Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 64 (64 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 64 (64 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 63 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 64, Osman learns that Malhun is pregnant and prays to Allah. Osman tells this situation to Bala. Malhun asks Osman to keep this situation a secret for now. Bala is a little sad, but at the same time, she is happy that Osman will have an heir. Bala comes out of the tent and starts walking around the plain. Then Osman comes out of the tent and starts talking to Bala. Turhan says that more warriors will join the army soon, but Goktug is a little disturbed by what he says. Boran tries to calm Goktug and asks him what’s wrong. Goktug argues with Boran. The governor once again visits the Sultan and talks to him about the tax issue. Meanwhile, Sultan learns that Osman will come to the palace very soon. The Sultan says that if Byzantium starts a war, he will support Osman with his all army.

Gunduz tells Osman that more soldiers will join the army soon. Osman talks to Turhan about this. While Osman says he is going to Konya, Gunduz realizes that he is hiding something. Osman tells his brother that he will be a father soon and asks him to keep this secret for a while. Bala congratulates Osman for fulfilling Ertugrul’s will. Zoe talks to Malhun and realizes that she is pregnant. Before Osman goes to Konya, he talks to Malhun and asks her to be careful. Bala congratulates Malhun once again and gives her the booties that she made a long time ago. Malhun says that Bala is like the mother of her child to be born and tries to console her. Dukas goes to the castle and starts talking to Nikola.

Dukas says he will start working immediately on his attack plans. Osman goes to the palace and thanks the Sultan for his help with Togay. Osman then tells that Nikola started to do something by the order of the Emperor and Dukas will do something too. The Sultan says that he knows everything and that a great war is approaching. Sultan says his army will be ready for this war soon and asks Osman to prepare his army. When Nikola says that Osman’s biggest weakness is his wife, Zoe comes to the castle and tells everyone that Malhun is pregnant. Nikola then gives Zoe a task to cause trouble on the plain. Gunduz and Sheikh welcome the newly arrived soldiers. While resting in the forest, Osman asks Goktug what the problem is with Boran, but in the meantime, the Mongolian soldiers sent by the Governor attack them. Boran and Goktug resolve their conflict while fighting the Mongols.

While Bala and Gonca are delivering food to the people who come to Sogut, Malhun comes. While Malhun introduces herself to everyone, Gonca goes to a shop and buys the fabrics she ordered. When the merchant asks about previous fabrics, Gonca realizes that Zoe has gone somewhere else and begins to think that she is doing something secret. Zoe goes to talk to a woman and says Nikola sent her. The old woman first says that she will not help Zoe, but later, when she hears Nikola’s name, she says that she will prepare the poison she wants. That night, Bala invites Osman to dinner, but he says he will visit Malhun. Osman goes to Malhun’s tent and asks her not to tire herself. Osman eats with Malhun to make her happy. Bala realizes that Osman will not return and begins to eat alone.

Gonca sees Zoe and asks her what she has done in Sogut. Zoe lies to her and continues to work as nothing happened. Gonca tells Bala that she suspects Zoe. Bala says they will not do anything about it for now and asks Gonca to follow Zoe secretly. Osman holds a meeting with the Beys and tells them what the Sultan will do about the big war. All of the Beys say that they will support the Sultan no matter what and begin to listen to the duties given by Osman. Dukas tells the Lords about the defensive line and attack plans they will prepare. Fifteen days pass and Osman goes to meet Umur in the forest. Umur tells Osman where a small group of Byzantine soldiers is. While Osman thinks that this may be a trap, Leo comes and tells him about Dukas’ plan. Before Goktug goes to war, he takes advice from Boran to talk to Zoe.

Before Osman goes to war, he talks to Malhun and asks her to take good care of herself until he returns. Goktug gives the gift he bought from Konya the next day to Zoe and tells her about his feelings. Zoe listens to him and says she will wait for Goktug to come back from war. Dukas prepares the soldiers in the castle and sets out with Nikola. Gonca tells Bala that Zoe is secretly going somewhere. Osman sets out with his soldiers and meets with Umur at the border. Osman tells Umur and Turhan about the attack plan. The Turks soon surrounded the Byzantine soldiers. While Osman was attacking a small group of Byzantine soldiers, Dukas attacked the villages around Kulucahisar with all his might. Osman and his Alps destroy the Byzantine soldiers in a short time.

Dukas kills almost everyone in the village and says that this will cause great harm to Osman. Nikola comes to the village and asks Dukas to be careful now. Dukas says everything is okay and his great army will come from Macedonia very very soon. Dukas begins to celebrate his victory and says that he will soon completely destroy Osman and the Turks. Meanwhile, Aygul comes to the battlefield and tells that Dukas and his army killed everyone in the village. Osman cannot believe what he is hearing and gets very angry. Umur and Gunduz realize that Osman was right about a possible trap. Osman says that no matter what happens, he will avenge everyone who died and will destroy Dukas.

Kurulus Osman Episode 64 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 64 English Subtitles

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