Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 17 (17 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 17 (17 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 16 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 16, Osman Bey traps Balgay and his Mongolian soldiers. Samsa Bey also fights Cerkutay while Osman Bey fights the Mongols. Then Samsa Bey sends his alps to follow Cerkutay and set out to help Osman Bey. When Osman Bey is about to kill Commander Balgay, Dundar Bey comes and tells that he will kill Osman. Dundar Bey is angry with him because he thinks Osman Bey killed Batur. A fight begins between Dundar Bey’s Alps and Osman’s. Zohre is upset and crying for Batur. Aygul comes to her mother and asks who killed her brother. Zohre tells that Osman Bey is guilty. Meanwhile, Selcan Hatun is getting ready to leave the plain and Zohre, who learns about this, says that she will follow her. Samsa Bey comes to the battlefield and helps Osman Bey. Alisar Bey watches this fight from afar and waits for a suitable time to kill Osman Bey. Alisar shoots his arrow but hits Dundar Bey. Using this opportunity, Balgay escapes. Osman Bey’s alps try to find the trail of Commander Balgay.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 16, Osman Bey inquires the soldiers of Dundar Bey and learns what happened to Batur, but he cannot give any meaning to it. To keep Dundar Bey alive, Osman Bey decides to send him to the old woman in the cave with Abdurrahman Ghazi. Osman Bey realizes that a traitor is forcing him to fight Dundar Bey and decides to go to the plain. While trying to escape in the forest, Balgay says he will kill Osman Bey and the Kayis. Commander Balgay realizes that Master Yannis has betrayed him and starts to look for a cave to shelter. Yannis still hasn’t found Princess Sophia and is therefore angry with his soldiers. Master Yannis is angry with Osman Bey because Balgay is still alive and worries about the future. Zohre and the Alps stop Selcan in the forest. Zohre is angry with Selcan for helping Osman Bey and wants to avenge her. Bala and Ahis come when Zohre’s soldiers are about to attack. Two groups start fighting in the forest, but the winners are Bala and Selcan. Alisar Bey plans to capture Dundar Bey and control Kayis. Selcan Hatun asks Zohre to tell the betrayal she has made. Zohre tells her that her husband will take revenge. Meanwhile, Osman Bey comes and tells that he killed Dundar Bey. Osman Bey orders that Zohre is taken to the plain and arrested. While Abdurrahman Ghazi and the Alps go to the cave, Dundar’s condition worsens and Abdurrahman pulls out the arrow on Dundar’s back. Alisar Bey and his soldiers continue to watch them from afar.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 16, Alisar Bey orders more troops to arrive and waits for them to arrive. Commander Balgay finds Cerkutay and cauterizes his own wound. Balgay, Kongar, and Cerkutay talk about the latest events. Kongar says that they have no soldiers anymore. Upon this, Balgay says that he decided to go to Konya and get new soldiers from there. Balgay is ready to do anything to take revenge from Osman Bey and Master Yannis. Osman Bey comes to the plain and enters his father’s tent. Selcan Hatun is happy to see Osman Bey in the tent again, but Osman Bey asks her about Bala Hatun and tells her that Bala has changed. Osman Bey thinks Bala has a reason for her change and asks Selcan to find this reason. Dundar Bey opens his eyes and asks Abdurrahman Ghazi how he did this. Dundar Bey is still angry because Osman Bey killed his son, but Abdurrahman Ghazi says that there is no such thing. Dundar Bey asks Abdurrahman to kill himself, or Dundar will avenge his son in the future. Abdurrahman asks Dundar Bey who told him where Osman Bey set up a trap, but Dundar fainted again before answering this question. Selcan comes to Zohre and asks if she wants to attend her son’s funeral. Osman and Beys hold a meeting to elect a new Bey. Osman Bey says that the management of his uncle, who obeyed the Mongols, is now over and it is necessary to choose a new Bey who will rule the plain until his father returns. A few gentlemen say that this meeting is not customary, but Bamsi Bey objects to them.

