ship. Radko understands he can’t catch Khizir and the book so he decides to run away before his ship sinks.

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