Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 Synopsis

Before approaching winter, the Kayi tribe was again on way in search of land. All wandered Kayi’s were invaded by Mongol and endured many damages at the starting of the Ertugrul second season. Kayi tribe took protection in the Dodurga Obasi due to the following attacks. Mongol Baycu Noyan caught the Ertugrul. Where Kayi tribe was grief on their losses, at the same time they were also thankful to the heartiness of the Dodurga. Ertugrul tried to get back to his land after escaping from Noyan in Anatolia, but he came to know that there were also many traitors in Oba. When Ertugrul tried to expose the double-crosser, unluckily he was fallen in a tangle. During this, he found a visit place that was in hiding away. Gumustekin Bey and Korkut Bey ‘s brother wished to examine Ertugrul.

An old Kayi Alp came out on the way to meet Deli Demir and Halime Hatun, who migrated to Konya. Sungur Tekin, who was the son of Suleyman Shah considered as dead for many years, in certain an informer of Sultan Aladdin, who was fixed by Mongol Army. Sungurtekin was captured by Sadddettin Kopek. He wanted to get back Ertugrul with Gundogdu to use Sungur Tekin as a detective from Noyan.

In getting freedom from Noyan, Ertugrul and his followers assaulted on Noyan and kill him. During this Sungur Tekin was gravely harmed. Ertugrul planned to go to take Kayi Oba towards Bilecik, he came to know that he was not selected for Bey title, he took his Bey and followed him to go to Westwards and broke down from his brothers.  At last Hayme and Ertugrul reached on Bilecik together while Gundogdu and Sungurtekin were left there at the last of the show. Ertugrul took responsibility to take Kayi for migration.

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