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Kurulus Osman Episode 117 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 117, A shaman begins to perform a ritual in the forest. Nayman comes out of the grave and drinks what the shaman has prepared. Osman finds out what happened at the headquarters and says that Nayman can come soon. Boran thinks that everything is over now, and Osman says that he will bring the Turkish army together again and that he will stop the Mongols in this way. Osman asks his soldiers to be ready and sends his scouts. Ismihan immediately goes to his mansion and says that she has to accept Nayman’s wishes. Some Beys say that it is impossible to give the gold that Nayman wants. Ismihan says that Seljuks will help in this matter and asks the Beys to send the news to their tribes. Osman asks Konur to find the route of the caravans carrying gold. Karesi says it is very difficult to prepare the amount of gold Nayman wants and continues to complain.

Ismihan sends the Beys to the rooms and asks them to think about it. Olof begins to advance toward the tribe with his soldiers. Bala begins to question Frigg but cannot get her to talk. Frigg says she will never speak. Nayman comes to the tribe with some of his soldiers and says he wants to talk to Osman. Osman welcomes his guest and asks him why he came. Nayman says he wants to eat and goes to Osman’s tent. Soon after, Olof arrives and says he wants to get Frigg back. Osman takes action for killing Olof, but Nayman stops everyone. Nayman asks Olof to return to the castle and enters the tent with Osman. Oktem learns that Frigg has been caught and starts to get angry with his wife. Bengi calms her husband down and says Frigg will never talk. Oktem warns the soldiers in the castle.

Frigg says Orhan will never recover and tries to anger Bala. Bayindir goes to the mansion and tells that Bala caught Frigg. Ismihan immediately makes a plan and says that Frigg must die. Bayindir says that it is very difficult to kill Frigg, but he agrees to follow Ismihan’s order. Nayman starts to eat and asks about Orhan’s condition. Osman says his son will get well soon. Nayman asks his shaman to prepare medicine to help Osman. Osman takes Orhan from his bed and takes him to the shaman. Malhun doesn’t like this decision, but Osman calms him down. Abdal checks the medicine prepared by the shaman and says it might work. As Bala continues to question Frigg, she learns that the shaman is preparing a medicine.

Orhan drinks the medicine prepared by the shaman and goes back to his room. Osman once again asks Nayman why he came. Turgut and his soldiers attack a caravan going to Inegol. Nayman says he wants to listen to Osman’s defense plan. Osman shows where Nayman’s soldiers are on a map and tells how he will attack. Nayman realizes that Osman knows everything and is very surprised. Nayman says chests full of gold will come soon. Osman says that it is not difficult to defeat the Mongols because they do not know these lands well. Abdal says when the poison slowly starts to stop. Osman realizes that his son is getting better and asks Nayman to stay with the tribe that night. Osman then goes to talk to Orhan and invites Sheikh to the tribe. Cerkutay learns that Frigg has been caught and asks the Priest to help.

Olof learns that Turgut attacked the caravan and gets very angry. Karesi says that his whole tribe is trying to gather gold, but this is still insufficient. While Oktem is arguing with Bengi, Bayindir comes. Bayindir says that Frigg should leave the tribe. Bengi does not accept this offer. Bayindir continues to speak and gives Bengi a bottle of poison to kill Frigg. Bengi says she will do this secretly. Sheikh talks to Nayman and begins to explain Islam to him. Nayman listens to what Sheikh says but does not believe him. Osman asks Nayman to become a Muslim. Nayman says he is tired and goes to rest. Osman talks to Malhun and asks her to rest for a while. Nayman goes to a blacksmith the next morning and starts making a plan to kill Osman. Nayman gives the sword he prepared to Osman and says it is a gift for Orhan.

Nayman then prepares to go to Sogut and invites Osman to the meeting he will hold there. Bengi says she wants to see Frigg. Osman learns which roads the caravans carrying gold will use and asks Konur to seize the chests. Turgut says he will attack Olof and starts to prepare. Bengi adds poison to Frigg’s food and asks Esma to take it away. While Olof is talking to the nun, Nayman comes to the castle. Olof tells Nayman that he is loyal and asks permission to attack the Turks. Nayman gives Olof some soldiers and asks him to attack Turgut. Ulgen talks to the priest and asks him to take this news to Turgut. Frigg says she will not eat and continues to wait for Olof. Konur goes to the place Osman tells, and in a short time, he seizes the chests full of gold.

Osman finds out what Konur has done and goes to talk to Ismihan. Ismihan asks Osman why he came early. Malhun and Bala use this opportunity to recapture Yenisehir. Osman says he has taken Yenisehir back and starts to wait for the other Beys. Turgut starts the attack. The Beys come to Sogut and say that the boxes will come soon. Osman calms everyone down and says he will now command the army. The Beys begin to blame Osman. Osman says he has nothing to do with the gold chests. Nayman comes to the meeting and asks where the gold chests are. A Mongolian soldier captures the Beys’ sons and brings them to the meeting room. Nayman says he will kill the sons of the Beys because the gold chests did not come. The Beys begin to beg Nayman to stop. Nayman draws his sword, but Osman stops him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 117 (Season 4 Episode 19) with English, Urdu & Spanish Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 117 English Subtitles

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