Who was Geyhatu Han | History of Geyhatu Khan in Kurulus Osman

In Kurulus Osman Episode 16, Zohre says she will attend her son’s funeral. Selcan Hatun asks her to tell the truth and Zohre begins to speak. Zohre admits that she went to Balgay and asked for help to protect the plain and her family. Aygul hears what her mother says and is surprised. Selcan Hatun asks Gonca why Bala has changed. Gonca says that Bala got a wound in the Mongolian attack and that she can no longer have a child. Voting starts at the meeting and everyone tells the candidate. Samsa Bey nominates Osman Bey. Other Beys nominate Gunduz. Bamsi Bey talks a long time and votes for Osman. Later, Gunduz Bey votes for his brother Osman. The turn finally comes to Osman Bey, and Osman withdraws from his candidacy so Gunduz can become the Bey. Gunduz becomes the new Kayi Bey until Ertugrul Ghazi comes back. Then the Beys in the plain come one by one and congratulate Gunduz Bey. Osman comes to Batur and tells him that he will take revenge from those who have done this. Bala is upset and crying for not being able to tell Osman Bey the facts. Gonca says she will tell all the facts to Osman Bey, but Bala stops her and tells her that they will leave the plain. Selcan comes to Osman Bey and tells that Bala is in great trouble. Selcan Hatun says that Bala still loves Osman Bey but cannot have children.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 16, While Ahis is taking Sophia in the forest, Salvador comes and saves her from them. While Abdurrahman Ghazi is carrying Dundar Bey, the soldiers of Alisar attack and injure him. Abdurrahman Ghazi sees that it is Alisar Bey who attacked them. Alisar Bey says he will take Dundar and kill Abdurrahman Ghazi. Bala goes to Osman Bey’s tent. Osman Bey says that he has not given up on her and still loves her very much. Bala first objects to Osman Bey, but after listening to Osman, she changes his mind. An old man comes to Osman Bey’s tent and tells that the white-bearded men want to see him. Princess Sophia and Salvador come back to the castle. Sophia says they have failed the mission and apologizes. When Yannis is about to kill Salvador, Sophia stops him and says that Salvador saved her. Then Yannis sends Salvador and tells him to wait for the reward he will give. After Salvador leaves the room, Yannis says he is lying. Yannis decides to use Salvador to kill Osman Bey and makes Salvador the commander of the castle.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 16, When Gunduz Bey and Bamsi Bey talk about the future of the plain, Osman Bey comes and tells that he must find Commander Balgay. Osman Bey requests permission from Gunduz Bey to catch Balgay before he goes to Konya. Salvador prays Allah in the room and asks Osman Bey to triumph. Alisar Bey returns to his mansion and calls his loyal men to the mansion. On the orders of Geyhatu Khan, Alisar Bey says that he is the border Bey again and all the tribes should know this. Osman Bey tells Bala that he will set out to catch Balgay and should not leave the plain until he returns. Alisar Bey tells Dundar that he will host Dundar in his mansion and that Gunduz Bey is the new Bey. Dundar Bey says that Osman could not do such a thing, but Alisar Bey tells that Osman Bey acted as if he had killed Dundar. Then Alisar Bey goes to the castle and talks to Princess Sophia. Alisar Bey says he is the border Bey and gives Geyhatu’s letter to Sophia. If Alisar Bey kills Osman and gives Genghis Khan’s laws to Geyhatu Khan, he says it will be profitable on both sides.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 16, Sophia says that Osman Bey killed Dundar, but Alisar says that Dundar Bey is alive and that he will return his plain. Princess Sophia asks how to trust Geyhatu Khan. Alisar Bey then says that Geyhatu will marry Princess Adelfa and strengthen the relationship between Byzantium. Selcan Hatun releases Aygul and Zohre so they can go to Batur’s funeral. Osman Bey meets with the white-bearded men in the forest and talks about what happened. The leader of the white-bearded men tells that Alisar Bey is the border Bey again and he will take revenge. Osman Bey says he is ready for everything. Later, the leader of the white-bearded men tells that Geyhatu Khan will marry the Byzantine Princess Adelfa. Osman Bey says that this marriage will form an alliance between the Byzantines and the Mongols and that this new alliance will end the Turks. White-bearded men ask Osman Bey to prevent this marriage and take Princess Adelfa from the spies of Geyhatu.

Kurulus Osman Episode 17 with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles

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