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In Destan Episode 28, Akkiz and her friends set a trap on the road to stop Itbaraks. Batuga asks his friends to be careful and checks the explosives. Meanwhile, some Itbarak soldiers arrive. Akkiz’s spies make a plan to attack Obar and wait for the right time to come. Obar wants to talk to the wise woman, but cannot find her. One of the soldiers says that they must make a sacrifice to the god and convinces Obar. Akkiz tells Khan that the explosives are ready. Alpagu says he regrets that he killed Akkiz’s father years ago. Akkiz listens to Alpagu and believes what he says. Alpagu goes to the trap place with his soldiers the next morning and waits for the Itbaraks to arrive. Kaya apologizes to Batuga for what he did before and says that he will work with him from now on.

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Batuga believes his brother’s words and agrees to fight alongside him. Akkiz sees the Itbaraks approaching and waits for the barrels to explode. Alpagu says the right time has come and orders Akkiz to attack. Akkiz detonates barrels of gunpowder with a flaming arrow. While Obar asks his soldiers to prepare for the attack, he learns of the Turks’ attack and gets very angry. Itbaraks take action to defend the western khanate and set up a barricade in front of the gate. Akkiz’s spy realizes that this situation will harm the Turks and takes action to stop Obar. Alpagu begins to advance towards the western khanate with all his soldiers. A short time later, the Turks try to break the door. Akkiz’s spy attacks Obar’s soldiers. Alpagu enters after the door is broken and starts killing Itbaraks.

Colpan sees that Akkiz’s spy’s life is in danger and saves her. Obar is wounded during the battle and begins to flee. Temur goes to the tent where the prisoners are, but cannot find the Chinese ambassador there. The Turks kill the Itbaraks and take back the western khanate. Alpagu then returns to the palace and tells the good news to everyone. All the people are very happy with this news. Alpagu says that Batuga will marry Akkiz soon and invites everyone to the celebrations. Batuga is very happy with what his father said and asks him to judge the criminals after the wedding. Alpagu promises his son that he will initiate the supreme court. Alpagu goes to his room to rest and starts talking to his sons. Alpagu talks about recent events and wants his sons to support each other no matter what. Temur says he wants to attack China, but Alpagu does not allow him.

Batuga goes to talk to Colpan that night. Colpan says she will attend the wedding celebrations first and then tell the court about her crimes. Batuga worries about his aunt but accepts what she says so that the truth will come out. Ece secretly talks to Kaya and says she is worried about the court. Kaya says that what his mother did was wrong and that he doesn’t trust her. Ece says she will help Kaya take the throne and convinces her son. Temur says he knows Mei is a traitor. Mei denies all the accusations and repeatedly says she is innocent. Temur does not believe his wife and says he will reveal everything she has done. Obar goes to a cave with some of his soldiers and tries to treat his wound. Kircicek talks to Kaya and says she is upset about recent events. Kaya asks his wife to stay in the palace.

A soldier goes to Mei’s room and knocks her out. Ece then starts talking to Mei and says she knows everything she did. Mei does not believe what Ece says. Ece continues to talk and asks Mei to lie to the court. Seeing that Ece caught the Chinese ambassador, Mei accepts her offer. The next morning, Batuga presents a dress of his mother to Akkiz. Akkiz is very happy with this gift and thanks Batuga. Mei goes to the dungeon of the palace with Ece. Mei persuades her imprisoned maid to lie in court. Kam talks to Batuga and Akkiz. Obar realizes that his soldiers are restless and agrees to save the princess to calm them down.

Colpan sees Temur upset and tries to calm him down. Temur says he still misses Tutkun. Batuga goes to a big tree with Akkiz. Alpagu says that Batuga will marry Akkiz under this big tree. Batuga frees his horse and leaps over the fire. Obar learns that the Turks are celebrating a wedding and makes a plan to use the opportunity. Everyone who comes to the wedding jumps over the fire and then returns to the palace. Akkiz remembers the dream she had years ago and realizes that what her father said is true. Celebrations begin at the palace and Kam prays for the new couple. Temur says his brother deserves to be happy. Alpagu says he wants to give a gift to his son and gives him the task of managing the western khanate.

Gunseli says that her father will not like this decision at all. After Colpan finishes her meal, she reminds everyone of Alpagu’s promise and says that the court must be established now. Alpagu goes to the throne room after dinner and orders the trial to begin. By order of Alpagu, Danis becomes the judge of the court and begins to ask Colpan questions. Colpan confesses to her crimes one by one. Danis says Colpan is guilty but will be forgiven for supporting Khan in the war. Obar orders his soldiers to attack the palace. Itbaraks secretly finds the tunnel leading to the palace and goes inside. Danis then begins to question Ece and shows the evidence proving her crimes. Ece denies all the crimes and says she is innocent. Kaya changes his confession and says his mother is innocent. A short time later, Mei’s maid arrives and says she is to blame for everything. As the trial continues, the Itbaraks attack Khan.

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