Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 71 (71 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 71 (71 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 70 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 71, Osman says that he will make a new commercial agreement with the governor of Iznik in order to compensate for the damage done by the Lords and begins to prepare to depart as soon as possible. Bahadir learns the secret path Osman will use and makes a plan to seize the priest’s holy good. Bahadir tells Kosses the way Osman will use. Kosses tells the other Lords that Osman will go to Iznik. Nikola takes the task of destroying Osman. Rogatus says he will take the holy relic from Osman’s tent. Kosses says that after Osman’s death, the Turks will need a new leader and plans to give this task to Turgut. Rogatus asks his friends to take an oath to solidify their deal. The Three Lords swear that night that they will not break the alliance no matter what.

Anselmo tortures some of Turgut’s soldiers and later releases them. Meanwhile, Nikola comes and kills the Turks there. Nikola proposes to Anselmo to attack Osman together. Osman sets out with the Alps. Kosses once again goes to the castle and asks Rogatus how to get into Osman’s tent. Rogatus’ new soldier arrives at this time and says she will kill the Turks no matter what. Kosses understands Julia’s power and thinks she can accomplish this task. While Osman is walking on the safe secret road, he sees several injured men and stops to help them. Meanwhile, first Anselmo, then Nikola, begins to attack. Osman is seriously injured but continues to fight.

Nikola attacks Osman directly and tries to kill him. Nikola is sure that he will kill Osman and continues to attack. Osman retreats into the depths of the forest with his soldiers. Nikola asks the Byzantine soldiers to follow the Turks and starts looking for Osman. Osman kills some Byzantine soldiers in the forest with Malhun. Goktug and Boran start looking for Osman, but instead they find Cerkutay. Anselmo finds Osman and attacks him. Although Osman is wounded, he defeats Anselmo and kills him there. Malhun helps Osman and starts looking for a hiding place in the forest. Nikola finds the lifeless body of Anselmo and gets very angry. Nikola tries to understand how Osman is still alive despite being seriously injured. Meanwhile, Kosses talks to Mari and tells her his plan about Turgut.

Mari says she will talk to Turgut and persuade him. Malhun takes Osman to a nearby cave and starts a fire there. Malhun takes out the arrows from Osman’s body and cauterizes his wounds one by one. Sheikh Edebali tells the people in his lodge a story about what happened to the prophet and asks them to keep believing no matter what. Osman tries to heal Malhun’s wound and then prays to Allah. Julia tells that her family was killed by the Turks years ago and she makes a plan with Rogatus. That night, Julia prepares a poison to kill the Turks. The next day, Gunduz tells the tribe that new trading carts will arrive and begins to wait for them. Julia stops one of the cars going to the tribe and goes to meet Rogatus in the forest. Osman comes out of the cave and starts looking for his Alps. Cerkutay searches for traces in the forest all day but still cannot find Osman.

Cerkutay leaves some traces on the trees and thinks that Osman will come. Kosses examines the car that Julia brought and realizes that this way she can enter the tribe. Mari goes to Turgut’s tribe and begins to tell him about Kosses’ offer. Turgut tells her that he has not forgotten what happened, but that he will think about this commercial offer to improve the situation of his people. Osman follows the traces left by Cerkutay and soon finds his soldiers. Alps see that Osman is still alive and are very happy. Osman says they need to go to Iznik as soon as possible and sets out with his soldiers. Julia and her soldiers hide in the barrels inside the car, thereby sneaking into the tribe.

Selcan examines the newly arrived barrels, but cannot find the soldiers hiding there. Although Nikola has been looking for Osman all night, he cannot find him and gets very angry. Nikola says he will find Osman and kill him no matter what. Sagurus goes to Iznik and starts talking to the governor. Sagurus says that he was declared the governor of Iznik by the Emperor and kills Manuel. Turgut goes to the castle to talk to Kosses and begins to listen to his offer. Kosses asks Turgut to protect the caravans that come for trade and makes him a very good offer. Although Turgut knows Osman’s plan, he accepts this offer to earn money for his tribe. Later, Nikola comes and says he couldn’t kill Osman. Osman and his surviving soldiers finally reach Iznik. Osman is surprised to see the new governor and learns that Manuel has been discharged. Osman talks about the Lords’ attack and tells the governor about a new commercial agreement.

The governor accepts Osman’s offer to improve the situation of the people in the city and says that he will sign the agreement as soon as possible. Nikola says that Osman has reached Iznik and begins to tell his secret plan. Nikola tells a woman working for the governor that he gave too much gold to poison Osman. The lords will be delighted to learn of this plan. The governor offers Osman to have dinner together to celebrate the new deal he made. Julia and her soldiers emerge from their hiding place and begin to move towards Osman’s tent that night. Julia enters Osman’s tent and shoots Gonca with a poisoned arrow. While Osman is having dinner with the governor, a woman comes into the room and starts giving poisonous sherbet to everyone. Julia finds the holy relic and later sees Osman’s son Orhan. Anyone who drinks the poisonous sherbet starts coughing and then fainting quickly.

Kurulus Osman Episode 71 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 71 English Subtitles

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