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Kurulus Osman Episode 124 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 124, Turgut Bey. Osman Bey! How did they manage to escape? What were you all doing, Celali? Mother Sultan, as soon as Osman learned about Yenisehir he returned to the mansion. Otherwise, it was impossible for hatuns to survive. Bayindir where is he? If Osman captures him he will learn everything. That I worked with Nayman. There is no word from Bayindir and Huseyin, Mother Sultan. They couldn’t finish the job! Fools! No! It’s not good to stay here now. Prepare the horses, we are leaving. My Bey. I have Turgut. I give you 15 days.

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Your alps and people are going to lay down their weapons. If you make any move, I will kill Turgut first, then your people. Go under my rule and you can live. I would never give our people to you or give Turgut to you. You have a seal on hand and a bunch of cruel men behind you. I swear I’m going to make these lands your grave if not don’t let anyone call me Osman. 2 weeks later. So it’s time huh Osman? You’re right Bala. It’s time. We’ve been waiting for this day. Let it be mubarak. But. Tell me. Is it the right time during this tough times?

A tree that doesn’t take root during harsh times would crumble with a breeze. We’ll try now Bala. May Allah help you then my bey. Ameen. Ameen InshAllah. Come on. These need one more round of sanding down. Mother. Come and take a look. Go over it one more time. Don’t be off even by a speck of dust. We’ll prepare it right away Malhun Hatun. You’re tired. You don’t sleep but InshAllah it will be worth your efforts. InshAllah. MashAllah. MashAllah. MashAllah. Beat it lads, beat it. For the blessed blooded that has ran. Beat it like you’re beating up am infidel. Beat it for your late teacher.

A martyr’s blood. . and a craftsman’s sweat. If those two are there a piece of land becomes a nation. We went through a lot. And we will go through more but blood which were to spill cannot stay inside the body. It was waiting for the right time and now it is. It is. It is brother. Okay. This is good. Thank you for your work. Come on, move the tables to the square. Good work. Good work. Sultan there’s a letter from Osman Bey. Hand it over Vizier. Let’s see what Osman Bey is wishing from us. Sultan I’m going into battle for defeating the Mongols who once infiltrated even your palace.

That’s why I. . would wish to see the soldiers you once promised. Osman Bey is asking for the soldiers I’ve promised. My Sultan. Please excuse me but my opinion is that Nayman has the seal and that makes me doubt if this is the time to be his enemy. Since when do you question the Sultan’s orders? Clerk. Write this. May Osman Bey’s sword be sharp and his fight be victorious. The army he wishes for will be given under his rule. Vizier. You can leave. I’m going to talk with Sultan alone. Everyone leave. When a lot of traitors have roamed this palace. do you think I would place a vizier who is not loyal to me? You won’t make any moves against Nayman.

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