Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 54 (54 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 54 (54 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 53 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 54, Umur gave the ring Malhun found to Osman. Osman asks Umur who found this ring and why he hasn’t given it to him all this time. Osman leaves the room with Umur and learns the truth from him. Meanwhile, Dundar comes to the lodge and eavesdrops on their conversation. Osman then hurries to leave the lodge and orders his soldiers to bring Dundar. Osman finds out that Dundar has entered the lodge and searches the building, but Dundar escapes in secret. Umur realizes that Osman has found the traitor and sends Malhun to the Kayi plain. Osman orders all the gates of the city to be closed. Boran goes to Petrus’ shop and asks where Dundar is. Petrus says that Osman learned the truth about Dundar.

Osman goes to the plain and immediately calls the other Beys to his tent. Osman shows the ring in his hand and says that Ertugrul gave this ring to Dundar. Bamsi and Savci talk about Dundar’s first battle. Osman suddenly begins to say bad things about Dundar, but the Beys cannot understand why he said such things. Osman says that the traitor he has been looking for for a long time is his uncle, Dundar. Osman tells about all the treachery that Dundar has done and says that the soldiers are looking for him everywhere. While Nikola is telling Kalanoz using the tunnels under the Sogut, Dundar comes to the castle. Malhun comes to the plain and says she wants to talk to Osman, but Bala says that Osman is in the meeting. Malhun then enters the tent and tries to explain why she hid the ring all this time. Osman asks Bala to follow Hazal secretly and thinks she will find his uncle in this way.

Dundar says that Osman started to learn the truth. Nikola tells Dundar that he can stay in the castle as long as he wants. Hazal realizes that Dundar is still not coming to the plain and begins to worry. Malhun goes to her father’s tent and tells him what Osman said. Hazal goes to Osman’s tent and tells him that Dundar disappeared without notice. Osman says that Hazal knows where Dundar is, but Hazal opposes it. After Hazal leaves the tent, Boran comes and says that they could not find Dundar in Sogut. Simon tells Petrus that Dundar went to the castle because Osman learned some of his betrayals. Petrus thinks Hazal can talk to Osman and wants to kill her immediately. The next day, Bala takes Hazal to Sogut and asks her to help the soup kitchen. Hazal goes to Petrus’ shop and asks them where Dundar is.

Petrus tells that Dundar went to Nikola’s castle. Hazal asks how Osman learned who the traitor was, but she cannot get an answer. While Hazal thinks that Dundar left everything behind and fled, Petrus tells her that everything is already planned and tells Hazal where to go. When Hazal goes to the meeting place, Petrus tries to kill her. Osman and the Alps stop Simon. Osman arrests everybody and takes them to the plain. Osman tells everyone that the traitor on the plain is Dundar and that the people he arrested are working with him. All Kayis are very surprised by this news. Aygul learns that her father is a traitor and is very upset. Aygul then tells Osman that Dundar must die because he is a traitor. Osman tries to comfort Aygul and says that she will not be blamed for what her father did. Savci beats Petrus and Simon.

Osman starts asking questions to the prisoners but cannot get an answer from them. Petrus realizes that Osman knows everything and asks him why he should tell where Dundar is. Simon asks Petrus to tell Osman where Dundar is. Thereupon, Petrus says that Dundar took refuge in Nikola. Aygul goes to talk to Hazal and blames her for her father’s betrayal. Hazal says that Dundar does not act like a man. Aygul says she will avenge her mother soon. Savci tells his wife that Dundar is responsible for his son’s death. Cerkutay talks to Aygul and tries to calm her down. Umur learns that the traitor Osman is looking for is Dundar. Osman holds another meeting that night and sends an envoy to Nikola telling him that he wants to pay a ransom for Dundar. Osman asks Gunduz to go as an envoy and pay anything Nikola wants.

Gunduz goes to Inegol after a short while and tells that he is ready to pay a thousand gold to buy Dundar. Meanwhile, Dundar comes and starts talking to Gunduz. Gunduz says that Dundar is a traitor and is ashamed of what he did. Dundar starts to defend himself and says that he did everything to keep the peace in this land. Nikola says that Dundar can stay in the castle as long as he wants and sends Gunduz. Later, Umur goes to the castle to discuss business matters but Nikola asks him to give ten thousand gold coins for Dundar. Umur then visits Osman and tells him the amount Nikola wants. Umur wants to help Osman to win his friendship, but Osman only asks him to get out of his way.

Nikola tells Kalanoz how to attack Sogut that night and asks him to kill everyone on the plain. Osman calls the Beys and tells them that Nikola wants ten thousand gold. While the Beys argue about it, Osman asks them what he has done before. Osman says that he will neither give gold to Nikola nor leave Dundar in the castle. Osman then visits Simon and Petrus and tells them what they will do to get Dundar out of the castle. Simon agrees to save both his own life and Petrus. Simon goes to the castle the next day and asks Nikola for permission to talk to Dundar. Simon tells Dundar that Nikola has accepted the ransom to be paid by Osman and will take him to Constantinople. Dundar dresses like a Byzantine soldier and goes to the forest to meet Simon again, but Osman catches him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 54 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 54 English Subtitles

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