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Kurulus Osman Episode 110 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 111, Samagar comes out of the dungeon and starts looking for Osman in the forest. Osman continues to move forward with Mesut and tells him his plan. Sultan learns that Mesut has escaped and asks his Vizier to prepare an army immediately. Samagar continues to follow the tracks in the forest. Osman tells him what Ismihan did in the border region and asks for Mesut’s support. Mesut says he will support Osman as soon as he gets the throne back. Samagar starts attacking with poisoned arrows and shoots Mesut. Osman realizes that this situation is very dangerous and says that they will withdraw slowly. Malhun starts to distribute the supplies she brought from the cave in the market. Bala allows Bengi to help, but Malhun objects to this. Bala starts arguing with Malhun. Ismihan gets angry with Frigg and says that the Vikings failed.

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Bala says she doesn’t want to talk to Malhun anymore and goes to the lodge. Osman tries to take Mesut to a safe place. The Alps briefly fight the Mongols and then begin to retreat. Sheikh visits Turgut once again and tells him a story. Osman realizes that Mesut has been poisoned and asks his soldiers to prepare an antidote. Ismihan learns that Osman is still alive and even kidnaps Mesut. While Ismihan is making a plan to take revenge on Osman, Bengi comes. Bengi says that Bala had an argument with Malhun and that Esma started working as a spy in the mansion. Ismihan likes this situation very much and thinks that she will get Bala to her side soon. While Bala was going to the lodge, Ismihan stopped her and said that she would be happy to listen to her problems.

Osman puts the antidote prepared by the soldier on Mesut’s wound and begins to wait. Mesut opens his eyes after a while and asks what happened in the forest. Osman says he will save Mesut’s life no matter what. Mesut says that Ismihan has a seal and how important it is. Osman makes a plan to seize this seal. Olof’s soldiers are angry that they have lost the caves, but they can’t do anything about it. Turgut thinks about the things he talked to Osman before and tries to make a decision about what he wants to do in the future. Ismihan goes to the dungeon and starts talking to Konur. Ismihan says that Osman does not care about Konur. Konur doesn’t believe what Ismihhan says and says he will never tell Osman’s secrets. A short time later, Frigg comes and says she will torture Konur.

Sheikh comes to the cave where Osman is hiding and says he will secretly take Mesut to the dervish lodge. Osman talks to Bala and asks her to seize Ismihan’s seal. Turgut calls the Beys back to his castle that night. Turgut talks about their previous attack and says that he wants to fight against the infidels together from now on. The Beys immediately accept Turgut’s offer. Osman suddenly comes to Inegol and starts talking to Turgut. Bala comes back to the mansion and starts talking to Malhun. Esma understands that everything is a game, but does not say anything to Bengi. Osman once again criticizes Turgut and then asks him to attack the Mongols. Turgut understands Osman’s attack plan and agrees to help him kill Samagar. Turgut immediately takes action and goes to talk to Ismihan.

Turgut says it is wrong for Ismihan to work with Olof and asks her for a lot of horses. Ismihan asks Turgut to give information in return for the horses. Turgut tells her where Mesut is hiding and takes a lot of horses from Ismihan. Ismihan is very happy with this situation and immediately sends a message to Samagar to kill Mesut. Samagar goes to the place he learned from Ismihan and starts to attack. Osman’s soldiers emerge from their hiding place and trap the Mongols. Osman soon destroys the Mongol army and begins to follow Samagar. Bayindir watches the war from afar and tries to decide who to support. Ismihan invites important women to dinner. Bala puts medicine in Ismihan’s food and makes her sleep suddenly. While Bengi is trying to wake up Ismihan, Bala steals the seal.

Turgut comes to help Osman. Osman captures Samagar after a while and executes him in the forest. While Abdal tries to heal Ismihan, Bala leaves the building with the seal. Bengi talks to Esma and realizes that everything is a game. Bengi tells Ismihan that Bala is lying. Bayindir realizes that the Mongols will lose the war and decides to support Osman. Osman does not believe what Bayindir says and asks him to prove his loyalty. Bayindir agrees to save Konur from the dungeon. Bala goes to Osman with the seal she stole. Osman writes new orders using this seal. Frigg continues to torture Konur but cannot make him talk. Ismihan learns that Osman killed Samagar and says Konur should speak as soon as possible. Osman goes to the castle with the order he has prepared.

When Olof is about to attack Osman, the soldiers stop him. Osman shows Ismihan’s seal and asks Olof to leave the castle. Thanks to the seal, Osman gets his castles back in a short time. Sheikh drives a carriage full of apples and finally brings Mesut to the city. Olof says he will avenge Osman and goes to talk to Ismihan. Abdal tells a story to Osman’s children and asks them to always be careful. Turgut talks to Osman once again that night and says he will help him no matter what. Osman says that Turgut’s actions will not be forgiven and asks him to return to his castle. After listening to Olof, Ismihan understands everything and says that she will attack the lodge with a large army. Sultan learns that Osman killed Samagar and asks his Vizier to prepare the soldiers immediately. While having dinner with his family, Osman learns that Ismihan attacked the lodge.

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