Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 13 (13 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 13 (13 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 12 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 12, Commander Balgay tries to force Selcan Hatun to drink the kimiz (kumis) brought by her, but Selcan doesn’t do it. Annoyed at Selcan, Balgay squeezes her throat. Meanwhile, Bamsi Bey tries to mobilize soldiers and Beys in the plain. The hands of the Turkish soldiers who come to the plain as the captives of the Mongols are tied. Balgay gets angry but Bamsi Bey and the Alps face him. People on the plain see Bamsi Bey and get hopeful. Commander Balgay tells Dundar Bey to stop the alps, but Dundar Bey does not accept it and tells that it’s time to fight. Osman Bey comes to the plain as Balgay puts his sword on Dundar Bey’s neck. Osman Bey tries to talk to Balgay and stop him. Balgay says he will kill Osman Bey, but Osman Bey proposes to him. Osman Bey says he has something very valuable in his hand and Balgay starts listening to him. Balgay stops upon a message from Konya and asks Osman Bey what he has.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 12, Efendi Yannis and Princess Sophia are very angry with what Osman Bey has done. Sophia realizes that there is no other solution than using Commander Balgay. Efendi Yannis thinks he has found another way out and says he will use Salvador. Osman Bey goes to his horse and takes out the dagger protecting Genghis Khan’s laws. Then Balgay calls Osman Bey to the tent and asks how he found the dagger. The arrival of Osman Bey at the last moment delights and gives hope to the Turks. Balgay carefully examines the dagger and believes that Osman Bey has the laws of Genghis Khan. Balgay is ready to do anything to get Genghis Khan’s laws. Osman Bey tells Balgay his conditions to save the plain and the Alps. The Beys of the Kayi tribe come and Osman Bey tells the terms of the agreement in front of everyone. Balgay accepts the conditions of Osman Bey in front of everyone.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 12, Efendi Yannis and Princess Sophia continue to torture Salvador. Salvador can’t take it any longer and says he will do anything to make himself forgiven. Osman Bey goes to Bamsi Bey. Bamsi asks where the laws of Genghis Khan came from, but Osman Bey says it is hidden. Bamsi Bey continues to ask questions, but Osman Bey gets angry and leaves the tent. Balgay thinks of how Osman Bey found this dagger and makes insidious plans about the future. Osman Bey goes to the white-bearded men and says that Balgay believes him. Salvador meets Osman Bey in the forest. Salvador says Efendi Yannis and Princess Sophia believe him. Hearing this, Osman Bey realizes that the secret plan is working and asks Salvador to tell Efendi Yannis that Osman Bey is about to save his plain from Commander Balgay. Osman Bey tells Salvador that he has the Genghis Khan’s laws and that Efendi Yannis should know this. Kongar goes to the prisoners’ tent and tortures them. But Konur angers him. Kongar and Konur fight. Konur sees the mark on Kongar’s neck and thinks that he is his lost brother. Osman Bey goes to Sheikh Edebali and tells that he will save his plain from Balgay. As always, Sheikh Edebali tells a story to Osman Bey to learn from. Then Osman Bey takes the chest and sets out.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 12, Princess Sophia comes to the plain and goes to the prisoners. Sophia speaks to the Turkish prisoners and makes fun of them. Abdurrahman Ghazi tells everyone to be patient. Dundar Bey is very uncomfortable with Princess Sophia coming to the plain, but Mongolian soldiers do not take him out of his tent. Thereupon, Dundar Bey and Zohre Hatun fight once again. Princess Sophia enters Balgay’s tent and crawls and approaches him. Sophia says they are ready for the big war. Commander Balgay wants to be the first to know all intelligence. Princess Sophia is angry with Balgay for not killing Osman Bey, but Sophia tries to explain that Genghis Khan’s laws are not in Osman’s hands. Balgay says he promised and will remain loyal to the deal. Meanwhile, Osman Bey came to the plain for the last time and confronted Balgay. Osman Bey gives the chest he brought to Balgay and asks him to stick to his word. Balgay opens the chest and reads the papers that come out of it. Balgay attacks Osman Bey, but Osman stops him and asks him to keep his word.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 12, Bamsi Bey and the alps are ready for any setback and are waiting for the news from Osman Bey. The news that Osman Bey gave Genghis Khan’s laws to Balgay spread rapidly in the plain and surprised everyone. Balgay keeps his word and goes out of the plain after receiving the chest. Dundar Bey asks Osman and tries to understand what happened. Osman Bey and Dundar Bey argue. Dundar Bey tells Osman Bey to remain calm and not to cause an event. Osman Bey is angry at his uncle’s behavior and asks him to leave the administration. Dundar Bey calls him to give an account to the meeting to be held the same evening. Salvador returns to the castle and tells Efendi Yannis that Osman Bey has saved his plain using the laws of Genghis Khan.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 12, Efendi Yannis gets very angry with Osman and asks Salvador a lot of questions. Salvador says he doesn’t know anything and Osman Bey has secrets. Then Salvador tells him that he knew where Osman was hiding Sheikh Edebali. Bala Hatun comes to Osman Bey and asks how he saved the plain. Osman Bey does not give her an explanation because he wants to keep it a secret, but Bala Hatun continues to ask questions. Osman Bey gets angry at Bala Hatun’s questions and tells her not to ask any more questions. Bala Hatun gets angry at this and gets out of the tent. Samsa Bey and other alps are now free. Samsa Bey comes to Osman Bey and starts asking questions. As Osman Bey tries to hide this secret, everyone around him starts to ask more questions. Samsa Bey no longer trusts Osman Bey because he doesn’t get an answer and returns to his own plain. Commander Balgay and Mongolian soldiers celebrate at the inn.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 12, Dundar Bey starts the meeting. Other Beys in the plain are uncomfortable because of what Osman Bey has done and try to question Osman. Osman Bey says he will beat the Mongols, but no one believes him. The Beys say they don’t want chaos in the plain and they say that Osman Bey should be exiled from the plain. Osman Bey tries to defend himself, but the decision of the Beys do not change. Bamsi Bey tells him what is not expected and asks Osman Bey to leave. As if this was not enough, Abdurrahman Ghazi agrees with what Bamsi Bey said in and tells that Osman Bey should go from the plain. On top of that, Dundar Bey approves of Osman’s exile decision, but Batur Alp cannot stand it any longer and says that he will go with Osman Bey. Konur prays Allah and asks Kongar to find the right way. Boran comes to Konur and tells him the decision of exile. Selcan Hatun comes to Bamsi Bey and asks him why he does not protect Osman Bey. Bamsi Bey can’t stand her questions and says she needs to keep quiet. Bamsi Bey says that this will make Osman better and will not give up protecting him.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 12, Osman Bey prays to Allah and wants to stay on the right track. Selcan Hatun comes to Osman and tells about her sadness. But Osman Bey is not sad, but rather hopeful. Batur kisses his mother’s hand and goes to Osman. Dundar Bey is very angry with this situation and disowns Batur Alp. Dundar Bey’s anger does not go away and he orders his other son Bahadir to return to the plain. Osman Bey and his alps come to the plain of Samsa Bey. Samsa Bey tries to talk to Osman Bey. Osman Bey defends himself and hides his secret. Samsa Bey gets angry and interrogates Osman Bey. Samsa says that he no longer trusts Osman Bey and Osman is callow. Hearing them, Osman Bey gets very angry and fights Samsa. Osman puts his dagger on Samsa’s throat and gets angry because he rebelled against him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 13 with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 13 English

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