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Kurulus Osman Episode 127 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 127, I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah. . . . and I bear witness that Mohammad is His servant and messenger. Bala? Osman. Esrigul. Nayman must have blocked the path. Take Princess Esrigul to Kartalsuyu. And we’ll kill the Warriors and meet you there. Who are you? Gazan Han’s foster daughter. And his best commander. It doesn’t matter. You can’t enter Konya’s palace without word. Especially not with a traitor. Konya is Gazan Han’s property Ismihan. Osman Bey is Gazan Han’s ally.

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Tell your men to sharpen their swords Faustus. We’re close. Our swords are sharpened with out anger sir. We’ll show no mercy to Turks. Good. We’ll kill all the units that follow Osman. If Osman succeeds in Konya he won’t find any soldiers when he gets back here. Sir. You haven’t told us where to attack yet. Kargin Tribe. We’ll destroy everyone we see. Konya is the home of Islam. Osman Bey sent a letter. I saw the letter myself. But Sultan didn’t write it. His mother did. Nayman’s here. You are a traitor.

Konya palace will be your grave. How dare you! You too Bala Hatun. Mother Sultan. Surrender. There’s no need to bleed. Alps. Come on. Allah. Warriors. Allah. You’ll stop making coins for now. When Osman Bey comes he’ll tell you what to do. As you wish Malhun Hatun. Malhun Hatun. What is it Gokluce. What is it? Bursa’s Tekfur attacked everywhere. What are you saying? The tribes are sending men one after the other. Uras Bey, Demirhan Bey they all send a messenger. The situation is not good. Alps.

Prepare the horses. One group is going to Kargin. Orhan. Alaeddin. Come on we’re going. Ulgen let Kumral Abdal know. Let him tell all the healers. Everyone to the tribes. Gokluce. Inegol, Bilecik, Karacahisar. Send word to everywhere. Let them take precautions. Come on sons. Ismihan. If Esri could come here today then it means Konya is not obeying it. Konya is still Gazan Khan’s Ismihan. We need to retreat. Konya is mine. Even if I die I won’t surrender it Nayman. To take Konya back we’ll leave now Ismihan. Celali. Protect the Sultan. Osman they’re running away. Let them go. Let them.

Their end is here. The throne is Sultan Mesut’s. Alcicek Hatun what is it? I’m okay. I’m very good. What will I do without my mother Aktemur? My dad left. My sister Esma left. And now my mother is leaving. My flower. . . I am here, I will not go anywhere. I am with you. Also, 2 years is a short time, she is not leaving permanently. InshAllah there will be a reunion in the end. Aktemur, promise me you will never leave me. How can I leave you, my hatun? I promise. I promise you. Can I come in, my Bey? Come in Kutlu.

My Bey, Bengi Hatun is here. My mother is here, Aktemur. EyvAllah. Go back to the duty Osman Bey asked quickly. As you command my Bey. Come on, let’s go. Welcome Bengi Hatun. Mother. Welcome. InshAllah it will be a short goodbye, Mother Bengi. Aybars. What’s that? I don’t know my Bey. Go check it. We will make Turks go through hell! Close the gates! Attack! Alcicek! Gather women and children at the back! Protect them, come on! Come on, this way! Give me a weapon! Come on! We will show no mercy today! Today, we will not show anyone mercy! Gazan Han wants you to sit on the throne.

Thank you Osman Bey. Thank you Sultan Hadrath. Esrigul Hatun. You came on time. Thank you. You’ve been fighting this traitor on your own this whole time. We were late. Now I’ll talk to Osman Bey alone. Osman Bey. Come with me. We sit on this throne thanks to Gazan Han, Osman Bey. This throne has no meaning. The throne is as important as the one sitting on it. Sultan Hadrath. We know that you are sincere. It has no meaning now. The throne and the one sitting on it is not important now.

What do you mean Sultan Hadrath? We can’t blossom under the shadow Osman Bey. I can’t do it, no matter how hard I try. Konya will die under the shadow of Mogols. An old tree must break the rotten branch so that its seed can blossom again. We share the same seed. We want to blossom and grow. Osman Bey. Konya will help you blossom now. Sultan Hadrath. . . This is the truth Osman Bey. I’ll send you the soldiers, the catapults and all the weapons soon, as I promised.

Konya doesn’t need that power anymore. And it has no capacity to use it. Will you hand over the Sanjac to me? You’ve had the Sanjac all along Osman Bey. I see it now. I say it now. Because I believe it now. Sultan Hadrath. . . I swear. . . I swear that I will set the Turks free. I will raise people who will make the Turks rule over the nations. I swear that I will place our sanjac on the highest place possible. Your promise is my mine Osman Bey. Let you have a nice trip. My Sultan.

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