Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 21 (21 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 21 (21 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 20 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 21, Kongar remembers his real name is Goktug and his family. Now the only thing for Kongar is to take revenge on Balgay, but Konur stops his brother. Konur says that Balgay must be alive for now and that Kongar must not do anything. Kongar does what his brother says and becomes a Muslim. While Selcan Hatun is talking to Bala, Burcin comes. Burcin tells them that Osman Bey never allowed Aygul to marry Alisar. Bala learns that Dundar Bey tried to marry Osman Bey and Aygul. Meanwhile, Osman Bey plans to confront Alisar and Dundar. Osman Bey wants to use Aygul to ruin Alisar’s plan. Dundar talks to Gunduz Bey to prevent the wedding from being canceled. Bahadir says again that he wants to help his father, but Dundar says no. Osman Bey meets with Abdurrahman Ghazi and learns what Alisar is doing. Osman Bey once again realizes that Alisar is behind everything. Osman Bey assigns Abdurrahman Ghazi to follow Alisar. Alisar and Commander Boke argue over what happened and blame each other. Alisar Bey proposes to find Osman Bey and kill him to clear this situation. Alisar tells that Osman is more dangerous than he thinks and what he did.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 21, Then Alisar tells that Osman Bey cannot do these things alone. Commander Boke says that Osman Bey ‘s uncle, Sungur Tekin, supported him. Dundar and his family go to Alisar’s mansion and their cars break down and stop on the road. Dundar talks about what happened and says he will take revenge on everyone. Kongar and Konur come to talk to Osman Bey. Konur says that his brother remembers everything and that he is a Muslim now. Kongar asks forgiveness from Osman Bey for what he has done. Osman Bey forgives Goktug. Osman Bey tells that they will attack Dundar and catch them while he is standing on the road. According to Osman’s plan, when Alisar leaves his mansion, Konur will go there and take Princess Adelfa. Alisar tortures Princess Adelfa to find out where Osman Bey is. Osman Bey attacks when Dundar’s Alps repair the car. After the warning of Osman Bey, Dundar’s Alps surrender to prevent war. Gunduz Bey tells Osman’s plan to Selcan. Selcan Hatun is worried about the separation of people in the plain. Bamsi is hopeful that Osman Bey will reveal the truth. Selcan talks about Bahadir coming to the plain and Bamsi warns Gunduz Bey.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 21, Bala Hatun leaves the plain after what she learned. Dundar argues with Osman Bey and says that Alisar Bey will punish him. Osman Bey tells his uncle that he will not do anything, but that Zohre will die because of working with the enemy. Osman Bey takes Dundar’s hat on the way to his car. Osman Bey orders his Alps to go to Alisar’s mansion and throws his uncle’s hat. Selcan wants to talk to Bala, but she cannot find her. Meanwhile, one of the Alps says Bala is gone from the plain. Bala goes to the forest and talks to her horse about Osman’s actions. Meanwhile, Osman Bey talks to his uncle. Dundar continues to accuse Osman of what happened and attacks him, but Osman Bey stops him. Dundar tells that he knows the dirty work Osman does. Osman Bey says he knows everything and he starts telling Dundar. Alisar thinks that Dundar should have come to the mansion and talks to Boke about the marriage he will make. One of Alisar’s soldiers comes and tells that there was an attack. Alisar thinks something is happening to Dundar and sets off with his soldiers.

