Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 50 (50 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 50 (50 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 49 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 50, Osman calls the Beys to his tent and talks to them about Togay. Goktug says that Togay is Noyan’s son and that a shaman raised him. Osman realizes that Togay is a great enemy and asks the other Beys to be careful. Osman says that Geyhatu sent Togay to stop the meeting to be held the next day. Umur says he’s looking impatiently for new lands, but Malhun asks him to be careful. Osman speaks to Savci about the killing of Flatyos and learns that Dundar provoked him on this issue. Togay secretly goes to Pertus’ shop and tells him that he has a plan to start a war between the Turks. Savci goes to his newborn son and tells him that his name is Ertugrul. Lena then says he wants to visit Sheikh Edebali and talk to him. When Savci asks her why she wants to visit Sheikh, Lena replies that she now wants to be a Muslim.

Osman orders everyone who will come to the meeting to be unarmed. After a short while, Umur and Malhun come to the inn. The tribal Beys invited by Osman come to the inn. Osman welcomes his guests and starts the meeting. Togay visits Petrus again and receives a poisonous little arrow from him. Petrus then shows the barrel full of gunpowder to Togay. Osman stands up and shows the map in the middle of the meeting room. Osman says they will conquer Inegol Castle. Togay then moves towards the inn using the tunnels that Petrus dug under the city. Osman says that in order to seize Bursa, they must first attack Inegol. Osman says new conquests will bring new gains and gives maps to the Beys. Togay sneaks into the inn’s kitchen. Osman says that Inegol’s lord is in Constantinople and they can use this opportunity. Osman offers to unite all Turkish soldiers.

Umur says it will be difficult to capture Inegol, but he trusts Osman. Togay carefully puts the barrel full of gunpowder into the kitchen and prepares to shoot the poisoned arrow. Togay then fires the fuse of the powder barrel and aims to kill Umur. As Osman is about to pray, Togay shoots Umur with a poisoned arrow and escapes using the tunnels. Osman orders his soldiers to go to the kitchen, but the barrel that Togay put explodes. The Alps take the Beys out of the inn and start looking for the attacker. Umur realizes that he is dying and asks Malhun to be the leader of the tribe. Osman brings all his soldiers together and gets angry with them. Osman then examines the poisoned arrow and sees the sign of a Turkish tribe that did not come to the meeting. Some Beys who come to the meeting complain about Osman’s imprudence. As Osman prepares to go to the Dodurga tribe, Malhun gets angry at him and complains about what happened.

Togay meets with Petrus in the forest and makes new plans to do more harm to Osman. Malhun brings her soldiers together and learns that the Dodurga tribe is responsible for this incident. Malhun says she will take her revenge on Ivaz. As Malhun is about to leave the inn, Bala stops her and tells her that Osman will do what is necessary. Meanwhile, Osman comes with Ivaz and tells her that he is innocent. Osman then talks to the other Beys and tries to persuade them. Osman says that the Turks need a great and powerful state. The Beys decide to stay after listening to Osman. Umur gradually wakes up and asks who did this. Umur tells that he has been friends with Ivaz for a long time and that someone else was the culprit. Cerkutay finds some parts of the barrel full of gunpowder and tells Osman that this attack was carried out by the Mongols.

Umur tells Malhun that Osman has too many enemies and that he made a mistake by trusting him. Malhun later learns that the Mongols had committed this attack, and the next day she made a plan to find Togay. Lena visits Sheikh Edebali and listens to what he says about Allah. Sheikh later explains what a religion Islam is and Lena becomes a Muslim. Savci says that Dundar spoke to the merchants all the time. Osman says that this situation is normal, but he will still do something to find the traitor. That night, Osman tells Dundar and Gunduz how to take the Beys back to their tribes. Dundar then speaks with Hazal and says that his plan was successful. Hazal is very happy with this news. Dundar thinks of a way to tell the merchants that Osman will protect the Beys. Bala talks to Osman and tries to comfort him.

The next morning, Malhun prepares her soldiers and wants to search for Togay. Meanwhile, Osman comes and tells that everything is ready to take the Beys. Osman tells Malhun that she should stay with her father, but after Osman leaves the inn, Malhun goes to look for Togay. Togay performs a ritual in the forest where they are hiding and tells that someone is approaching. Togay later learns that Osman is on his way with the Beys and plans an attack. Osman decides to rest somewhere after advancing in the forest for a while and waits for Togay to attack. While Malhun tries to find her way in the forest, Mongolian soldiers suddenly attack. Togay stops his soldiers and says he knows Malhun will attack. Petrus brings to Togay the information he learned from Dundar about Osman’s plan. Togay alone attacks Malhun’s soldiers and kills them one by one. Malhun attacks to avenge her father, but Togay stabs her in the shoulder. Osman begins to think that Dundar is not a traitor because Togay did not attack. On his return, Osman sees Malhun and learns what Togay has done. Osman then takes Malhun to the plain. Malhun tells Osman that Geyhatu knows everything and he will kill the Turkish tribes.

Kurulus Osman Episode 50 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 50 English Subtitles

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