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In Destan Episode 21, Batuga opens his eyes and sees Mei. Mei says that she kidnapped Batuga on the orders of the Chinese Emperor. While Batuga tries to understand what is going on, Mei says that Kaya will kill him soon. Saltuk and Akkiz say that it is difficult to find Batuga now. Akkiz says she will return to the palace and will ask Khan for help. After listening to what Akkiz said, Temur begins to think that his mother killed Tutkun. Alpagu shows Ece the ring he found in Vargi’s lifeless body and asks how it happened. Ece says someone has set a trap and this ring is fake. Khan objects to Ece, but when he sees the ring on her finger, he begins to apologize. Gunseli tells Calayir that Alpagu talked to Ece. The shaman, Ece invited to the palace wants to examine Gunseli.

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Gunseli immediately asks for help from Calayir so that it does not come out that she is not pregnant. Ece starts to think about how Khan got this ring and gets very worried. Mei goes to a house in the market and sends a message to Kaya in Ece’s name. Kaya reads this message but immediately realizes that Ece did not send it. Akkiz and Temur begin to watch Kaya’s headquarters from afar. Mei then sends a message to Alpagu. Batuga begins to dig a tunnel to get out of the pit but is stung by a scorpion. Kuzu says that someone is following Kaya and sets a trap in the forest. Akkiz catches one of Kaya’s soldiers and realizes where he is going. Saltuk learns that Colpan went to the Dag with Balamir. Calayir sees Colpan coming to Gok and asks her why she came.

Ece calls Mei and asks her what she knows about the ring. Mei denies everything and says she didn’t set a trap for Ece. Akkiz stops Khan and says Kaya will kill Batuga. Alpagu does not understand this situation and realizes that Akkiz did not send the message. Batuga begins to hallucinate due to the effects of the poison. Kaya finds the pit where Batuga was imprisoned and sees that he has been poisoned. While Batuga thinks he will die, Kaya tries to remove the poison from his body. Akkiz and Alpagu eventually find Batuga unconscious. Colpan says that she will provoke the people to revolt by buying all the salt, wheat, and rice in Gok. After wandering around the market for a while, Saltuk finds out where Colpan is. Saltuk says that what Colpan did was wrong and asks her not to take revenge. Colpan calms Saltuk but Balamir says she is right. Saltuk then starts arguing with Balamir.

Colpan calms Saltuk again and asks him to bring more information. Calayir convinces everyone that Gunseli is pregnant by using the herb she bought from herbalists. Ece is very happy and asks Gunseli to talk to Kaya immediately. Alpagu immediately brings Batuga to the palace and calls all the doctors. Mei sees that Batuga is still alive and is terrified as her plan didn’t work. The palace doctor says that Batuga’s body will recover soon, but he needs to sleep. Danis congrats Kaya. Alpagu calls Kaya and Ece to the throne room. Kaya says that he learned Batuga’s location thanks to his mother’s message, but Ece says she did not send a message to anyone. Alpagu tells that someone from the palace set a trap. Alpagu then goes to the garden of the palace with Akkiz. Mei apologizes to Temur for Tutkun’s death.

Alpagu says Ece is innocent. Akkiz objects to this and says the ring is real. Alpagu asks Akkiz from whom she got this ring, but he does not get an answer. Alpagu says that Akkiz will now stay in the palace with Batuga and serve Gok. Akkiz says she doesn’t want to serve Gok, but Khan says it’s an order. Alpagu asks Akkiz to bring Saltuk to the palace. Ece congratulates Kaya for what he has done and realizes that Mei is the real traitor. Alpagu asks Kaya to stay in the palace and says he has made an important decision about the future of the country. Colpan and Balamir secretly begin to buy all the salt in the market. Akkiz begins to wait impatiently for Batuga to wake up. Saltuk goes to the palace and tells that Colpan secretly came to Gok with Balamir.

Kaya learns that Gunseli is pregnant and is very happy. Ece argues with Akkiz once more and says she doesn’t want to see her in the palace. Mei learns that there is no one in Batuga’s room and goes there immediately. Temur arrives when Mei is about to poison Batuga. Temur realizes what Mei is trying to do and gets very angry with her. Akkiz talks to Yibek and asks her to tell all the truth. Mei tells Temur that her plan did not work and tells him that Ece did everything. Temur says he will wait until Batuga wakes up and asks Mei not to do anything secret anymore. Akkiz then goes to Batuga’s room and lies next to him. Alaca talks to Yaman and says it is wrong to trust Temur. Meanwhile, Saltuk comes and says he will take everyone to the palace.

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Mei’s maid sees Colpan and Balamir shopping in the market. Batuga opens his eyes after a while and says that he is recovering. Temur goes to his brother’s room with Mei. Batuga says Mei’s plan didn’t work. Mei says she knows that Colpan is still alive and Batuga lied to Khan about her. Mei says she will inform Khan about Colpan and Balamir if Batuga tells all the truth to Khan. Meanwhile, Khan comes to Batuga’s room and asks how is his condition. Batuga says he didn’t see the face of his kidnappers. Khan calls all his sons to the throne room and says he has made an important decision. Alpagu says that China is responsible for all the bad things that happened to the country and that’s why he will attack them. Ece sees Alaca coming to the palace and secretly talks to her. Alaca sees her sister for the first time in years.

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