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Kurulus Osman Episode 28 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 28, Osman Bey arrives on the battlefield on his black horse. Byzantine soldiers see that the number of Turks is small and laugh at them. Osman Bey and Kayi Alps start the attack. Osman’s horse is injured, and Osman falls off his horse, but Osman Bey does not stop running on the enemy. Two days ago, a man talks to the wolf and the sheep in the forest. This man feeds the animals that come to him and says that the secret is now revealed. Osman Bey talks to a white-bearded man in the forest. This white-bearded man takes Osman Bey to a secret place. Osman Bey gets off his horse and goes to an old man. The old man calls Osman to his side and starts talking to him. The old man gives advice to Osman Bey. Osman asks how he will succeed. The old man tells Osman to remain as a Turk and a Muslim. Osman Bey listens to the old man and takes action to establish a state where everyone can live in peace. Meanwhile, Bala Hatun and the women in the plain are preparing for the winter. A boy named Ahmed brings a bunch of flowers to Bala Hatun and talks to her. Hazal comes and tells Bala that she should have a child now. Bala remains calm even though she is uncomfortable with what Hazal says.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 28, Byzantine soldiers ambush around the plain and attack the Turks. Turks try to protect themselves from this sudden attack. Savage Byzantine soldiers start killing children and women. Bala grabs her sword and searches for Ahmed. Cerkutay and a Byzantine soldier come to talk to the Kayi inn. While Dundar Bey and Gunduz Bey are having dinner, Cerkutay comes to them and says that the Turks need their help. Bala Hatun is injured while fighting the Byzantine soldiers and falls to the ground. Byzantine soldiers capture Ahmed. Dundar Bey rejects Cerkutay’s offer. Thereupon, Cerkutay leaves the inn, and news comes that Byzantine soldiers attacked the plain. Dundar and Gunduz immediately set out to go to the plain. Bala Hatun opens her eyes and sees that almost everyone is dead. Bala picks up a crying baby. The captured Turks are brought to Inegol Castle by the Byzantine soldiers. The Turks say that they’re Osman’s Alps and resist the torture of Byzantine soldiers.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 28, The Byzantine commander, Aleksis, says that the Turks were barbarians and that he avenged the dead Christians. Commander Aleksis promises to kill Osman and take back Kulucahisar. Osman Bey returns to the plain and learns that Byzantine soldiers attacked the Turks. Goktug tells Osman Bey that Bala was hurt. Osman goes to see Bala and asks how her situation is. Bala tells Osman that Ahmed and Boran were kidnapped. Byzantine soldiers send the Turks to the dungeon. Commander Aleksis comes to Boran and asks where Osman is. When Aleksis fails to get the answer he wants, he kills Ahmed’s father. Dundar, Gunduz, and Osman talk about what happened. Osman wants to attack Byzantium the next day. Dundar tries to calm Osman. Osman Bey says that the Byzantine soldiers were celebrating the victory and that it was a good time to attack. Commander Aleksis says that his soldiers should not celebrate and even want to attack again when the Turks are still weak. Gunduz says the Alps are tired and injured, but Osman is determined to make an attack. Dundar warns Osman about revenge once again, but Osman does not listen to his uncle. Thereupon, Dundar and Gunduz approved the attack plan of Osman.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 28, That night, Goktug goes to Inegol Castle and invites the Byzantine commander to the battle. All Turks work all night and prepare for war. The next morning, Bala helps Osman to put on his armor and prepares him for battle. Osman Bey comes out of his tent and gives an encouraging speech to his soldiers. Osman Bey says that Allah is with them, and they will fight tirelessly. Later, all Turkish soldiers set out to go to the battlefield. Commander Aleksis brings the Turkish prisoners to the battlefield and ties them to the poles. Osman Bey sees Ahmed on the battlefield with his hands tied. Commander Aleksis starts shooting the Turkish prisoners with arrow shots. Osman Bey can not take anymore and takes action. Then the Byzantine archers start shooting intensely. Osman Bey falls off his horse but continues to move forward to save the captives. Osman Bey arrives at the last minute and saves Ahmed. Thereupon, Byzantine soldiers began to attack. A tough war begins between the two armies. Commander Aleksis sees his soldiers dead and begins to fear. Turks continue to attack the Byzantine soldiers at full speed. Osman Bey gets a slight injury during the war and falls to the ground.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 28, Osman Bey remembers his promise to the old man and stands up. All Turks fight heroically. The surviving Byzantine soldiers realize that they will lose the war and begin to flee. Osman Bey orders that nothing be done to the prisoners and that all the wounded be treated. After the war, it starts to rain. Osman Bey prays to Allah for their victory. In Constantinople, the Byzantine capital, Aya Nikola promises Caesar that he will recreate the Roman Empire. The failure of Commander Aleksis is discussed in Constantinople. The Byzantines were very uncomfortable with the Turkish people’s progress step by step. The Byzantine emperor calls the commander Aya Nikola to destroy the Turks. Aya Nikola comes to the meeting and tells why he came to Constantinople. Aya Nikola has two conditions. Aya Nikola says that if he gets full authority from the Senate, he will take back the Byzantine fortresses held by the Turks and destroy the Turks completely. Osman, Gunduz, and the Turkish Alps return to the plain. The news of the victory makes all Kayi happy.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 28, Ahmed runs to Bala and hugs her. Gunduz thanks to Allah for the victory they won. Someone disguised as a priest sends a snake to the dungeon in secret. One of the prisoners in the dungeon kills the mouse he caught and makes the snake come towards him. The prisoner in the dungeon takes the small knife attached to the snake and kills the guards. Aya Nikola and his soldiers catch the prisoner trying to escape. Aya Nikola says he will give the prisoner a new assignment, but the prisoner does not listen. Aya Nikola says he tested the prisoner, but Filatyos says he will not listen to anyone’s orders. Filatyos and Aya Nikola fight. Aya Nikola says he wants to destroy Ertugrul and the Kayis. Filatyos stops fighting and thanks God. The next day, Aya Nikola goes to Inegol and talks to Commander Aleksis.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 28, Aya Nikola says he brought a gift. While Commander Aleksis waits to see the gift, Aya Nikola suddenly attacks and kills everyone. Later, Aya Nikola wore the crown of Aleksis and tells him that he is the new governor. That night, while Bala and Osman are getting ready to eat together, an Alp arrives. The Alp says that there is news from Ertugrul Bey, who came to Osman’s tent. Osman gets dressed immediately and goes to Dundar’s tent. Kuzgun tells that Hassan and Ertugrul made a plan about Byzantium and where they were. Later, Kuzgun says that Ertugrul Bey wants to see Osman alone early in the morning. Aya Nikola and Filatyos talk about destroying every place captured by the Turks. Aya Nikola shows Filatios the rats and bottles in a chest. The next morning, Filatyos goes to the market place and secretly pours something from the bottle on the sellers’ goods. Meanwhile, Ertugrul Bey comes to Kayi plain. Dundar and Gunduz welcome Ertugrul Bey. Ertugrul asks where Osman is. Everyone is surprised by this question. Dundar Bey says that Ertugrul summoned Osman, but Ertugrul did not call Osman.

Kurulus Osman Episode 29 with English, Urdu & Arabic Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 29 English Subtitles

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