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Kurulus Osman Episode 103 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 103, Olof attacks Sarkis, but Osman stops him. Ofelia escapes from the arena while Osman fights Olof. Kantakuzenos takes out the arrow from his shoulder and says that Oktem is responsible for this attack. Turgut stops everyone and says that only the court will decide on this issue. When the war between the Byzantine soldiers and the Turks is about to break out, Turgut stops Oktem again. Bengi asks her husband to attack. The Emperor’s commander arrives in the arena and stops the battle. The Commander tells that the Emperor has summoned Osman and Olof. Olof does not believe that the Emperor is not in good health. Oktem calms the soldiers of the tribe and prevents a great war from breaking out. Meanwhile, Boran comes and says that Osman’s soldiers surrounded the tribe. Oktem thinks for a while and then agrees to surrender.

Turgut says Oktem made the right decision and prepares to take him to Yenisehir. Bengi objects to the arrest of her husband, but once again Oktem calms the tribe. Olof says he will take revenge on Osman and kill Ofelia as he moves through the corridors of the palace. Osman warns Olof once again and asks him to be careful. Sarkis takes Ofelia to a secret room in the palace and tells her that the Emperor is still alive. Osman goes to the throne room and starts to wonder if Ofelia is a traitor. Olof tells that Osman has a secret plan and that Ofelia escaped because of him. Osman says that he will seize Ofelia and that he will get information about Frigg. The Emperor begins to suspect Osman, but wants him to stay in the palace that night.

Turgut sets out with Kantakuzenos and tells him that he needs a doctor. Bengi warns Turgut and says that Osman’s justice should not make mistakes. After Olof leaves the throne room, he apologizes to Osman. Osman realizes that Olof is lying and says the culprits will come out soon. Kumral tells him that Olof has a secret plan. Malhun orders the guesthouse to be prepared and summons healers for Kantakuzenos. Marta sees those who come to Osman’s mansion and realizes that something is wrong. Osman then talks to Konur and tries to learn about the trap places in the palace. Later, other Turkish spies in the palace come and say that they are waiting for Osman’s orders. Boran takes Oktem to the dungeon. Ulgen notices the scar on Aktemur’s shoulder and asks who did it. While Aktemur is describing what Alcicek has done, Bala comes. Bala says that Aktemur’s actions are wrong and he should do his duty better.

Aisha arrives shortly after and starts to get angry with her son. Aktemur tries to explain what happened, but Aisha asks her son to stay away from Alcicek. Osman says that Olof will make an attack that night and tells his plan to his friends. Bengi gathers the Beys from the tribe and says that if Osman makes a mistake, they will make an attack to take back Oktem. Alcicek tries to calm her mother after the meeting, but fails. Bayindir says that there will be a big problem between the Turks soon and starts planning how to earn more gold. Malhun goes to Oktem’s tribe and asks Bengi not to do anything bad. Bengi says she doesn’t trust Osman anymore.

After Osman leaves his room, Olof’s soldiers begin to secretly follow him. As Olof is about to launch the attack, the commander comes and tells him that the Emperor has summoned him. Olof goes to the Emperor’s room and says that Osman is responsible for everything. The Emperor tells that he does not trust Osman and will give soldiers to Olof to capture Ofelia. Osman catches one of the attackers and starts asking him questions. The next morning, Osman goes to talk to the Emperor. The Emperor says that Olof will enter the territory of the Turks and they will capture Ofelia. Osman does not accept this offer at first but later accepts it in return for the opening of a Turkish embassy in Constantinople. Marta goes to talk to Kantakuzenos and asks him what is going on. Sarkis asks Ofelia to go to Yenisehir. Although Ofelia does not trust the Turks, she accepts this offer to save her life.

While Osman is returning to Yenisehir with his soldiers, Viking soldiers begin to attack. Bala comes to help her husband and stabs the masked woman in the arm. Bala thinks this woman is Marta, but cannot catch her. Bayindir continues to think about Oktem’s chest full of gold from his tribe and realizes that that chest will go to Constantinople. Bengi goes to Yenisehir with her daughter and tries to learn about her husband’s situation. Aktemur warns Alcicek once again. Osman returns to the city and immediately visits Kantakuzenos. Osman says he will tell what happened in Constantinople and the court will soon solve all the problems. Marta realizes that Bala will do something dangerous and immediately leaves the city. Aktemur and Bala begin to secretly follow Marta. Kantakuzenos says that Oktem’s guilt is clear. Dursun says it is too early to make a decision and that everything should be thoroughly investigated.

Oktem says he will accept the decision of the court. Kantakuzenos gets very angry. Osman says that Olof will kill Kantakuzenos and begins to tell him what happened in the palace. Marta sneaks out of the carriage and knocks out Alcicek. As Aktemur wanders through the forest to warn Alcicek again, Marta injures him. Marta then returns to the carriage. Bala stops Marta but cannot prove her guilt. Kantakuzenos agrees to stay in Osman’s mansion to save his life. Osman then talks to Kumral and finds out where Olof is. Bala sees Aktemur injured and immediately takes him back to Yenisehir. When Alcicek wakes up, she sees that she has a bow in her hand and starts to say that she is innocent. Bala sends Alcicek to the dungeon. Aisha sees her son is seriously injured and tries to help him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 103 (Season 4 Episode 5) with English, Urdu & Spanish Subtitles

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