Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 52 (52 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 52 (52 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 51 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 52, After talking to Osman, Togay leaves the plain, but Umur does not like this situation. Osman then calls Umur and asks him why he sent Malhun to the castle. Umur blames Osman for doing secret deeds, but Osman gets angry with him for acting selfishly. Malhun kills one of the guard soldiers in the dungeon and tries to escape. Helen catches the Turks waiting for Malhun outside the castle and stops her. Osman invites the Beys to a meeting and listens to their ideas. Osman sends Umur to his tent and tells him that he will go before Nikola with the Alps to the exchange place. Bala sees Osman being angry and tries to calm him down. As Osman thinks about new conquests, he tells Bala that his friends are making his job difficult and that is why he is angry.

Osman then goes to the exchange place with some of the Alps. Goktug takes the other Alps and the Lord with him. On the way to the barter site, Togay shoots the Lord with an arrow. Goktug can’t see who tried to kill the Lord and immediately tries to help Aris, but he dies. As Osman secretly waits, he learns that the Lord has been killed. Nikola brings in Malhun and the other captives. Osman says that the Lord was killed by someone. Nikola tells that he did not bring Malhun and returns. When Osman and the Alps return, Bala says they will hold Gonca’s wedding. Nikola returns to his castle and tries to figure out what’s going on. Togay says he has planned everything and Umur will act on his own soon. Osman returns to his tent and tells Umur that the Lord is dead. Umur says that in this case, Nikola could kill Malhun.

Meanwhile, the spy in the castle sends a message to Osman telling the location of Malhun. Osman tells Gunduz that Nikola will take Malhun somewhere and asks him to prepare the soldiers. Osman then takes his Alps and goes where the spy said. After a short while, Osman attacks the Byzantine soldiers at the entrance of the cave and kills them. Osman then enters the cave and starts looking for Malhun, but instead finds Zulfikar’s lifeless body. Meanwhile, Byzantine soldiers attack the Turks but fail. Osman comes out of the cave and tells him that Zulfikar was killed. While Nikola cuts his hair, he says he will avenge Flatyos. Togay comes to the castle and says that Osman killed all the Byzantine soldiers.

Nikola realizes his trap isn’t working and wants to attack Sogut. Togay stops Nikola and asks him to use Malhun. While Umur thinks about how to save his daughter, the Turks that Nikola freed come. Umur finds out that Nikola wants to talk to him and plans to talk to him without telling anyone. Sheikh and Bamsi see him while Cerkutay is carrying hot water. Sheikh starts talking to Cerkutay and tells him that he is a nice person. Cerkutay objects to him and says he has made a lot of mistakes in the past. Sheikh tells Cerkutay that it is enough just to repent. Umur goes to the Byzantine castle and starts to listen to Nikola. Nikola says that he wants Umur’s friendship and to trade with the Turks. Umur says he will not betray Osman. Nikola asks Umur for 400 horses and says he will use these horses against Geyhatu. Nikola tells Umur to control Osman and frees Malhun. Togay listens to all the conversations and realizes that Nikola will turn Kalanoz’s infantry into cavalry.

Osman says he will avenge Zulfikar and asks all Turkish Beys to prepare soldiers for the approaching war. Osman says he will pay a ransom to get Malhun back and wants to talk to Umur about it. Osman enters Umur’s tent and sees Malhun there. Osman asks how Malhun was released and begins to think Nikola has a secret plan. After Osman leaves Umur’s tent, he tells Boran that he should start the wedding preparations. Osman says the wedding will be held in Sogut. Talking to the merchants in Sogut, Umur says that he will find more horses and that he will bring the spy grooms to the castle with these horses. Dundar secretly tells Petrus what Nikola has done. Meanwhile, Malhun comes and says she wants to buy 100 horses.

Malhun says she will send the horses to the Byzantine castle. Petrus says that he will not do any trade that will harm Osman and sends Malhun from his shop. As Osman wanders through the market in Sogut, Dundar tells him about Nikola’s trade agreement with Umur. Osman sees Malhun and gets angry at her for the trade deal they have made with Nikola. Osman tells Malhun to warn Umur and then that they should be afraid of Osman. While having dinner with Togay, Nikola tells him that Kalanoz will come in three days. Togay says he will not tell anyone about this information, and asks Nikola for ten men to attack the wedding in Sogut. Osman then goes to the inn and starts the wedding ceremony. Malhun takes permission from her father and sets out to take the horses she has prepared to Inegol. Osman realizes that Umur does not obey his order and immediately takes action to prevent the horses from going to the castle.

Togay goes to the forest with the men he has bought from Nikola and waits for a suitable time to attack. As the Turks return from Sogut to the plain, the Byzantine soldiers start attacking with arrows. Then the Byzantine soldiers begin the real attack. Togay shoots Gonca with an arrow. Boran tries to help Gonca. Togay throws another arrow, but Abdurrahman sacrifices himself to protect them. Bamsi immediately tries to help Abdurrahman, but Abdurrahman is martyred there. Osman stops Malhun and the horses after a short time. Osman is angry with Malhun for opposing his order and says that if anyone objects to him stopping the horses, there will be war.

Kurulus Osman Episode 52 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 52 English Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 52 Urdu Subtitles


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