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Barbaroslar Episode 5 Review

In Barbaroslar Episode 6, Just as Jafer is about to blow up the ship, Oruj arrives and tries to stop him. Jafer once again tries to blow up the barrels of gunpowder, but Oruj overpowers him. After Khizir is drilling holes in Radko’s ship, he returns and explains what happened to Zeynab. Radko wants to go to a safe harbor to save his ship. Pietro organizes a feast and tells Antuan that he will give him a strong army. Antuan is surprised to see this army. Pietro tells Antuan to use the name Black Pirate now and kill Oruj no matter what. Oruj tries to find out who Jafer is working for, but cannot get him to talk. The next morning, Ishaq, Khizir, Niko, and Zeynab arrive safely in Alexandria. As Zeynab prepares to go to the orphanage, Khizir starts looking for Ester secretly.

Meanwhile, Esther tries to earn money by reading the future of shoppers in the market. Oruj talks to his crew and tells them that they will expose Unita’s dirty work. The sailors accept what Oruj says. Khizir finds Esther in the market and says he wants to talk to her. Esther is afraid of Khizir and starts to run away. Khizir manages to catch Ester in one of the alleys, but Radko sees them. Radko’s men begin to attack, and Esther once again escapes. Khizir fights the mercenaries for a short time and then starts to run away with Niko. Sylvio learns that Unita will do something big soon and says he will start preparing for it. Pietro starts talking to Antuan and says that he will turn into a pirate that will scare all Muslims. Antuan cannot fully understand Pietro’s plan but continues to listen to him.

Pietro asks Antuan to set a trap for Oruj and kill him in a way that will affect everyone. Golem goes to Sylvio’s office and says he brought documents from the inn. Sylvio does not allow the Golem to talk to Isabel. As Golem leaves the office, he gives Isabel a secret message. Radko tells that Khizir has come to Alexandria and asks Sylvio to gather information about this man. Antuan kills the captives in the castle and Pietro realizes that he is ready to kill Oruj now. Ishaq, Khizir, and Niko go to Oruj’s house. Despina prepares food for her guests and tells them that Oruj will come in a few days. Asiye tells Yorgo that Ishaq has come to Alexandria. Yorgo thinks his life is in danger and wants to run away, but Asiye stops him. Asiye makes a plan.

Sylvio tells Radko that Khizir went to Oruj’s house and gives him new soldiers. Isabel hears her father’s words and runs away from home. Some of Antuan’s new soldiers take action to attack Oruj’s ship. Oruj realizes that the pirates are about to attack and asks his friends to prepare to defend the ship. Pirates begin to attack the ship, but Oruj’s defense is successful. Most of the pirates die during the attack. Ilyas catches a pirate. The pirate says that if their attack fails, it won’t be a problem because other pirates attacked a Muslim village. Oruj does not believe what the pirate says, but Ilyas wants to save this village. Isabel goes to Oruj’s house and tells Despina that someone is going to attack the house. Despina doesn’t believe what Isabel says, but Ishaq immediately takes action. Oruj and Ilyas argue over what the pirate said.

Sylvio’s men come to attack the house but find no one. Shortly after, Khizir arrives with Niko and kills the attackers. On the way to the orphanage with Despina, Sylvio’s other men attack Ishaq, but they are also unsuccessful. Sylvio learns the next day that the attack has failed and that Isabel has run away from home. Despina blames Isabel for everything that happened and argues with her at the orphanage. Khizir starts searching for Esther again. A cardinal visits Pietro and starts asking him questions. Pietro says he hasn’t got Ebu Muhammad and the book of secret yet, but he will solve these problems in a short time. Cardinal Lucas is very angry at what Pietro said and says he will complain about him to the Pope. Pietro kills the cardinal in order not to spoil his relationship with the Pope. While Sahin is arguing with the men in a restaurant, the messenger sent by his father comes, and he goes back home.

While Ishaq is talking to Hamza, Dervish comes to the orphanage. Kilic says he will forgive his son and asks him to do some things. Khizir returns to the orphanage and sees Dervish. Radko tells that Khizir is in the orphanage and once again asks Sylvio for help. After the meal, Khizir starts talking to Dervish but cannot learn anything from him. Dervish asks Khizir to find Esther no matter what. Oruj sees the village that the pirate mentioned earlier and wants to save the people there quickly. Antuan talks to his men and asks them to stick to Pietro’s plan. Oruj convinces the captain of the ship, albeit with difficulty, and goes to the port. Esther gives food to the homeless children and talks to them briefly.

Khizir starts looking for Esther that night with Niko. Niko says he is tired, but Khizir convinces him. Radko continues to secretly follow Khizir. Zeynab sees that Ishaq is upset and tries to comfort him. Khizir starts chasing Esther and finally catches her. Ester does not believe that Khizir is Suleiman’s friend and tries to escape again. Oruj and his friends soon stopped the pirates who were trying to burn the village. Oruj says this is very easy and warns his friends. Khizir convinces Esther and sets off with her to go to the orphanage. Oruj and his friends return to their ship. Antuan watches everything from afar and orders Oruj’s ship to be fired. Radko stops Khizir in the forest and says he will definitely kill him this time.

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