Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 10 (10 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 10 (10 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 9 Review

Alisar Bey and his soldiers come to Kayi plain and want to arrest Osman Bey. This event increases the tension in the Kayi plain. Gunduz Bey and Selcan Hatun object to this. Alisar Bey tells what he learned in the castle, but Dundar Bey does not deliver Osman Bey to him. Meanwhile, there is a debate between the soldiers and the soldiers of Alisar Bey outside the tent. Alisar Bey says it will be a fair trial, but Osman Bey says he wants to talk to Sophia face to face. Later, Osman Bey delivers his sword and goes with Alisar Bey. Sheikh Edebali tells a story about Hazrat Hamzah and Bala Hatun listens to it. Salvador says he wants to be a Muslim, but Bamsi Alp does not believe him. Salvador says that if Bamsi Alp does not kill him, he will be his son until the end of his life. Princess Sophia is still angry and together with Yannis, they make revenge plans. Samsa Bey and the Alps take Osman Bey from the soldiers of Alisar Bey. Salvador tells Shadada and becomes a Muslim. Osman Bey and his Alps plan to seize the gold that will come from Konya to Alisar Bey.

Alisar Bey and his soldiers go to talk to Sheikh Edebali and ask questions about the events that happened the night before. Osman Bey and the Alps are surprised when they see Salvador’s ablution in the cave. Bamsi Alp calms everyone. Alisar Bey talks about the death of Commander Kalanoz, but Sheikh Edebali defends Osman Bey. After leaving Sheikh Edebali’s shop, Alisar Bey learns that Osman Bey has fled. Hearing these, Bala Hatun goes to her father and asks about Osman. Sheikh Edebali tells Bala Hatun to keep calm and not get involved. Princess Sophia goes to Alisar Bey’s mansion and talks about Osman Bey. Meanwhile, Osman Bey and the Alps come to the mansion of Alisar Bey. Osman Bey says that he trusts Alisar Bey’s justice and surrenders. Princess Sophia says she doesn’t know Salvador, but Osman Bey tells all the facts. Salvador says he knows where the gold is that they took from the market and will return it. Princess Sophia tries to get out of the mansion, but Alisar Bey and Osman Bey do not allow this.

The soldiers of Osman Bey disguised and went to the caravanserai. Princess Sophia says that Salvador is lying, but Osman Bey tells of Princess Sophia’s crimes one by one. Alisar Bey sends Princess Sophia to the dungeon. Osman Bey asks permission from Alisar Bey for Salvador to bring the gold back. Bamsi Alp and Salvador set out to get gold. Samsa Bey and the Alps kill the Mongols and capture the gold in the caravanserai. Osman Bey talks about Princess Sophia and Efendi Yannis. Alisar Bey knows that Osman Bey loves Bala Hatun and asks what he will do about it. Princess Sophia loses herself in the dungeon. Meanwhile, Alisar Bey learns what happened to the Mongols and gold in the caravanserai. Efendi Yannis learns that Princess Sophia is in the dungeon and gets angry. A messenger from the caravanserai tells that Osman Bey’s soldiers are stealing gold. Alisar Bey takes his soldiers and goes to the caravanserai. Efendi Yannis is dressed as an astrologer and goes to Alisar Bey.

The dinner that comes to Princess Sophia includes a knife and a message. Princess Sophia takes the knife and starts waiting. The mute and deaf beggar who lives in the caravanserai draws the flag of Kayi. Alisar Bey understands that the culprit are Kayis. Alisar Bey gives a purse of gold to the astrologer and the astrologer talks about the future of Alisar Bey. Princess Sophia fights with the guards in the dungeon and kills them. Aygul goes to the market and talks to Bala Hatun. With the help of Nizamettin, Princess Sophia leaves the mansion. Osman Bey sends an Alp to summon Bala Hatun to him. Despite what her father said, Bala Hatun goes to see Osman Bey. Bala Hatun asks what is going on. Osman Bey tells what happened to Princess Sophia and that Alisar Bey is unreliable. Osman Bey gives Bala Hatun a gift. Bala Hatun says that she does not want her father to meet him and asks Osman Bey not to call her again. Princess Sophia comes back to the castle and asks how to stop Alisar Bey. Efendi Yannis disguised as an astrologer and says he will influence Alisar Bey. Bala Hatun comes to her father and wants to explain what Osman Bey did. Sheikh Edebali does not approve of his daughter’s actions and sends his daughter to realize her mistake.

Osman Bey and the Alps come back to the plain and talk about the sunnah of Salvador. Bamsi Bey changes Salvador’s name to Abu Bakr Siddiq. Osman Bey decided to distribute the gold from Mongols to the poor. Boran Alp sings after dinner. Bala Hatun is very upset because she does not listen to her father’s word. Alisar Bey learns that Princess Sophia has fled and questions his soldiers. Nobody can explain how Princess Sophia escaped. Later, Alisar Bey remembers what the astrologer said and orders his soldiers to bring him to the mansion. Dundar Bey does not want Aygul to marry Alisar Bey and plans to bring a new order to the plain at the meeting to be held the next day. Osman Bey and Selcan Hatun talk about Aygul’s marriage decision and think about how they can change it. Osman Bey believes that Sheikh Edebali will change his mind one day and will wait for Bala Hatun. Dundar Bey begins to speak at the meeting and distributes the tasks in the plain. Gunduz Bey will be responsible for the commercial and monetary affairs of the plain. Batur Alp will be the head of the Alps. And Osman Bey will be Dundar Bey’s deputy chief. Alisar Bey gives his men gold and asks them to kill the Kayi where they see them.

Gunduz Bey prepares to go to the market and sets off. Meanwhile, Samsa Bey and the other Alps distribute the gold they receive from the Mongols to the poor. Osman Bey takes his horse and goes to a tree. Osman Bey tells his secret to his horse and says that when the time comes, he will bring justice to the world without giving up the words of Allah. Alisar Bey once again visits Sheikh Edebali in his shop. Alisar Bey offers a partnership to Sheikh Edebali. Osman Bey returns to the plain and talks to Dundar Bey about the future of the plain. Dundar Bey says he will not give Aygul to Alisar Bey. Sheikh Edebali asks what Alisar Bey wants for this partnership. Alisar Bey says he wants to marry Bala Hatun. Dundar Bey tells that he promised to Alisar Bey and says that he wants to give Aygul to Osman Bey for the future of the Kayi plain. Gunduz Bey and the Alps stop by a river to rest. Meanwhile, soldiers sent by Alisar Bey suddenly attack Gunduz Bey and injure him seriously.

After the soldiers fled, the Alps brought Gunduz Bey back to the plain. Zohre Hatun comes to Selcan Hatun and tells that Aygul should marry Osman Bey in order to be saved. When Osman Bey responds to Dundar’s offer, he learns that his brother, Gunduz Bey, came to the plain with injuries. Gunduz Bey is seriously injured and everyone thinks he is dead. Sheikh Edebali says that his daughter Bala is not suitable for Alisar Bey and does not approve of this marriage. Zohre Hatun says that Gunduz Bey is not dead and removes the arrows on his body. Batur Alp says that the castle did this, but Osman Bey objects to this. Osman Bey understands what Alisar Bey did and set out to ambush.

Kurulus Osman Episode 10 with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitle

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