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Kurulus Osman Episode 128 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 128, It looks like you heard about these from the enemy. Don’t believe everything you hear. What I heard is a lie, hatun? Isn’t Osman Bey putting a heavy burden upon his people with his dreams? What is the dream that becomes a burden to the people? The rebel called Nayman on one hand and Bursa Tekfur on the other. And there is also Konya. You lose everyday. You are bleeding, but you keep fighting. You are crossing the line, hatun! Your ignorance must be making you talk bravely like this!

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I don’t know where you are coming from, but these are the borderlands. Wherever you turn, you face an enemy in these lands! You will learn where my bravery comes from when we are introduced properly! You are Esrigun hatun. You must be Malhun Hatun. Then what are you doing here?  We were waiting for you at the mansion. I wanted to learn about the people’s opinion on Osman Bey. As you know you are bound to Seljuk state and Seljuk state is bound to us! Sultan Alaeddin’s secret house.

Celali! Send messengers all around Seljuk state! I will take my throne back! I want soldiers loyal to me behind me! As you command my Sultan. When our soldiers arrive at the borderlands we will take revenge from those who dethroned you! I swear that we will kill all of them! Those who lived with my mercy will soon live with my wrath! I will ask soldiers from Tekfur and Nayman for the army we will gather. Tekfur pledged his friendship to Sultan Mesut. And Nayman will support him.

We will build our victory with our own hands, my Sultan! Then, the rebellious borderlands and Osman, who made them more powerful, will be killed by our hands! No children of Osman will sit on the throne, and they will not have a future! But first I will punish treachery! Bengi and Alcicek survived the attack on the tribe. Karabul is after them.

When he brings Alcicek I will punish Bengi and Alcicek with my own hands. Mother Sultan wants her alive. Alps!  It’s a trap!  Take cover! Alps!  Protect Alcicek Hatun! Come on!  Attack! No way out! Mother Sultans waiting for you. Your mother and you will pay for your treason. There’s no way out!  Surrender! You’re the traitor. Ismihan is the traitor! Both you and your mother will die. Hurry!  

Follow her! Osman Bey welcome. Allah bless you Osman Bey. Thank you. May Allah protect you my Bey. Long live Osman Bey! Over here!  Follow her. Come on! Hurry!  Come on! Over here!  Come on! Come on! She went this way. She’s injured. She couldn’t have made it far. My baby. She got away. We’re going back. We’ll go by the riverbed. Not here. We’re going back. What will we tell Mother Sultan now? She’s injured. She won’t make it alive out of here. Come on.

They took Alcicek Hatun. Alps. . . Gather the things. Leave no trace behind. Bring my horse. I’m going to let Mother Sultan know. Welcome to our place Esrigul Hatun. If you’ll be our guest until we get Ismihan then you will be hosted without any mistakes. They prison us between stone walls under the ruse of culture. You must have fallen for that as well and abandoned your tents. Do you think sycamores forget about their roots as they grow tall towards the sky, Hatun?

I don’t know about you but both our mansions and tents are filled with hearts beating for the Word of Allah. Is that a girl? She’s pretty, too. Although Turkmens live in separated locations their cause is the same. Do you think Cerkutay knows her? That’s the difference between Turkmens and us. We keep conquering more lands while you only dream about it. Well if we only spoke and didn’t take any action. . . . . you wouldn’t be here now, Esrigul Hatun.

You must be aware of the struggle you went through so I’d be here and what would have happened if I refused to do so, Osman Bey. You’re right. You’re right, thank you. You helped us make it out of the trap that they had set, as well. Thank you. Sultan Mesud is now on the throne. Muslims are kin to each other and that’s what happened. We will do our part, as well. If we don’t kill and die for the World of Islam the blood Nayman spilled will stain the Sanjak of Tabriz.

Both you and Gazhan Han are well aware of that. Anyway, we can talk about it later. Prepare a nice dinner tonight so that we can share our bread our problems and a cause with our guest. To share a cause, you must first share bread, Osman Bey. I’d be glad. EyvAllah. Aktemur you should stay, as well. Tell the Alps to bring Alcicek here. KARGIN TRIBEWe’ll recover from this, InshAllah. InshAllah. Oh, and, Bengi Hatun Osman Bey disregarded your exile sentence. I appreciate that.

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