Watch Destan Episode 27 Finale with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 27 Finale with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 26 Review

In Destan Episode 27, Akkiz locates the tree protected by Itbaraks and waits for a suitable time to attack. Batuga attacks the soldiers who went to help Obar and begins to stall them. The patrols guarding the tree learn that Batuga is attacking and take action to catch him. Akkiz sees that most of the guards have left the tree and gives the order to attack. Sirma puts the resin of the tree in a bottle. Obar says he will take revenge on the Turks and starts to move towards the palace. Vera tries to wake her sons and husband. Colpan kills all the guards. Batuga later meets with Akkiz and sets out to take the resin to the palace. Obar sees the Turks going to the palace and stops them. Akkiz says she has soldiers behind the bushes.

Obar orders his soldiers to attack, but Akkiz begins to flee toward the palace. Turks coming out from behind the bushes try to stop Obar. Vera thinks her husband will die and asks Kam to do something. Batuga comes to the palace and gives the resin to Kam. Kam gives the antidote first to Khan and then to his sons. Obar gets angry with his soldiers who cannot protect the tree and says he will punish them. Alpagu slowly gets up. Kaya asks Gunseli to stay in the palace and says he loves her very much. Kam thanks Batuga and Akkiz for bringing the antidote. Obar returns to the western khanate with his surviving soldiers. Sayina asks Obar where the crown is. Obar tells everyone that the Turks destroyed Barak’s crown. Sayina starts getting angry with Obar and tells him that he is not a Khan to rule the Itbaraks.

Obar admits his mistake and says he has summoned all Itbaraks to take revenge on the Turks. The people, who want to take revenge, accept Obar’s offer and start to support him again. Kam says she knows everything and asks Batuga to tell what happened in the forest. Batuga tells that he was united with Akkiz thanks to old Kam in the forest. Alpagu congratulates his son and Akkiz. Colpan asks Alpagu not to judge Akkiz and Batuga without learning the truth, no matter what. Alpagu makes a promise to Colpan in front of everyone. Batuga then closes Akkiz’s eyes and takes her to the secret tunnel in the palace. Batuga shows Akkiz the new picture he has drawn and thanks her. Akkiz says that she will be with Batuga until the end of her life and will help him. Once again, Kam warns Vera and asks her not to make any more mistakes.

Alpagu tells Danis that he suspects everything now. Danis says that Alpagu has done a lot for the state so far. While Batuga is talking to Akkiz, Temur comes and starts to hug his brother. Mei is very upset about what Temur has done and says she will take her revenge on him. Sirma tells Akkiz when the wedding will take place. Batuga says he will hold the wedding ceremony after getting rid of Itbaraks. Alpagu summons everyone to the throne room. Alpagu first thanks Batuga and then starts asking Colpan questions about Begs. Colpan says the tribes will not support Khan. Kaya says he is going to talk to the tribes and asks his father for permission. Temur says that more Itbaraks will come soon. Alpagu says that he will put naphtha on two roads to the western khanate. Colpan learns that Vera is Ece again and asks Alpagu why he did such a thing.

Alpagu says that he gave Vera the rank of Ece again in return for the naphthas he received from Russia. Obar gets angry with one of his commanders and cuts off his face to teach him a lesson. Kaya calms Gunseli and tells her that he will return to the palace after completing his mission. Gunseli says she loves Kaya and will never lie to him again. To take revenge on Temur, Mei summons a Chinese ambassador and tells him what she learned about naphthas. Batuga is angry with his father for trusting Vera. Alpagu tells him that he has to cooperate with another enemy to destroy a great enemy. Akkiz says she wants to take the naphthas to a safer place. The Chinese ambassador goes to Obar’s tent. Obar starts blaming Mei and tells that he doesn’t trust the ambassadors anymore.

The ambassador says that the Turks are working with the Russians and begins to explain how Alpagu will use the naphthas. Obar takes the Chinese ambassador hostage and sends his soldiers to seize the naphtha barrels. Sayina talks to one of Obar’s soldiers and begins to provoke him. Gunseli talks to Kam and tells her some of her problems. Itbaraks attack while Yaman and Temur are carrying barrels. Yaman then tells this situation to Batuga. Batuga realizes that there is a traitor in the palace. Kaya starts talking to the tribal leaders to destroy the Itbaraks, but no one supports him. Alpagu learns that there is a traitor in the palace, but says he will deal with this later. Colpan says this traitor is Vera, but Alpagu says she will not do such a thing. Batuga says this traitor is someone else. Temur rushes to his room and starts yelling at Mei.

Temur says that the traitor in the palace is Mei. Mei denies everything and says she considers the palace her home. Mei’s maid begins to speak and confesses everything. Temur does not believe the maid and says he knows Mei is a traitor. One of the tribe leaders puts his dagger on Kaya’s neck and says he will kill him. Soon after, Gunseli’s father arrives and tries to calm the tribal leaders. As Obar tells how to attack the Turks, Sayina stops him. Sayina tells her plan of attack and says that Obar will follow this plan. Obar goes to Sayina’s place and starts preparing barrels full of explosives. Alpagu and his soldiers find Itbaraks. Obar begins to attack the Turks, but Kaya comes to the battlefield with the help of the tribes. Alpagu wins the battle and congratulates his soldiers. Meanwhile, a soldier arrives and tells him that more Itbaraks are coming.

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Destan Episode 27 English Subtitles HD 1080

Destan Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080


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