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Kurulus Osman Episode 113 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 113, Osman brings Mesut to the castle, but Ismihan does not change her decision. Osman saves Sheikh and Bala. Osman’s spies appear and point their arrows at Ismihan. Osman says that Ismihan and everyone who supports her will soon regret it. Ismihan calls Olof and says he will kill Osman. Osman says he will never give up and asks Ismihan for permission to leave the castle. Ismihan says Osman will not go anywhere. Together with Kantakuzenos, Sultan finally comes to the castle and stops everyone. Kumral makes some medicines to heal the people in the city, but without success. Malhun says she will find the source of the poison and asks the soldiers to search Marta’s shop. The Sultan stops his soldiers and orders the arrest of the Alps.

Osman allows the Alps to be arrested. Sultan says Sheikh will be free and asks Osman to go to the dungeon. Osman says he is innocent. Kantakuzenos says that Osman committed many crimes against Byzantium and wants to take him to his own court. Sultan immediately rejects the offer of Kantakuzenos and says that he will judge Osman in the Seljuk court. Osman starts walking toward the dungeon with his wife without causing any more trouble. While Ismihan is entering, Bengi comes and starts shouting. Ismihan says she wants to talk to Bengi privately. Aisha says she couldn’t find anything in Marta’s shop. Bengi starts to get angry with Ismihan and asks her why she brought Olof. Ismihan says that she controls Olof and will use him to kill Osman. Bengi calms down a bit and says she will wait for a while.

While going to the dungeon with Bala, Osman sees Bayindir. Bayindir says that Osman always does wrong things. Osman says he has never left the right path, but Bayindir will soon lose. Kantakuzenos goes to the forest and begins to explain his plan to Olof. Olof says the Emperor must die, but cannot convince Kantakuzenos. Kantakuzenos says he will kidnap Osman to seize the holy cross. Ismihan comes to the forest after a short time. Sultan starts talking to Sheikh and apologizes to him for what his mother did. Sultan asks Sheikh to stay in the castle and says he will take Aladdin to Konya. Sheikh rejects Sultan’s offer and says that Aladdin will not go anywhere without Osman’s permission. After the Sheikh leaves the castle, the Vizier begins to speak and says that he is guilty too. Sultan tells that he will not do anything to Sheikh for now so as not to anger the Turks on the border. Osman prays for a long time in the dungeon and asks Allah for help once again.

Osman says Ismihan has another plan. Later, a soldier comes to the dungeon and says that the Sultan summoned Osman. Kantakuzenos says that the decision of the Sultan was wrong and he has to kidnap Osman. Ismihan calms Kantakuzenos and says she will help him. Kantakuzenos agrees to sneak into the castle with Olof at night. Sultan says that Osman’s crimes are known to everyone and that the court will kill him. Osman says that Konya is getting weaker and that the Sultan is just trying to hide the truth. Sultan says he will take Aladdin to Konya after Osman is executed. Osman immediately objects to the Sultan and says that no one can take Aladdin by force. Sheikh returns to the city and tells what happened in the castle to Malhun. Malhun asks her sons to protect the city and says she will make a plan to save Osman.

Ismihan goes to talk to Sultan and says that what he has done is very right. A short time later, Malhun comes and says she wants to know about her husband’s condition. Kantakuzenos enters the castle with Olof and starts to move toward the dungeon. Ismihan says Malhun is also guilty. Malhun objects to all the accusations but cannot learn anything about Osman. Alcicek secretly goes to the dungeon and saves Aktemur. Aktemur then goes to save his friends. Cerkutay and Boran also manage to sneak into the castle. Kantakuzenos catches Bala and says he will take Osman out of the castle. Aktemur cannot see anyone in the dungeon and realizes that someone has already kidnapped Osman. Kumral goes to Marta’s rented warehouse and finds the source of the disease.

Ismihan goes to the dungeon with Bayindir. Bengi says Osman escaped and takes action to look for him. Ismihan stops everyone and says that Kantakuzenos kidnapped Osman. Ismihan says that everyone will think that Osman escaped alone and that he will be announced as a rebel. Malhun says she will find Osman soon. Kantakuzenos tells Osman to tell him where the cross is or Bala will die. Frigg begins to torture Bala, but Osman does not speak. Kantakuzenos finally persuades Osman and learns the location of the holy cross. After Kantakuzenos comes out of the cave, Osman neutralizes Olof and starts to run away with his wife. Sultan learns that Osman killed the soldiers in the dungeon and secretly escaped. Ismihan goes to the city and asks Malhun to return to the tribe. Malhun realizes that she has no other choice and goes to the tribe with her family.

Turgut saves Mesut with Osman’s sons. Olof begins to follow Osman, but cannot catch him. Kantakuzenos goes to the place Osman tells and starts talking to the shepherd there. Osman’s soldiers attack Olof first and then Kantakuzenos. Osman stops Kantakuzenos and says he will regret it. Kantakuzenos says that the Byzantine soldiers will throw the Turks out of Anatolia no matter what. Osman says that he will spread the flag of Islam everywhere and executes Kantakuzenos. While Ismihan thinks that Osman is dead, she learns that Kantakouzenos is dead. Osman eventually goes to the tribe and reunites with his family. Turgut apologizes to Osman for what he has done and says that he will not make a mistake again. Kumral gives the antidote to Konur. Olof tells that he will get help from someone else to kill Osman. Ismihan makes a new plan and says she will support Osman now. Osman starts to eat with his family that night and says that he will establish a state soon.

Kurulus Osman Episode 113 (Season 4 Episode 15) with English, Urdu & Spanish Subtitles

Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Episode 113 English Subtitles (Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 15), Kurulus Osman Episode 113 Urdu Subtitles. Kurulus Osman Episode 113 release date is expected in 18th January 2023.

Kurulus Osman Episode 113 English Subtitles

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