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Kurulus Osman Episode 120 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 120, Osman takes Inegol and holds a meeting. Sheikh talks about Oktem’s death and says he is in a better place. Osman says he will avenge Oktem no matter what. Bengi says she lost her brother first and then her husband. Osman says he understands Bengi and will help her. Bengi asks Osman if he will work for Nayman. Boran says that Nayman went to Sogut to talk to Ismihan. Osman says that Nayman will try to get information from Ismihan and that they should never trust that woman. Nayman thinks Ismihan is working for Osman and starts asking questions about it. Ismihan says she never supported Osman and Olof deserves to die already. Nayman warns Ismihan for the last time and says that Osman will soon join the Mongolian army.

Ismihan says that Osman will never work for Nayman, but he objects. Nayman says that Osman will join the army soon and that if Ismihan makes a mistake one more time, the Sultan will die. Turgut says he still does not understand Nayman’s plan. Osman says that Nayman has a secret plan, and he has to learn it. Osman then goes to question some of the captives he captured in the headquarters attack. Mongolian captives say they will kill all Muslims. Osman calms the prisoners and says that Nayman is already a Muslim. The captives do not believe what Osman says. A soldier tells that a caravan belonging to Nayman is coming soon and gives a secret message to Osman. After reading this message, Osman realizes that he has to go to a secret meeting. Bengi goes to her tribe the next day.

Some Beys say that a new leader should be chosen, but Bengi objects. Bengi says that someone will definitely take Oktem’s place and calls Malhun. Bala says she came for condolences. Bengi says that Alcicek should marry Aktemur as soon as possible. Aisha cannot understand the decision of Bengi but says she will talk to Aktemur. Osman attends a secret meeting in the forest. One of the old men says that Nayman will establish a state soon and that his brother is also preparing an army. Osman then reads the message sent by the Caliph and tells him that he will join Nayman’s army to find out his secret plan. The Sultan’s Vizier goes to talk to Nayman and says that Ismihan is a very dangerous person. Nayman says he will use a man to stop Ismihan.

Osman then goes to another place to talk to his friends. A short time later, Bayindir arrives at the Mongol base. Bayindir realizes that the Vizier is a spy working for the Mongols and starts talking to Nayman. Nayman asks Bayindir to start working for the Mongol army and says he will give him chests full of gold. Bayindir says he is already rich and rejects Nayman’s offer. Nayman says that if Bayindir does not accept this offer, he will die. Cerkutay has a dream and wakes up after a while. Ulgen helps Cerkutay. Malhun forgives Esma and asks her to continue working in the mansion. Osman tells his friends that he is going to Nayman’s base and asks them to attack the caravan secretly. Turgut says they are ready for this attack. Osman then goes to the base.

Osman says he will work for Nayman now. Malhun tells Aktemur what Bengi wants and then goes with him to distribute gold to the people. Osman says he will help the Mongols to protect the future of his people and then enters Nayman’s tent. Turgut attacks the Mongolian caravan and seizes everything the soldiers were carrying. Nayman orders a meal to be prepared in Osman’s honor and starts talking to his guest. Nayman says that he will establish a state soon and that he has made all the preparations for it. Osman asks Nayman to be careful about the caravans and warns him. Turgut finds a map showing the routes to be used by other caravans and is very happy. Bayindir goes to talk to Ismihan and asks her what to do. Ismihan says they will support Osman for now and get rid of Nayman. Bayindir does not like this decision and then starts to follow the gold that Malhun will distribute.

Osman continues to ask questions to Nayman and tries to learn his plan. Nayman says he will tell his plan later. Osman says that some soldiers in the Mongolian army are trying to start a rebellion. Turgut releases the Mongolian captives in the dungeon. The prisoners immediately go to the base and begin to tell everyone that Nayman is a Muslim. Bala and Malhun see a few people in the forest. One of the men says that Mongolian soldiers kidnapped children from the tribes. Malhun says they have to save these children. Bayindir continues to follow Aktemur secretly. Nayman brings the majors of his army and begins to listen to them. Some soldiers surround Nayman’s tent and ask him to come out. One of the rebel soldiers claims that Nayman is a Muslim. Nayman says he is not a Muslim and asks the shaman to perform a ritual immediately.

Nayman asks how Osman knew about this rebellion and later gives him Noyan’s sword as a gift. Malhun attacks one of the Mongolian groups and saves the children. Bala says they will find where other Mongolian soldiers are. Bayindir secretly talks to one of Aktemur’s soldiers and learns that Osman will betray Nayman. Ismihna goes to talk to Bengi and says she will always support her from now on. Bengi rejects Ismihan and says Aktemur will rule the tribe. Bayindir immediately goes to the base and tells Nayman that Osman will betray him. After learning that Talay has the seal of Genghis, Osman secretly escapes from the base and meets his soldiers in the forest. Nayman orders Osman to be killed and sends his soldiers after him. Osman says he will go to Tabriz and continues to move forward. Nayman secretly goes to the city and asks Orhan to come to the base.

Kurulus Osman Episode 120 (Season 4 Episode 22) with English, Urdu & Spanish Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 120 English Subtitles

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