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Kurulus Osman Episode 116 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 116, Karesi thinks Aktemur is guilty and wants to kill him. Osman stops Karesi and says Aktemur is innocent. Karesi says that Aktemur should stay in the dungeon until the truth comes out. Osman accepts this offer and asks Aktemur to go to the dungeon immediately. Bayindir comes to the room to ask what happened. After a short while, Ismihan comes and stops everyone. Kumral checks Orhan’s legs. Orhan says he still doesn’t feel anything. Ismihan says that Nayman’s spies are in the mansion. While Karesi is trying to understand what is going on, Ismihan says that Avci is a traitor. Osman finds the secret message that Avci is carrying and tells Karesi that he is working for the Mongols. Avci drinks the poison he carries with him in order not to speak anymore.

Ismihan says that Avci is dead, and they need to hold an urgent meeting. Boran asks some soldiers to follow Avci’s body secretly. Ismihan says the Mongols are a serious threat. Osman says he agreed with Karesi and Candar to stop this danger. Ismihan says she is the biggest power in the region and asks Osman to join her army. Karesi says that Osman will not accept this offer. After thinking for a while, Osman says he will do everything for the survival of the Turks and agrees to join Ismihan’s army. Bayindir is surprised that Osman accepts this offer. Aktemur is released that night. Bengi goes to the tribe the next day and asks who poisoned Orhan. Malhun says they will find the traitor in the tribe soon. Bengi says Aladdin may have made a mistake.

Ismihan meets Avcı in the forest and asks him to hide for a while. Osman’s soldiers see that Avci is still alive and take action immediately. Olof says that he has summoned new soldiers from the north, and he will start attacking Turkish villages thanks to them. Osman learns that Avci is alive and asks Turgut to catch him immediately. Cerkutay talks to Ulgen and asks her to find out about Olof’s plan. Aladdin is very upset about Orhan’s situation and feels guilty. Aladdin asks Malhun to punish him if Orhan does not heal. Malhun and Bala calm the children. Osman and his soldiers go to a cave that night. Malhun starts crying and prays to Allah over and over again. Osman feels that something bad has happened to Orhan and gets worried. Ismihan says that Beys will come for a meeting soon and starts to prepare.

Ulgen talks to Olof but cannot learn anything from him. After leaving the church, Ulgen hears some soldiers talking. Karesi and Yakup come to the meeting. Yakup starts arguing with Karesi and asks him why he is working with Osman. Yakup says that he is always loyal to the state. Ismihan calms everyone who comes to the meeting. Turgut catches Avci in the forest and starts asking him questions. Avci doesn’t admit anything. Turgut starts beating Avci. Avci tells what Ismihan did one by one. Turgut believes what Avci said and says he will take him to the meeting. Ismihan tells Nayman’s attack plan. Candar says he brought all his soldiers and there is no one to protect his land. Ismihan calms Candar and says she will definitely beat Nayman. Even though Osman is late, he comes to the city and attends the meeting. Osman says Ismihan’s plan is very wrong.

Osman tells Nayman’s real attack plan and says he needs to put the soldiers somewhere else. Ismihan gets very angry and expels Osman from the meeting. While Turgut is taking Avci to the city, spies attack. Avci dies after a short time due to the arrows hitting his body. Osman says once again that Ismihan’s decision was wrong and leaves the meeting. Osman learns that Orhan was poisoned and immediately goes to the tribe. Cerkutay enters the castle’s armory and detonates the barrels of gunpowder. Osman calms Malhun and starts talking to Orhan. Kumral says he did everything he could, but couldn’t find an antidote. Bengi asks Esma not to talk to anyone. Esma says that if she is caught, she will give Ismihan’s name. Alcicek learns that his mother planned Orhan’s poisoning and starts to get angry with her.

Orhan opens his eyes and says he can no longer use a sword. Osman asks his son not to lose hope and says he will get better no matter what. Ulgen thinks that something bad has happened to Cerkutay and starts to worry. Cerkutay says he exploded the arsenal, and he has to send news to Osman now. After the explosion, Olof gets very angry and says he will start attacking the villages to get revenge. Alcicek asks Bengi to help Orhan and find the antidote. Osman tells how Nayman will attack and says that he will establish a defense line to stop this attack. Osman asks Turgut to protect the western border. Osman prays to Allah that night and then starts talking to Sheikh. Sheikh asks Osman to be calm and gives him good advice.

Bengi goes to the tribe the next day and says she will get Frigg out of the castle. Frigg reads Bengi’s message and sets out. Ismihan goes to the base and asks all the soldiers to prepare for a big attack. Aladdin tells his father that he regrets what happened to Orhan. Osman calms his son down and says everything will be alright soon. Olof attacks a caravan passing by Inegol. Turgut learns that Olof has attacked the caravan and immediately stops him. Olof sees his soldiers dead and immediately returns to the castle. Bala sees Frigg leaving the castle and attacks her. A horseman arrives at the military base. This man says he is Nayman. While Ismihan is trying to understand what is going on, Nayman asks where Osman is. Nayman says that Ismihan is an unsuccessful commander and what Osman said is true. Osman makes a wooden wheelchair for Orhan and tells him that he will be up again very soon.

Kurulus Osman Episode 116 (Season 4 Episode 18) with English, Urdu & Spanish Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 116 English Subtitles

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