Real History of Oghuz Khan | History of Oghuz Turks and Kayi Tribe

In Kurulus Osman Episode 21, Osman Bey tries to tell the truth about Alisar to his uncle, but Dundar says that Osman Bey is lying. Dundar says that Osman Bey collaborated with Commander Balgay to become the leader of the Kayi. Osman Bey tries to explain that Alisar killed Batur, but Dundar does not believe him. Selcan tells Gunduz Bey that Bala has left the plain. Gunduz Bey then sends the Alps to find her. Alisar stops on the road due to the traces he found and starts to explore the area. Alisar finds an arrow and suspects Kayi. Alisar continues to investigate and finds Dundar’s hat in the bushes. Commander Boke says this is a trap. Alisar Bey says that the only thing to do is go to the Kayi plain and sets out. Meanwhile, Abdurrahman Ghazi continues to follow Alisar secretly. Bahadir secretly meets and plans with Dundar supporters. Osman Bey calls Aygul to him and tries to tell her the truth. Aygul does not believe him. Osman Bey continues to speak and says he loves Aygul as a sister. Osman Bey says that Alisar is not good for Aygul’s future and he just wants to use her. Aygul says she couldn’t think these facts. Osman Bey says he loves Bala and needs Aygul’s help to reveal the facts.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 21, Aygul asks what Osman Bey wants. Osman Bey says he will confront Alisar with Dundar and asks Aygul for help. Aygul accepts this offer. Alisar comes to the plain and asks where Dundar is, but Gunduz Bey says he doesn’t know where his uncle is. Gunduz says he will send the Alps to search his uncle. Bahadir asks permission from Gunduz Bey to go with Alisar. Abdurrahman Ghazi comes to Osman Bey and says that Alisar fell into their traps. Sheikh Edebali and Ahis are looking for something in the forest. Sheikh Edebali tells them what they are looking for their trouble and tells them the first verses of the Qur’an. Sheikh Edebali says that they will follow the Prophet’s behavior and that he will establish a lodge for it. This lodge will be the forerunner of a new establishment and the brightness of the oppressed. Kongar and the Alps are dressed like Mongolian soldiers and come to the mansion of Alisar. Kongar asks where Alisar went and then a fight starts. Boran puts Dundar and Aygul in the car and takes them somewhere. Kongar takes the Princess and a few documents from Alisar’s mansion and sets off.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 21, Osman Bey talks once again to Aygul and sends her to Alisar’s mansion. Osman Bey says Aygul is brave and Dundar will face Alisar. Alisar and Bahadir are looking for Dundar in the forest. Commander Boke says it is impossible to find Osman Bey. Meanwhile, one of the soldiers of Alisar comes and tells that Osman’s Alps attacked the mansion. Alisar gets very angry and sets out to go to the mansion. Commander Boke takes action to follow Osman. Alisar comes to his mansion and sees his dead soldiers. Alisar learns that Kongar has come to the mansion. Meanwhile, Aygul comes to the mansion and tells Alisar that she has something to say. Aygul says that Osman Bey kidnapped her family and only Alisar can help. Bala finally reaches out to her father and says she wants to talk to him. While Osman Bey and Boran speak in the forest, someone attacks them. Soldiers of Alisar surround Osman Bey. Osman understands that Aygul has betrayed him. While Alisar is confronting Osman Bey, Aygul tells the mansion’s workers that she came here to marry Alisar and she will mourn until Osman dies. Osman Bey throws his sword to the ground. Bahadir comes and asks where his father is, but Osman Bey warns him. Bahadir does not listen to Osman Bey and goes to Alisar’s side. Alisar tells that he will give Osman to Geyhatu Khan.

Kurulus Osman Episode 21 with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 21 English Subtitles

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  1. Awesome film series…..I love history and I really love this about Osman, he has become my hero, along with Ertugrul and others. I feel Burak Ozcivit is doing a great job as Osman and into bringing Osman to life. I also feel that Mehmet Bozdag is doing his best in trying to keep with historical events, and I love the way that it focuses upon certain areas with the slow motion, in emphasizing certain people and actions within the film. I also feel, Bozdag is doing this well and it actually focuses and makes an added impact to the story, but also, if done improperly, this method can also ruin a story as well. I can’t help but become a fan of this director and his abilities, especially in making this film the best I have seen in a long time, strong story, strong actors/actresses which makes all the difference in making a film a lasting one, like the one of Ben-Hur of the 1950’s. I am hoping that I will be able to find and always be able to watch this one and also the one on Ertugrul, because, for me, there is nothing else worthwhile watching anymore. Even though I have been watching both of them from the beginning many times now, I never tire from doing so….not only because it is helping in bringing history to life, but also, it has given me the courage to go on in my life, in coping and enduring my own hardships within my own life…giving me hope when there was none…..thank you, and I thank God/Allah that I was able to find these films…..may God/Allah bless everyone and always help guide them in future endeavors.

    • We just finished watching the Erturgul series on Netflix. Would you know where can I find the Kurulus Osman sequel…in English? We also are grateful for this amazing series.


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