Kurulus Osman Episode 2 with English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 2 (2 Bolum) with English Subtitles | Dirilis Osman Episode 2

Kurulus Osman Episode 1 Review

Osman and Bamsi make swords as wedding gifts of Aybars. They talk about the return of Ertuğrul Ghazi from Konya. Whatever the news from Konya, Osman is determined to spread his father’s banner to the world. Ertugrul Bey’s brother Dundar speaks to his wife in the tent, but his wife is worried about peace and warns her husband to be careful. Bamsi gives his son advice from his ancestors. Dundar Bey, Aybars, Osman and the Alps prepare for the visit to Tekfur and they depart. In the castle, Tekfur Yorgopolos and Kalanoz speak about the agreements. Sofia, the wife of Tekfur, brings him a talisman.

Kayis come to the castle, Tekfur and his wife meet them. The people of the castle prepared a game about Ertugrul Bey for Kayis. Osman goes on stage and starts talking about his father. While the game is playing, there is an attack on Tekfur and Osman stops it. Osman catches the attacker but another attacker kills him. The fight starts in the castle and Osman runs after the attacker but the attacker escapes. Alisar Bey talks about Kayis and Tekfur. After the agreement, the Sogut Bazaar gains value and it bothers him. Princess Sofia speaks to Dundar Bey’s wife Zohre Hatun and shows her sorrow. Zohre Hatun is angry that her husband is in danger. Tekfur Yorgopolos apologizes to Dundar Bey. Dundar says that he will accept the apology when the attackers are found and asks for the terms of the agreement. Tekfur says that he will accept the terms of the agreement to gain the trust of Dundar Bey. Dundar and Gunduz are ready to make the deal and sit at the table. Kalanoz talks about the issue of compensation for merchant caravans and says the conditions are very severe. Osman asks Tekfur for permission to chase the bandits across their borders. Tekfur authorizes Osman Bey with the permission of Dundar Bey.

The attackers apologize to Sofia for their failure, but she doesn’t forgive them. Sofia sends new men to kill Tekfur. Burcin is being prepared for the henna process. Aybars and Osman talk about the war in the forest.The attackers from the castle surround Osman and Aybars and draw them into an ambush. Aybars is seriously injured and falls off his horse. Osman continues to fight with all his might. Burcin feels something is wrong. The attackers corner Osman in the forest. Osman continues to fight, but he is tired because of his wound. Because of the last blow, he falls into a small lake and faints. Osman’s horse comes and tries to wake him. Dundar Bey comes to the plain but is angry because of what Osman did. Gunduz comes and says that Osman and Aybars are still not in the plain. Dundar Bey sends the Alps to find them. Because of the noise of the horse, two Christian women stop and see Osman. Even though it is difficult, they take Osman out of the mud. Osman slowly opens his eyes and sees the woman who is helping him. Since women have to go, they leave Osman there and continue on their way. Osman comes to himself and gets up. He starts searching for Aybars.

Bamsi will sacrifice a ram for his son’s wedding. Osman finds Aybars. Osman takes Aybars and takes him to the plain. Bamsi tells the story of the prophet Ibrahim to the ram to sacrifice. Burcin is still waiting for Aybars in her tent. When Bamsi was about to cut the coach, Osman came to the plain with Aybars. Bamsi and Burcin see Aybars. Aybars wants them to be halal their rights and loses his life in front of them. Burcin shouts at Osman, but Bamsi stops her. Bamsi asks Osman to explain what happened. Osman tells them that they are ambushed and they fought. He asks Bamsi to forgive him because he has failed to keep his promise. Bamsi forgives Osman because he believes that he has done everything to protect Aybars. Bamsi holds Aybars in his arms and tells him that he is the father of a martyr. He tells them not to worry, no one should cry. His son is happy to have his Rabb. Megala tells Sofia that Osman is saved but Aybars is dead.

The women who saved Osman came to a church and talked to the priest about the castle, the treasure, and the code. Princess Sofia and Yorgopolos talk about betrayal. Dundar Bey is angry with Osman for leaving the castle unannounced because he holds him responsible for Aybars’ death. Osman says he will avenge Aybars. Dundar Bey says that if Osman makes another mistake, he will give him a heavy penalty, but Osman leaves the tent. Bamsi talks about his lost family and he cries. He lost his wife Hafsa and then his daughter Aslihan. Now his son is a martyr. Osman takes the Alps and pledges revenge for Aybars. They decide to enter the Kulucahisar castle at night to find the trail of those who killed Aybars because he wants to talk to Tekfur alone. Christian women and the priest work to decode. Sofia comes to Commander Kalanoz’s room to see him and confesses that she is in love with him. Kalanoz loves him too, but he can’t do anything because of Tekfur. Sofia says she’ll let him know.

Osman and the Alps come to the tent of Bamsi. Bamsi waited all night next to his son Aybars. Together they take Aybars and leave the tent. Osman’s Alps wander around the marketplace. Bamsi and Kayis bury Aybars. Bamsi takes Aybars’ sword and gives it to Osman. Osman will carry this sword until he avenges Aybars. Meanwhile, Princess Sofia goes to see Master Yanis, who lives in the mountains and tells the story of the events. Yanis asks Sofia to talk about Ertugrul’s son Osman. Then he wants Tekfur to die and the soul of Kalanoz. Osman meets the Alps who went to the bazaar in a forested area. The Alps bring barrels to enter the castle. Dundar Bey and Gunduz talk about Osman in the tent and worry about him. Dundar Bey asks his brother to come from Konya as soon as possible because only this way he can relax. Osman and the Alps come to the gate of the castle at night and enter the castle in barrels. Princess Sofia returns to the castle and tells Helen that the time has come. Osman enters the castle cellar in a barrel and wears clothes of the soldier he captured. Then he enters Tekfur’s room from the balcony. Tekfur is surprised to see him and asks why he came. Osman tells Tekfur that Aybars is dead and tells him that the people around him have betrayed Tekfur. Tekfur asks him how to find traitors. Osman says he will start research from Tekfur’s wife and commander, but Tekfur does not understand it.

Osman asks Tekfur to allow him to put the three most trusted Alps in the castle after they disguise. When Osman is leaving, Tekfur warns him and hides him in his room. Tekfur sends the guards in front of the door and takes Osman out of his room, but Helen sees him. Christian women are disguised, and so they wander around the castle. Helen comes to Tekfur’s room and asks to speak to him. She has something to say, but first, she wishes to be forgiven. Soon after, she says that Sofia is cheating on him. Tekfur goes crazy and leaves his room. Commander Kalanoz goes to Sofia’s room and talks about the stars, then they hug. At this moment, Tekfur enters the room and sees them. Tekfur pulls the knife and attacks Sofia, but Kalanoz stops him and kills Tekfur. They throw Tekfur out of the window and go to their rooms. Tekfur falls in front of Osman Bey and Osman re-enters the castle to investigate. Meanwhile, everyone hears that Tekfur is dead and goes on alert. Christian women are searching for the code in the room where Tekfur died and Osman comes in and sees them. Osman remembers the woman who saved him. He believes they killed Tekfur. Women attack Osman but they fail. What will Osman do next? Will Osman find the Tekfur’s killers? When will Ertugrul Bey come back from Konya?

Kurulus Osman Episode 2 with English Subtitles

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