Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 35 (35 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 35 (35 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 34 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 34, Osman returns to the plain with the prisoners he rescued from the castle, but Savci orders his arrest. Bamsi defends Osman, but Savci does not change his decision. Gunduz teaches his brothers a lesson. Meanwhile, Lena arrives and tells that Ertugrul is about to die. Nikola realizes that Ertugrul is dying and talks to Flatyos about the revenge they will take. Osman and Bala go to a quiet place. Osman talks about the latest events but Bala tells Osman that he is very nervous. Osman says that Yavlak provoked Savci. Osman says he will not wait any longer and will kill Nikola. While Bala is trying to calm down Osman, he learns that there is new support for Kulucahisar. Osman hears that some Turks have betrayed and a Bey’s daughter was kidnapped. Savci talks about Osman’s problems and asks Lena to be careful about Bala. Yavlak says that he is very sorry for Ertugrul but will support Dundar no matter what. Byzantine soldiers put a Hatun in a cage and take her towards the castle. Osman and the Alps stop the Byzantine soldiers and attack them.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 34, Osman kills the Byzantine soldiers and frees the Turkish girl. The girl tells Osman that her name is Targun and why the treacherous Turks came. Targun says she wants to go, but Osman opposes her and insists on taking her to the plain. Bamsi prepares the Alps for war. Flatyos says that Osman saved Targun and took her to the plain. Nikola says that Osman was trapped because Targun actually worked for the Byzantine empire. Targun makes a deal with Nikola to save her father. While Selcan is telling about what happened with Aygul, Bala says she is worried about Osman. Osman brings Targun to the plain, but this incident worries Bala even more. Osman talks to Selcan and asks Bala to help Targun. Hazal talks about the new guest and makes Bala’s mind even more confused. Osman asks Selcan to be careful about Targun. Kumral Abdal says he found the trail of Cerkutay and then Osman sends the Alps. Aygul secretly prepares to take revenge on Hazal. Abdurrahman says that he expects Ertugrul to recover, but it is very difficult.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 34, Bamsi says Ertugrul will fight against his illness. Osman says that Yavlak had a great influence on Kayi Beys. Targun meets women in the plain. Selcan asks Bala to treat Targun’s wound. Osman says he will take Ertugrul’s place when his father dies. Osman says that nobody can stop him from now on. Abdurrahman says that Kulucahisar should be taken back first. Osman says he will enter the castle and kill Flatyos and Nikola. Bamsi tells that Savci and Dundar went to meet with Yavlak. Osman gets very angry about doing business behind his back and wants to go to them immediately, but Bamsi calms him down. Osman says that no one can stand against him. Yavlak says that if they fulfill their duties, the Mongols will not attack and peace will be established. Yavlak says that because of Ertugrul’s illness, Savci is the leader of the Kayi. A Bey attending the meeting asks where Osman and Bamsi are. Yavlak says that Osman and Bamsi will no longer have any power over Kayis. Dundar tells that Bamsi is getting old now. Boran and Goktug take Cerkutay from the Mongol soldiers, but then the Byzantine soldiers attack them.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 34, Yavlak says he will go to Kastamonu, but he is asked about Kulucahisar. Yavlak says he has great plans and asks for support from the Beys who attended the meeting. Savci and Dundar support what Yavlak has said. Osman and Bamsi come to the inn where the meeting is held. Yavlak is very surprised when he sees Osman and tells him that he crossed the line. Osman says that the Cuman cavalry has arrived. Yavlak asks Osman where he learned this. Flatyos orders the attack and captures Cerkutay. Goktug and Boran are forced to flee. Osman says the enemy is preparing to attack the Kayi and stops the Alps trying to arrest him. Dundar gets angry with Osman and Bamsi. Osman says it is time to make a decision and invites the Beys either to listen to Yavlak, the slave of the Mongols, or to be with him to fight. Savci cannot stand it any longer and confronts Osman. Osman says that no one can stand against the state he will establish and leaves the meeting. Nikola begins to question Cerkutay, but soon afterward Yavlak arrives. Hazal gets angry with Selcan for bringing Aygul back to the plain.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 34, Aygul comes to Selcan’s tent and attacks Hazal when she sees her. Selcan tries to calm Aygul, but Aygul says that Hazal killed her mother. Aygul and Hazal start to fight. As Aygul is about to kill Hazal, Lena comes and stops her. Osman meets with the white-bearded in the forest. The leader of the white-bearded talks about the situation of Ertugrul and the future of the Kayi. Osman says he wants to establish a state where everyone can live in peace. Yavlak asks why the Cumans came and asks Nikola not to launch a new attack. Nikola calms down Yavlak and wants to talk to him about the future. When Yavlak goes to Kastamonu, he asks Nikola not to do anything bad. Lena calms Hazal and says she wants to move with her. Hazal accepts this offer. The white-bearded blindfold Savci and want to talk to him. Ertugrul opens his eyes and learns everything from Abdurrahman. The leader of the white-bearded asks Savci what he wants to do in the future and listens to his answers. Osman then comes to the plain and tells the Alps that they will enter the castle that night.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 34, Nikolas talks to Cerkutay again and asks him what he wants. Just as Nikolas is about to kill Cerkutay, Flatyos arrives and gives him a secret message. Lena tells Hazal that Osman will enter the castle, but Targun listens to them from afar. Targun secretly conveys what Osman will do to a Byzantine spy. Osman talks to Ahmed and tells him not to cry. Goktug says the preparations are complete, and Osman takes action. The news sent by the Targun reaches Nikola. Nikola tells Flatyos that Osman will come to the castle. Cerkutay finds Yavlak in the forest and tells him that he is now working for Nikola to protect Yavlak. Yavlak appreciates Cerkutay’s loyalty and tells him that he will be rewarded in the future. Nikola orders Flatyos to attack Sogut while he will distract Savci and Yavlak with peace negotiations. Flatyos says that every soldier in the castle is ready for Osman. Osman and the Alps sneak into the basement of the castle, but Byzantine soldiers attack them. Osman realizes that Nikola knows his arrival and continues to implement his plan. The soldiers in the castle corner Osman. Osman lifts his swords and then throws them to the ground. Osman allows the Byzantine soldiers to capture him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 35 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 35 English Subtitles

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