Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 76 (76 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 76 (76 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 75 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 76, Osman approaches Boran but sees that there is another man in the city square. Meanwhile, Nikola comes out of his hiding place and says he will attack Osman. As the Byzantine soldiers are about to attack, Turgut starts shooting arrows from the walls of the castle. Turgut shoots barrels of gunpowder with flaming arrows. Osman uses these explosions to escape from the castle with his soldiers. Kosses stabs Edebali in the arm. The vizier’s soldier Konur comes and stops Kosses. Kosses is shot in the chest and flees the place of attack. Konur sees Sheikh injured and takes him to a nearby cave. The vizier talks to Gunduz before the meeting and starts praising him. Kosses then goes to Nikola’s castle and tells him that the plan worked. Nikola is glad that the Vizier’s plan worked and he waits for Mari to arrive.

Beys attending the meeting are happy about the arrival of the Vizier. Alemshah presents the Beys with gold and tells them that the order in the border area will soon change. Osman comes to the inn a short time later and attends the meeting. Meanwhile, the vizier says that he saved Boran and gives him to Osman. Osman then wants to return to the tribe with Boran. Boran tells that so many innocent people died because of an entrustment and tells Osman what happened in the dungeon of the castle. When Gunduz returns to the tribe, he reflects on recent events and begins to look for a way to restore peace. Osman then calls Gunduz and asks him why he went to the meeting.

Gunduz says that the Vizier called him and then attended the meeting upon his invitation. A doctor treats Sheikh’s wound. The vizier asks Sheikh to stay in the cave for a while. The vizier then talks to Konur and says he will release the Sheikh after he scares Osman enough. While Gunduz tries to explain the topics discussed at the meeting, Osman says they will fight no matter what. Osman says he will never abandon Mari. A short time later, Osman’s soldier comes and tells him that someone attacked Sheikh. Osman immediately sends Goktug and asks him to find Sheikh. Kumral is very upset that he left Sheikh alone and could not help him. Bala cries for her father. Cerkutay examines the traces at the attack site and tries to find something. Goktug then goes to Osman’s tent and says they haven’t found Sheikh yet. When Bala is about to cry again, the vizier brings Sheikh.

Osman asks who did this attack. The vizier says that Kosses made this attack and that Rogatus set up a new army. The vizier then asks Osman to deliver Mari. Osman opposes the Vizier and says he will marry Mari to Turgut. The vizier is very surprised to hear this and says that Osman should not be stubborn anymore. Turgut is very happy to hear this news. Boran thinks about Gonca and gets angry. Abdal goes to his tent and asks Boran to read the Quran. Turgut then starts talking to Mari and says that thanks to her he has survived the hardships. That night, the vizier writes a message to the Sultan and tells him that Osman is rebelling in the border region. Osman talks to Sheikh and asks him about the attack. Osman says bad things started to happen after the arrival of the Vizier, but Sheikh asks him not to make a decision without any evidence.

The vizier calls Gunduz again the next day and tells him that he has a plan to restore peace. The vizier shows Gunduz the Byzantine emperor’s order to attack and asks him to help him kidnap Mari. Selcan, Bala, and Malhun go to Sogut to make the wedding preparations. The Sultan reads the message sent by the Vizier and begins to think that Osman is a traitor. The Sultan immediately orders Osman to be arrested and brought to the palace. After speaking with the Vizier, Gunduz comes to the tribe and tells his wife about his plan to kidnap Mari. While Nikola and Kosses are waiting for the castle, Konur comes and says that the Vizier will bring Mari soon. Aisha first rejects Gunduz’s plan, but after a while, she starts to think that he is right. The vizier’s soldiers capture Saltuk and beat him.

Aisha puts medicine in the dishes to make the soldiers sleep. Cerkutay and the Alps in the tent eat this dish. Aisha then gives the sherbet to Mari. After everyone is asleep, Gunduz goes to Mari’s tent and secretly takes her out. After what happened to Saltuk, Osman goes to the Vizier’s room and says that he will regret it. The vizier asks Osman to obey the rules of the Seljuk state, but Osman says that he is the state in this region. Gunduz takes Mari into the forest early in the morning and delivers her to the Vizier’s soldiers. Gunduz then returns to the tribe and acts as if nothing happened. Goktug and Cerkutay wake up too late. Bala and Malhun go to Mari’s tent. When Bala cannot see Mari, she realizes that something is wrong and immediately speaks to Osman.

Turgut says he doesn’t know where Mari is and thinks Nikola is doing something. Turgut immediately takes action with his soldiers. Osman wants to go with Turgut, but in the meantime, the Vizier arrives. Osman says he is in a hurry, but the Vizier shows the order of the Sultan to him. The vizier asks the soldiers to arrest Osman. Osman does not understand anything about this situation, but he implements the Sultan’s order. The Vizier says he will send Osman to Konya and arrests some of his soldiers. The vizier’s soldiers finally bring Mari to the castle. When Kosses sees Mari’s Turkish clothes, he slaps her, but Nikola asks him to calm down. The vizier’s soldiers begin to torture Osman’s Alps. On the way to Konya, Osman unties the ropes in his hand and starts to run away. Konur hits Osman with a spear. Osman starts to run away injured and falls to the ground in the forest. Gunduz goes to the vizier’s room to talk about Osman but learns that he has escaped. The vizier asks Gunduz to be the new Bey.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 76 English & Urdu Subtitles

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