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In Destan Episode 6, When Akkiz is about to kill Alpagu, Batuga stops her. Batuga says if Khan dies there will be a great war. Temur wants to check his father’s room after the rats in the corridors of the palace are killed. Batuga secretly takes Akkiz out of the room. While Tutkun and Sirma are talking about the attack on Alpagu, Kircicek’s maid hears them. The maid tells Kircicek what she heard immediately. Kircicek talks to her father the next day. Akkiz gets angry with Batuga once again. Batuga says he will never let Akkiz kill Khan. Batuga then takes Akkiz to the throne room and tells her what happened to him years ago. Akkiz starts crying and asks Batuga why he didn’t destroy the throne. Batuga says he did everything for his country. Akkiz realizes that Batuga is a double-headed wolf and will unite all Turks.

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After checking the condition of Khan, Balamir takes Akkiz to the garden of the palace and attacks her. Akkiz defends herself and Temur saves her. Akkiz then says that Batuga will fix everything and therefore will obey him. Balamir wants to question Colpan once more, so he goes back to the mountain. Balamir sends a message to the palace and says that he will bring Colpan soon. After working for a while to reopen the entrance of the tunnel, Akkiz goes to the garden of the palace again. Ece once again prays to God and asks him to heal Khan. Akkiz asks Batuga about the news that came with the pigeon years ago. Akkiz says that the Dag tribe never used pigeons and they use hawks. Batuga realizes that someone has set a trap for his mother.

Batuga and Akkiz start to wonder who sent a message with a pigeon years ago. Alpagu once again dreams of Tilsim. When Alpagu opens his eyes, he sees Batuga in the room and tells him about his dream. Batuga then sneaks Akkiz out of the room and begins to read the message Balamir found years ago. Akkiz says that the person who wrote this message knows Alpagu very well. Ece goes to Alpagu’s room and tries to cheer him up. Akkiz and Batuga make a plan to ask Khan some questions. Batuga asks Akkiz to sing a song. While Alpagu is having dinner with his family, Akkiz begins to sing a song in the corridor of the palace. Alpagu immediately orders the capture of Akkiz and asks her where she learned this song.

Akkiz says she learned this song from Tilsim years ago. Alpagu forbids this song and orders Akkiz to be sent to the dungeon. Temur stops his father and says they owe this girl. Alpagu refuses to send Akkiz to the dungeon. Balamir comes to the palace with Colpan and immediately orders the capture of Akkiz. Balamir goes to Alpagu’s room and orders all the slaves to be brought. Balamir claims that Colpan and Akkiz tried to kill Khan. Alpagu asks Akkiz questions. While Kircicek is trying to find her maid, Batuga secretly threatens her. Soon after, Kircicek goes to Khan’s room with her maid. The maid says nobody tried to kill Khan. Akkiz says that she was in the dungeon all night and then Balamir attacked her. Balamir gets angry with the maid and tells that she is lying. Alpagu says Colpan and Akkiz are innocent.

Akkiz says that these accusations damage her honor and asks Khan’s permission to participate in the arrow competition. Kircicek poisons her maid to hide her guilt. Akkiz hits the target in front of Khan to prove what a skilled archer she is. Alpagu allows Akkiz to participate in the competition. Ece asks Calayir not to take Akkiz to the competition. The Hatuns come to the palace. Mei steps on Turkun’s fingers and breaks them. Temur gets angry with his wife and asks Tutkun to go to the doctor. Ece takes medicine to stop Alpagu’s dreams. Temur then goes to his mother’s room and asks her not to take Kaya for a second wife. Ece says she is in a position to do whatever she wants. Temur says he feels sorry for Gunseli, but Ece says that his son loves the slave.

Ece says she will do everything for the future of the state. Temur then talks to Tutkun. Akkiz realizes that Calayir is working for Colpan and asks him to take her to the competition. Colpan learns what happened to Saltuk and asks Calayir to keep Akkiz in the palace no matter what. Alpagu says he wants to go to the festival, but Ece tries to stop him. The doctor says that Alpagu’s shoulder is getting worse and that’s why they had to cut off his arm. Ece kills the doctor and says she will hide this information from everyone. Tutkun helps Calayir to keep Akkiz in the palace. Mei takes Tutkun to her room and says she will have tea with him. Calayir talks to Ilay and provokes her against Akkiz. Tutkun tells Mei that she doesn’t like Temur and that she did everything to get Kaya’s attention. Calayir goes to the kitchen and chooses the slaves to go to the festival.

Yibek takes Akkiz and says she will give her a dress. Yibek then asks Akkiz to clean the floors. Akkiz takes a bucket from Ilay. When Akkiz puts his hands in the water in the bucket, her hands are damaged. Batuga tries to heal Akkiz’s hands and asks her to calm down. Alpagu and his family go to the place of celebration. Alpagu talks to the guests who came to the ceremony and thanks them. Alpagu then shoots an arrow to start the feast, despite being injured in his arm. Temur then trains with the soldiers and the archery competition begins. Alpagu sees what a skilled archer Yaman is and invites him to the hunt that will be done later. Batuga secretly talks to Yaman. Yaman is very surprised to see Batuga talking and says he will find the strong men he wants. One of the children who came to the palace says that the dead woman is not the claw of the double-headed wolf, and Balamir hears this.

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