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In Destan Episode 3, The shaman woman begins to perform a ritual by the river. Ece prays to God and asks questions about Batuga’s marriage. Akkiz shoots fiery arrows at the tents and starts a fire. The soldiers panic and try to protect Alpagu. Akkiz fires two more arrows and shoots Alpagu in the chest. While Batuga is trying to help his father, he sees Akkiz from afar. One of the soldiers shoots Akkiz in the arm. Akkiz starts to run away from the soldiers. The next day, Balamir finds out what happened to Alpagu and gets everyone out of his tent. Balamir prays to God to seize the throne and soon sets off. The soldiers immediately bring Alpagu to the palace the next morning. The palace doctor takes out the arrows from Alpagu’s body one by one and closes his wound. The doctor says Alpagu lost a lot of blood and they can do nothing but wait.

Ece is very upset about this situation and starts to wait with her husband. Saltuk says he will find that archer no matter what. Kirac says he saw the archer’s face. Akkiz and her friends happily return to the tribe. While Colpan punishes a criminal, Akkiz brings the spoils she has captured. Akkiz tells Colpan that she shot Alpagu in the chest. Colpan is very angry at this situation and says that Akkiz made a big mistake. When Kaya is about to sit on his father’s throne, Temur comes and stops him. Temur says Alpagu is not dead yet. Colpan goes to his father’s grave and tells him that Alpagu is dead. Meanwhile, Saltuk comes and says that Alpagu is not dead yet. Saltuk says that this situation is very suitable for getting Tutkun into the palace.

Colpan immediately comes up with a plan. The next morning, Gok soldiers come to the tribe and attack everyone. Saltuk asks Colpan for the archer and begins to implement the secret plan. Saltuk takes a woman and returns to the palace. Although this woman is innocent, Saltuk says that she is the archer they are looking for. Temur and Kaya believe that this woman is guilty. Akkiz and other women of the tribe are taken captive. Ece tells her daughter-in-law how she met Alpagu. Kaya tells his mother that Saltuk has caught the criminal they are looking for. Balamir sets out and comes to the capital with his army. Kaya, Temur, and Ece are uncomfortable with this situation. Ece says she will only let Balamir enter the palace. Balamir asks his army to wait outside the city.

Balamir secretly sends a message to a commander asking him to attack the city after Alpagu dies. After Alpagu’s possible death, Mei asks Temur to take the throne and says that the Chinese emperor will support him. Mei then secretly sends a message to her father. Balamir and his daughter go straight to Alpagu’s room. Balamir asks how his brother is doing. New captives from the Dag tribe arrive in the city. After everyone leaves Alpagu’s room, Kircicek says that she dropped her ring in the room and goes back inside. Kircicek pours poison on Alpagu’s wound and immediately leaves. Ece says Kamkadin will hold a ceremony at noon. Balamir realizes that Alpagu is going to die and begins to wait calmly. Kircicek secretly tells Batuga that Kamkadin cannot do anything because she has already poisoned Alpagu. Batuga immediately goes to his father’s room.

Batuga looks after his father’s wound and tries to clean it up. Batuga speaks for the first time in years and says that he has not forgotten what happened to him. Batuga says he pretended to lose his mind to get his revenge and is waiting for the right time to come. Batuga says he saved his father despite the feeling of revenge and leaves the room. Batuga then opens a secret door and starts walking through the passages of the palace. Batuda then starts painting his father on the wall. Sirma starts crying and shouting on the way to the palace. Akkiz calms her down and says they will be free again soon. Batuga encounters Akkiz while leaving the palace. Akkiz says I wish Batuga had a mind. Meanwhile, Kirac comes and notices the wound on Akkiz’s arm. Kirac realizes that Akkiz is the archer they are looking for and decides to take her to the dungeon in the palace.

Batuga begins to follow Akkiz. Kamkadin initiates the ritual for Alpagu’s healing. The soldiers bring Alpagu’s body to the palace garden. Akkiz sees that Alpagu is about to die. Kirac says he will keep Akkiz in the dungeon until the end of the ritual and starts asking her questions. Akkiz asks Kirac for a sword and says she will fight him. When Kirac is about to attack Akkiz, Batuga comes. Akkiz and Batuga knock out Kirac. Batuga ties Kirac’s hands with ropes and says what Akkiz did was a huge mistake. Akkiz realizes that Batuga can actually speak and starts talking to him. Akkiz tries to break the chains but fails. Mei asks about Kamkadin’s ritual. Kamkadin says ritual and sacrifices are insufficient. Kamkadin then tells her that she needs the blood of the dynasty members.

Ece is upset that the ritual didn’t work. Akkiz says that Batuga is the reason why she couldn’t kill Alpagu and gets angry with him once again. Kamkadin cuts off Temur’s hand first and then Kaya’s hand. Kamkadin then says she needs another person, Balamir says he has dynastic blood, but Kamkadin does not accept him. Temur realizes that he has to bring Batuga and starts looking for him. Temur then asks the soldiers where Batuga is. Meanwhile, Kirac wakes up and attacks Batuga. Temur sees this attack. Akkiz helps Batuga and kills Kirac. Temur asks what happened and starts to listen to Akkiz. Temur thanks Akkiz for saving his brother. Temur then talks to the other soldiers and orders them not to make the mistake Kirac did. Temur then takes Batuga to the ritual place. Kamkadin also cuts off Batuga’s hand.

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